Ernest Dove - Stay or Go: Daniel Murphy


  So I'm officially attempting to make lightning strike twice, by posting another Stay or Go, Mets addition.
  This week, its 'old faithful'? Murphy.  You know, the less heralded lefty version of Wilmer Flores, before we were even paying attending to the teenage phenom.  Despite suffering an injury, derailing his pursuit of 200 hits, Murphy still managed over 640+ ABs, and once again kept his batting average at a definitely respectable .289.  So, without further a due, let's huddle around like some pre teens in the 90s and play another game of need em, got em, no longer need em so you take em, and I want......
  What to do about old Daniel (he's not even old still)? The young man who burst onto the scene hitting, and kept hitting, and hit his way into a starting position, now finds himself one of the most talked about trade commodities on this team.  Say what you want about his defense at second base. Say what you want about his base running blunders.  Neither of which changes that fact that Daniel Murphy will head into the heart of this offseason as the ONLY reigning All Star in this organization.
  Obviously, there is history, in every organization, of teams trading away, and or letting go, of good players right after an all star season (please, nobody mention Reyes). However, in the case of the Amazin's, it seems a little different.  We've been waiting four years (longer, really) for this team to have a true identity, come together, and compete for a playoff spot on a regular basis. Yet, here we are, possibly a team with an identity (pitching), but also a team willing to possible let go of their only all star , and only hitter who managed to hit on a pretty consistent basis all year.
  There are options, as well as reasons for such a possible drastic (and maybe hasty) move. The Mets, depending on what you read, may or may not be shopping for other positions to strengthen, such as SS, LF and another lefty reliever. And, with possible internal 2B options, the Mets may go this route to secure a spot somewhere else on the diamond. 
  And, by options, I guess the easiest person to mention is old Wilmer again (yeah, he's definitely not old).  Wilmer Flores, the right handed Daniel Murphy, has seemingly entered into the offseason with just as many question marks as he had this year, and towards the end of 2013.  Recent articles and reports are the Wilmer would like to participate in winter ball, and do so fully at short stop, so maybe he at least knows what he wants to go for.  But, are the Mets and their organization on this same page as the kid right now?
  We all know Wilmer fan hit.  We've seen it.  And he can make some serious solid contact, especially for a middle infielder.  With that being said, there remain detractors of his short stop fielding skills, long term.  And, its my opinion that his potential offensive production would also play well at second base....... Oh, and unless I stand corrected, I believe that the Mets are no longer allowed to ship this kid back and forth from New York to Vegas anymore, so the team holding the card, is at put up or shut up time with him in their hands.
  Based on their Mack's Mets supporters (you guys know who you are), the internal options also include Daniel Muno, and Matt Reynolds.  One has shown some power at times, the other has shown a resurgence in overall hitting for average.  Alas, the almighty God's of various baseball 'experts' only see these young men as possible future major league utility players (I know, Lagares and deGrom were once a little under projected in their day). And, with the Mets farm system growing in strength, numbers and higher quality, there's simply no more room for extra grooming and development ( in my opinion, I just don't see a lot of future Matt Den Dekkers and Kirk's getting the extra years of starters at bats in minors to work on their games, because Sandy and Co. have seemingly been hitting more with their draft picks).
  The other option to mention is that of the most recent flash in the pan style high rise of Dilson Herrera.  The now still only 20 year old who was seemingly the (other guy, while we wait on the main prospect we got for Marlon Byrd in the deal) player. The young man seemingly showed up to rise and conquer from day one in 2014.  And, when Daniel Murphy went down with injury, the Mets bypassed other prospects (including the non 40 man guys Reynolds and Muno) and immediately jumped Herrera to the bigs.  At this point, its hard to even gauge how he did in so quick a time, and with such a dramatic (based on Mets conservative recent history) entrance he made.  He showed some pop with a few homers. He struck out a few times. He made a few errors. None of this changes the fact that he can show up next April, or even next summer or even September of 2015, and remain one of the youngest players in the major league baseball.  And those same almighty baseball God's seem to be in more of an agreement on his high ceiling and potential as a future all star. 
  So, what do you got?  You got Daniel Murphy, reigning all star, in your hands right now. You might be trying to push that Wilmer card over the other side of the infield, but you also know that if you try and grab someone else's card from them to put over there, you risk having Wilmer be taken from you.  You've still got those two other cards in your back pocket (Reynolds and Muno), and you've got the shiny new card of the kid not many people even know about yet, so there's no rush to bring him out yet either. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
What to do Mets fans, what to do ??????????????????????????????????????????????


