Free Agents - Right Fielders


Norichika Aoki (33) –  491-AB, .285/.350/.360/.710 - $1.91875mil

Michael Cuddyer (36) – 190-AB, .332/.377/.579/956 - $11.5mil

Torii Hunter (39) – 549-AB, .286/.323/.446/769, 17-HR, $14mil

Jason Kubel (33) – 156-AB, .224/.311/.295/606 - $2mil

Nick Markakis (31) – 642-AB, .276/.341/.386/.728, 14-HR - $17.5MM mutual option with a $2MM buyout

Alex Rios (34) - 492-AB, .280/.312/.398/711 - $13.5MM club option with a $1MM buyout

Nate Schierholtz (31) – 313-AB, .192/.245/.300/545 - $5mil

Ichiro Suzuki (41) – 359-AB, .284/.325/.340/664 - $6.5mil

Yasmany Tomas (24) - 


thunder12k said...

For some reason I thought Cuddyer was older and Rios was younger. I'm a fan of Cuddyer and I think a 2/20 deal would be fair given his stellar year last year and good first half this year. If the Mets ran a lineup of Lagares, Murphy, Wright, Duda, Cuddyer, d'Arnaud, Granderson & Flores, I think there are 7 guys in that lineup capable of hitting 15+ HRs while all but Granderson should hit well above .250. I think Granderson would be a prime bounce back candidate considers he wouldn't really be asked to do what he was asked this year. He came in as the cleanup hitter, a role he was miscast. He was then thrown in as the leadoff hitter, where he excelled for a short time. Hitting 7th or 8th surrounded by other guys who are all equally shouldering the weight of run producing could help. Maybe not, we'll see.

I'm a fan of Markakis but I think he'll sign a 3 year deal somewhere, but I'd be shocked to see him leave Baltimore after sticking through the average years.

Although Rios has a down year, I wouldn't be opposed to sending Gee to Texas for 1 year of Rios.

Reese Kaplan said...

Markakis getting the money he's received from Baltimore has been highway robbery. He hit 14/50/.276 for $15 million. If a Mets FA acquisition did that, they'd be burning Sandy Alderson at the stake. As it is, even batting leadoff much of the year Curtis Granderson contributed 20/66 for 6.7% more money in a down year (and THAT was an awful contract). I think if Baltimore extends him it might be along the lines of 4/$40 at best and I'd stay away at that price. If he played every day I think den Dekker could hit 14/50 and do it for minimum wage. (I'm not advocating den Dekker to start in a corner OF position...just pointing out that Markakis is bad value.)

Mack Ade said...

I put all this info up just to make the site more enjoyable.

My thoughts haven't changed...

1. The 2015-2020 Mets will be built on pitching

2. Corner outfielders will add Nimmo in (latest) OD 2016 and Conforto OD 2018

3. You have the Granderson contract to adhere to...

4. I'm willing to put all these decisions off until a trade develops for a prime OF prospect... platoon den Dekker and Campbell to start things off.

5. Cuddyer is probably going to have to take a 2-year deal and I don't want to do that if I have no room for him in the 2016 starting lineup.

6. The secret to this OF problem lies in a trade, not free agency. The Mets have plenty of young and/or successful pitching to pull off a deal for someone with a Scott Van Slyke-like talent.

7. Otherwise, set up your AAA OF with the best potential power bats... Puello, Taijeron, Lawley... and maybe one surprises the shit out of us like Lagares did.

8. Lastly... if you aren't going to spend the kind of money needed to build a decent team, you are never going to sign a power hitter. They are just too few and far between and worth too much

Thomas Brennan said...

I'm a big Delmon fan now. Mack made me see the light. Delmon Young and Matt Den Dekker are fine with me. My brother Steve strongly disagrees. But I'm posting and he's not! I still see Dekker having 3 ingredients most of these guys don't have: youth, speed, and superior D. He just might hit .300 against righties, too. He was .330/.430 in about 20 Sept games. Sign of things to come in 2015?

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree with Mack, except Delmon for 1 year, if doable, is probably better than Campbell. Cuddyer 36 and 192 ABs - nah

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

I don't think people realize this...

Young ONLY signs one-year contracts... he's had six of them in a row.

The Mets have an opportunity to get him on the cheap.

Speaking of cheap, what around $2-3mil for SS Stephen Drew? for 1-yr)?

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack if we don't pull off a trade for one of Az's SS's, like Owings, I'd try Drew rather than Tejada for one year at that $$.

thunder12k said...


Regarding Cuddyer, he'd be our starter this year and would provide a valuable option in 2016 to serve as protection in case Nimmo isn't ready or falters. Could also be a great bat off the bench or backup 1B.


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