Flash: Multiple Mets elect Article XX-D free agency


According to SBNation's Chris Cotillo, the following Mets have elected free agency as per Article XX-D.

RHP John Lannan
C Taylor Teagarden
SS Omar Quintanilla

Article XX-D allows players with more than 3 years of service time and either A) less than 5 years of service time or B) have been previously outrighted off a 40 man roster, become free agents immediately after the end of the MLB regular season (post Wild Card play-in games).


Michael S. said...

Meh....I'd like to keep Teagarden around but I think we'll survive.

Mack Ade said...

as nicely as I can put this, there's no future loss here

Christopher Soto said...


I still prefer Recker over Teagarden.

Has power and as my little sister likes to say...."he has a nice butt!"

Thomas Brennan said...

Juan Centeno's household is happy tonight, as one less obstacle to him playing in the bigs has likely been removed.

Reese Kaplan said...

Not it has not. With TdA and Recker in Queens plus Plawecki in Las Vegas, there's little room at the inn for Juan Centeno except to warm up relief pitchers for Wally Backman.

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree on Plawecki, no room at the inn if they keep him. KPlaw should be on the opening day roster and play when d'Arnaud does not, IMO. 120 starts for d'Arnaud, rest to Plaw, and see if Plaw can play something else too, to increase his game total.

Recker's bombs look nice, and the ladies think so too, but he is a poor hitter. Too much all or nothing. I'd prefer slap hitting lefty Juan to give a lefty/righty split to our catching, even if he has no power, rather than Recker again.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, one more thing on Recker/Centeno:

Recker has been up 375 times in his career with an awful 135 Ks, and is .197/.265/.360 in his career, most as a Met for the past 2 years.

Juan was .289/.342/.340 last year. Better against righties. A strike out every 7.5 times up.

I'd prefer that over Anthony. If Plaw is not on the team opening day.

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