2014 Winter Leagues: 11/17/2014 Results

MLB Japan All-Star Series
MLB All-Stars 3 - 1 Samurai Japan
  • LF Lucas Duda: 1 for 3, R, 2B 

Venezuelan Winter League
- Navegantes del Magallanes 2 - 0 Aguilas del Zulia

Mexican Pacific League
- Aguilas de Mexicali 3 - 6 Tomateros de Culiacan
  • C Xorge Carrillo: 0 for 4, 2 SB allowed, 1 RTO, Throwing Error(6)

 Dominican Winter League

(No Game Scheduled)

Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican League
- Cangrejeros de Santurce 7 - 8 Indios de Mayaguez
  • 2B T.J. Rivera: 2 for 5, R
  • RHP Jon Velasquez: 1.0 IP, SV(5)


Thomas Brennan said...

The Duda Bat lives in Japan.

Xorge Carillo has made 6 errors catching already - that's not good.

The TJ Rivera hitting machine continues to grind on. He has done nothing but hit since the Mets signed him.

Christopher Soto said...


To be fair, teams in the Carribean generally have a ton of speed.

Carrillo on average is getting run on at least 2-3 times a game. He's doing a pretty good job throwing out roughly 40% of the attempted base-stealers.

The errors are more of a product of volume then him doing anything wrong.

Christopher Soto said...

I need to learn more about this Jon Velasquez guy......He's looked pretty good this Winter and had a strong season in Binghamton after the Mets plucked him from the Independent Leagues.

Thomas Brennan said...

Fair enough on Carillo, Chris, but he needs to cut down what I presume are errant throws. Practice makes (more) perfect!

Jon Velasquez is trying to enter the periphery of a very crowded Mets pitching radar screen. He's had a solid year, but one wonders where it will get him on this team. AAA in 2015?

The guy I am excited about is Hansel Robles. Since he went to the AA bullpen July 19, including winter ball, he has thrown 34 innings, K'd 43, given up just 17 hits and 8 earned runs. That is outstanding. 2 runs in last 24 innings, so he seems to be getting tougher to score on the longer he relieves. Following in the footsteps of Familia?

Hobie said...

Robles in one of those guys at most risk in the Rule 5 draft IMO (That is more likely to be given an active slot in the pen of a 2nd division team)

40 man must be iced this week, right>

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, there would almost have to be some other team that would snatch Robles. If Robles at his current talent level and advancement was around last year when they fumbled thru Valverde and Farnsworth, and they'd have otherwise lost Robles to Rule 5, I think he would have been on their opening day roster in the pen.

Christopher Soto said...

@TOM and Hobie

You certainly could make a case for Robles. I left him off on my original protection plan but with his strong performance this winter I would add him now.

I did leave (2) 40 man spots open. Signing Cuddyer used 1 of them and protecting Robles could use the other.

Christopher Soto said...

The deadline for Rule 5 draft protection is this Thursday.

Thomas Brennan said...

Good point, Chris

I think Robles ought to be in the Top 40, or he'll be a former Met IMO.

Hobie said...


Are you thinking of posting a recap by Thurs?

Looks like the 40-man stands currently at 35 (18 pitchers, 17 position). Leaving one open for a possible draftee, that leaves the ADD-DROP basket capacity at four.

Christopher Soto said...


Yes.....I will be keeping track of who gets added to the 40 man roster between now and Thursday.

Bill Metsiac said...

I understand how the ML Rule V works, who gets protected, the requirement to keep a pick on the 25 all season, etc.

But I'd still like to know about the MnL phase. Who must be protected, how long a pick must be kept, how many players can be picked from a team, and so on.

Mack said a while back that this would be posted here. Did I miss it, or is it still in progress?

Christopher Soto said...


I am digging up info on the Minor League Phase and should have a story sometime within the next 5 days

Bill Metsiac said...

Thanks, Chris.

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