Thomas Brennan said...

Trade them all and start Muno at 2nd! Just kidding, Ernest and Mack!

I will say this for Dilson - he'll play some winter ball and he seems consumed with super-fast growth. Gotta like that. Mets have to decide if Dilson's rapid trajectory is reliable enough to count on him as an opening day starter.

If it were a rebuilding year, I'd say yes. But it is not, so maybe Murph comes back and see where we are at the All Star break, and then decide to keep or ship Murph.

I'd prefer a blockbuster trade this winter still. A long time since the Mets did one of those. (Dickey for prospects was big, but I mean a trade where we give up some major leaguers like Murph, Gee, Niese, Montero for something (or things) BIG.

Be bold.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

I don't happen to think that Herrera would start at 2B in Queens next season regardless of any Murphy trade.

IMO, It was nice to bring him up last season but he needs some more seasoning at AAA.

Anonymous said...

The joker would be how ready Reynolds is to play SS. If he is ready you could move Flores to 2B. If not keep Flores at SS and Murphy at 2B.

But if Murphy and Gee could get you a big improvement in LF or RF I would trade him and have Flores and Tejada as MI-ers


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put too much stock in DM all star selection, someone had to go and he was the best candidate on the team, but I don't think the other teams see him as an "All-Star 2B" DM has been a pretty solid player for this team and a pretty good leader in some respects, but he has to be viewed through the lense of returned value. He has been worth what he has been paid thus far, but if you are talking 3-4 years at near $10M, well I think that would be an unwise investment, particularly with what you might get from a cheaper internal solution. If you can get a 2B who can hit .300 and play decent defensively, you pretty much have already replaced DM. Not a lot of players can hit .300, but many can get close and provide upgrades on other elements. I don't think that DM will be viewed by any team as a long term solution for any starting position over the next 4 years, but he will have some short term value to a team needing an extra bat for a stretch run. I think the Mets should keep him for the first half of 2015 and look to move him for a solid upper level prospect. This should allow time for one of the internal options to fill the spot, Wilmer, Reynolds, Herrara or even Muno should provide enough inventory to fill his shoes.

I would be open to a Niese, Thor and Murphy for Bogeerts and Cespedes deal and move Wilmer to 2b to open the season if this sort of deal could get done. maybe a bit of an overpay, but you get your LF for next year and probably your long term solution at SS. I want the Fab Five as much as anyone, but if Thor could bring back a Russell or Bogeerts, I would part with him and look to replace the #5 spot

Anon Joe F

Thomas Brennan said...

Good trade, Anon. I'm on board with that

thunder12k said...

What happens when this team is over .500 at the all star break and only a few games behind the Nationals? Are we moving Murphy then?

Unless I get an offer where I really need to move Murphy, I'm keeping him. He's my insurance in case Wright just isn't Wright.

Plus he's Irish so he's alright by me.

Reese Kaplan said...

Flores has the potential to be Murphy plus power (and minus speed). I'll take that trade-off.

Herrera, I agree, needs time at AAA.

If the best you were ever offered was Luke Gregerson -- a solid middle reliever -- for the Mets' sad excuse for an All-Star representative, that pretty much speaks volumes about how the rest of the baseball world views the man we tend to put on a pedestal.

I say keep him here for 2015 while Herrera gets some time in Las Vegas, then peddle him at the break for whatever you can get as he's out of the plans for 2016 anyway. You don't know that Wright is going to be healthy, so you need whatever proven bats you have.

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