Morning Report – October 4 – Jenrry Mejia, Russell Martin, Byron Buxton, Weinberg-Chats, Oakland Athletics


Well, I did have fun watching playoff baseball yesterday... all day.

I say the same thing every year. Great starters, timely hitting, and relievers that hit 97.

And how about that oitchers battle in Los Angeles?

I watch these teams and I still see the Mets being far away from the kind of talent teams like the Nats, Giants, Dodgers, and Orioles have. Even Detroit, who has turned the 8th inning into an epic battle have a complete lineup of feared bats. 

We just don't. and we're not there yet.

Everybody is going to start grading Mets players this time of the year who we’ll use the ones on this site and add some thoughts:

Jenrry Mejia, closer  -  Mejia slid fairly seamlessly into the closer role once Bobby Parnell was done for the season. And while he wasn’t a sure thing, he was pretty good. He finished with a 3.65 ERA, but he needs to cut down on his 1.48 WHIP if he’s going to stick in the role. Right now, the Mets have a good problem on their hand trying to figure out where a healthy Parnell would go.  Grade: B-  - See more at: http://www.metro.us/newyork/sports/mlb/2014/09/30/mets-2014-report-card/#sthash.vJyhUOdO.dpuf

               Mack - I'm usually very wrong when I start predicting things, but I just have a feeling that he will be dealt to another team to close for them. The Mets simply have too many closer candidates and I'm a believer that the incumbent should always get his job back when he returns from the DL. This would give Mejia a cow and ruin him as a pitcher. Better ship him off for a LHRP.

Did we just watch the last game that Russell Martin will catch in a Pittsburgh Pirate uniform? Probably. Is this the possible new home for Kevin Plewecki in 2015?  Well, no one likes to have a rookie catcher behind the plate but everybody is rookie once, right?

Or, is it another in a series of homes for Travis d’Arnaud? I don’t think so, but I need to add his name to the equation.

The closest thing the Pirates have in the system to a replacement for Martin would be one of two guys that have a 2017 ETA, Connor Joe and Reese McGuire. The Pirates can’t wait that long.

And lastly, we all know how trade-friendly these two teams have been in the past. Would it be worth the Mets while to ‘trade down’ to future blue chip outfielders like Josh Bell or Austin Meadows or would the Mets want a shot at once-failed prospects like Gregory Polanco or Jose Tapata?

          Update – it does look like Pirates owner Bob Nutting will be making a run at Martin in the off-season:

“As we’ve made priorities, we’ve found opportunities to stretch. He’s an example of a player we’re going to need to do what we can. We’re going to need to stretch. We’re probably going to go beyond what a rational deal is. He’s a player who we love and respect and we hope he’s back.”

Byron Buxton, CF  Current Level/Age: AA/20.8, 6’2/190, R/R - Drafted: 2nd overall (1st round) in 2012 out of Georgia HS by MIN for $6.0 million bonus - Hit: 30/60, Raw Power: 50/55, Game Power: 30/55, Run: 80/80, Field: 65/70, Throw: 65/65 - Scouting Report: Buxton was seen as the consensus top prospect in the 2012 draft and it was easy to see with literally-off-the-charts speed, an easy plus arm, advanced feel to defend and a projectable frame to go with ridiculous athleticism, looseness and bat speed.  The concern was on the bat and his inconsistent hitting mechanics, which have been slowly corrected while his hitting performance has been better than even the Twins expected. Buxton was concussed in an ugly outfield collision shortly after being promoted to AA, but has been in instructs and will go to the Arizona Fall League for extra at bats to make up for lost time.  Buxton battled nagging injuries this season and seemed like his timing was off, with most scouts and Twins execs calling it a lost year that he’ll look to bounce back from with a clean bill of health in 2015.  The 70 grade on his defense may be a little light and he may end up closer to a 70 hitter if he can rebound next year from a tough 2015.  Summation: Buxton is still on the fast track and could hit his way to the the big leagues in 2015 with a regular spot in 2016, but we’ll know more after the AFL and his early performance in 2015 to know how much time he needs in the minors. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/evaluating-the-prospects-minnesota-twins/

Weinberg-Chat –

Comment From AndrewY - If you had to have Adam LaRoche or Lucas Duda on your team next year, which do you choose?

            Neil Weinberg: Duda?

Mack – Adam ‘Fucking’ LaRoche – I’d trade for him and ban him to the DSL League so he couldn’t hurt us again.

Comment From Bomok - Brett Gardener and a middle relief pitcher for Daniel Murphy, Jon Niese, and Eric Young Jr. Who says no? and why do they say no?
Neil Weinberg: Yankees, I think. Not sure there is enough coming back for them to want to remove one of their important offensive pieces.

            Mack – Wow… I didn’t think Gardner was thought that highly of…

 We continue our search for a new SS and/or LFer in the AL-West. This time, we take a look at the Oakland Athletics.

According to Cot[i], the 2014 payroll for the Athletics is $82,320,900, which includes $5.125mil to players that are no longer on the team.[ii]

They have eight players eligible for free agency at the end of this season, including SS Jed Lowrie ($5.25mil/2014).

