Picks 7-9: Max Fried, Mark Appel (finally), Andrew Heaney


San Diego Padres- Pick 7: Max Fried- LHP- Harvard Westlake High School, CA

Here goes the first pick off of my "potential draft list" and my #1 guy who I have wanted since January. While it was a long shot that he would fall to the Mets, I am surprised the Padres did not either take a hitter or Appel, considering how far he fell but I guess the Padres had their heart set on Fried and stuck with him.

While Fried was my #1 realistic draft choice, the Mets still have a lot of good options on the board.

Pittsburgh Pirates- Pick 8: Mark Appel- RHP- Stanford University Cardinals

This was about time for the Appel selection. I think everyone had the Bucs taking a bat here but Appel fell way too far and he is just too good to pass on. The Pirates have one of the best pitching corps in the minors with Jameson Taillon and Gerrit Cole. Add that to James McDonald? The Pirates are certainly going to be dominating the central before long with all of this elite pitching.

Seriously...who thought Mark Appel was going to fall to #8????!?!?! I told you this was going to be wacky. This is getting very interesting.

Miami Marlins- Pick 9: Andrew Heaney- LHP- Oklahoma State University. 

This is a great pick for the Marlins and a guy I wanted the Mets to look at if Fried, Almora, Hawkins were off the board. Great lefty and had one of the most dominant college seasons in 2012.

What this means for the Mets: Here is where things start to come together for what #12 is going to look like. I am extremely disappointed we will not get a chance at Fried but he was always a top-10 guy. We still have Hawkins, Cecchini, McCullers, and a guy I am starting to get more interested in, Lucas Giolito. 

Ultimately what this means is: Courtney Hawkins, Marcus Stroman Lucas Giolito, and Lance McCullers are still on the board and all of those players are elite. That is four players I would LOVE the Mets to draft and there are only... 


Again, here is my last mock draft where I had the Mets taking Max Fried: http://macksmets.blogspot.com/2012/06/stephen-guilbert-final-mock-draft-2012.html


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