Target Teams - LA Angels and Detroit Tigers


Money ain’t everything when it comes to getting to the World Series. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim spent $154,546,500 this past year on salaries. Detroit spent $163,635,500. Both represent close to double what the Mets spent this past season. Both are now out of the playoffs.

Teams that spend money like this usually don’t look to clear contracts, but there will be changes on these teams and not all of them will come via free agency. The Angels proved that one more great starter could have been the difference here and paying all that money to Josh Hamilton and Mike Trout to play in your outfield just may not be enough. A perfect trade partner for the Mets could be Kole Calhoun, the 28-year old right fielder that graduated to the starting lineup this season with a stat line of: 493-AB, .272/.326/.450/.777, 17-HR, 58-RBI (also 6-E in 54-G).

As in the case of the aging Tigers, one has to assume that Jose Iglesias will be back at short, which would expose Andrew Romine to a possible trade; however, he did little to impress this past season (.227). It looks like Torii Hunter is retiring so the Tigers may also be looking for a new starter in their outfield. And, can you really excite a team about a young pitcher when they already have the last three Cy Young pitchers on their staff?

No, if there’s a target team here, it would be the Angels and Calhoun would make a nice addition.


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