The outfield seems set… Coco Crisp is signed through a team option in 2017… Jonny Gomes is pre-ARB and Josh Reddick was paid $2.7mil in his first arbitration year (2014). Backups are Stephen Vogt (258-AB, .287, 9-HR), Craig Gentry (232-AB, .254), and Sam Fuld ($800K/ARB-2).

2B Eric Sogard (.221) doubles as backup shortstop.

The #1 prospect is SS Daniel Robertson (AA: .310, 15-HR, 60-RBI), but his ETA isn’t until 2016, thus, they will be looking for, at least, a one year solution to the loss of Lowrie.

The closest thing to an outfield prospect would be Billy Burns who has only 109 at-bats at the AAA-PCL level (.193).

Mack Observation – It sure looks like the trading of Yoenis Cespedes has backfired on the Athletics and it will interesting to see how they solve their future shortstop problem.

I really don’t see anyone here to go after. I’ll move on.


Michi L. said...

Pirates designate Tabata for Assignment. But I wonder if the Pirates would trade Marte. Maybe we could build a package around Plawecki and say Niese. Marte would be our leadoff hitter with imense upside

John Zozo said...

How about you add Grandersen to that proposed trade to the Skanks and remove EY jr. So Murpy, Grandy and Niese for Gardner and a reliever? It frees up more $$$ and they get their beloved home run hitter back?

John Zozo said...

I like that type of deal, maybe instead of Marte we can get a Polanco? Either or for me.
There has been rumors about the A's maybe trading Josh Donaldson, how bout a trade for him? Put him in Leftfield or at short? I would trade a Plawecki, Flores, Syndergaard and Mejia for him, what do you guys think?
I work play Wright at Shortstop.

Thomas Brennan said...

Wright and his shoulder doing double play hurdles? Can't see that.

Far too much for Donaldson, IMO.

Yanks want Grandy back? Sure. That trade sounds good, as long it is a top tier pen guy.

Thomas Brennan said...

Polanco I like. He "once failed" as so many do, but he looks like a high ceiling guy to me. He has his failure out of the way and I'll bet success is around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Wow I like the Marte trade,he also is signed to a team friendly deal. The kind of deal I am hoping Sandy signs with some of our young players? Niese Plawecki and Montero for Marte would bea great pickup! How about expand the deal aswell? Where the Mets also get Hanson,and add more pitching going to Pitt

Mack Ade said...

I also like the Niese, Plawecki and Montero for Marte deal

Hobie said...

Jo Zo-

Really like moving Granderson. In fact, I’d even take 1 year or Beltran for 3 more of Curtis (betting on Puello/Nimmo being ready late 2015). Also, however unlikely the persuit of Yas Tomas might be, the ONLY chance is sans the Granderson contract.

Add Murphy? If I could get Aaron Judge back. Add Niese? Ditto, but then I want (LHRP) Manny Baneulos also.

Of course living in an alternative universe is as futile as it is fun.

Hobie said...


Dodgers seem so loaded, and with their ace of aces on the mound the lose.

The Giants seem so much more Met-like, and they keep winning in the PS.

Go figure.

Anthony Carnacchio said...

How is polanco once failed? He had a cup of coffee with the pirates this year, he's still a kid and a top prospect.

Mack Ade said...

probably a stretch on Polanco...

Steve from Norfolk said...

Do you think Cecchini or Reynolds, Capt. Kirk, and Montero would be enough to get Hanson and Meadows from the Pirates? Or do you think we would need to throw in someone like Fulmer or Mazzoni? Maybe even put in Granderson instead of Kirk if they eat a good piece of his salary. Looking at Barmes' stats, they could use another SS. Granderson and Montero would be a nice pickup for them, and, again, we could use the salary dump! Maybe then we could get someone like Cabrera.

Mack Ade said...

Steve -

In the world of trading, the only 'name' you have listed is Montero. I don't think your package would get much at all.

Fulmer is on the DL for, I think, the 4th time in a very short minor league career. In the trading world, he has no value.

And nobody is going to assume the Granderson contract for that kind of limited return.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Mack -
That wasn't very well thought out, I'm afraid. I started thinking about a package for Hansen and the others were tacked on. I tend to think of these things in terms of matching up the way prospects are rated on teams nad going for a little more value on our side of it. Then again, I spent a decent portion of my life in sales and think of things in terms of my ability to talk people into deals. Completely deiierent animal, but sometimes your ego plays into situations when you don't even realize it.

I've always thought that Hanson would be a good player for us to go after. If he can perform to his upside, he would be a good SS for us, with the power rating to be a valuable player at 3B later in his career, when Wright's contract is up.If he only plays up to his downside, he would still be a useful utility infielder, wit the ability to hit for some power off the bench. I know Meadows is much higher rated, but I'm not as familiar with him.
I started with Montero and either Cecchini or Reynolds for Hansen, with Fulmer or Verrett as a throw-in if a little more value was needed, and the rest was just not very well thought out. I figure Montero should be enough to get Hanson, but they might want another SS to replace him and possibly replace Barmes. I figure Hasnon will be doing that by next year or 2016, so they would need a workable replacement. Maybe even Tejada - I'm not as down on him as some people. I don't think he's anything great, but he can play the position, he just doesn't seem motivated enough, which does bug me.

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