Does Anyone See any Black Friday Deals Out There for the Mets?


  Well, it's that time of year where many of us race out and spend money we don't have, to obtain items we don't really need, simply because its on sale.  Sounds fun, though, don't it?  Well, anyway, I don't even shop on Black Friday.  I don't have the time, money or energy (and my daughter is still too young to guilt trip daddy into waiting in line for the latest craze).
  But what about the Mets?  They kind of mimicked what they did last year.  They quickly signed Cuddyer this year to kind set a tone, of sorts. The Mets jumped in preparation for what they believed would be more of a crazed state of inflation, rather then a see of discounts, as the winter moved on.  And, low and behold, we all just witnessed 'above-average' players (not elite superstars) all recently head into Thanksgiving with $18mil+ deals.  Yes, I'm a huge Mets fan, and not a huge follower of other teams, but I feel like somebody else should be surprised that some dude on the Mariners  I've never heard of got $100 mil.  A recently often injured Ramirez got about $20 mil/year and a man called Panda pretty much is due $100mil himself in the next 5 years.  Did I miss something?
  To this day, some in Mets universe are still complaining about the contract given to David Wright.  You know, our captain. You know, the face of the franchise, the face of MLB (well, it was a cute twitter contest but still counts), and he pretty much will end up with every Mets position player/batting record that matters when he hangs up his cleats.
  Now, look where stand today.  Granderson, at $15mil a year for a veteran who still showed power despite long drought of a poor BA last year, probably looks almost like a steal at this point. And this years guy Cuddyer, for all we know, is now officially the true definition of a Black Friday Deal.
  However, is there anyone else out there, for the discount the Mets are looking for.  Maybe, maybe not.  Hey, I've heard that some due named Drew might be a discounted shortstop (please ignore/avoid/move on from/nothing more to see here).  Hey, Nelson Cruz may eventually end up not getting what he wants (you know, like last year).  Hey, will that hot, sexy seemingly new toy (Andrew Miller) appear to good to pass up? (how many 3-4 year deals you see relievers getting these days?)
  Maybe the Mets will still be going in different directions here.  Joking or not, we kinda know darn well that our Wilson's love their bargain shopping (sorry, I know its the holidays, but I couldn't help myself).  And since they kind hired Sandy Alderson to be the kind of bargain hunting, that might be plan. Now, to be honest, I'm still starting to wonder if the Mets, like the dad writing this post, will going ahead and end up telling their kid (fans) that we already got what we need this year.  Now that we've used an old toy in a new way (Wilmer at Short) he can once again have value, and may seem fresh again to play with.  And if you're simply looking for a replacement toy to back up your main toy (utility infielder) why not dip into your current toy chest and pull out Matt Reynolds (what would a Mets article be without a pro Reynolds mention).
  Then, there's always a chance the Mets play barter and trade with others to get the toy they want.  First and foremost, everyone please stop talking about Tulo to the Mets.  He's owed more money then anyone not named Wright. He's injured more then...... nevermind I'll stay nice about everyone this holiday season...... And in my ongoing humble non-expert opinion, he is NOT worth giving up Syndergaard, deGrom or Wheeler.
  As far as the Cubs, no matter how many darn shortstops they have, their GM Theo is not giving them up for anything on the cheap. So again I say.. blah blah blah, in my opinion, blah blah blah, I'm not parting with Syndergaard, deGrom or Wheeler.
  You wanna know what I'm willing to give up? I'm willing to give up the belief that the Mets can't  compete for a division title simply with what they already had the day before Black Friday (I know, technically stores opened the day before now, but I like the reference).
  I guess we can always discuss low level Walmart Shopper discount shortstops the Mets can obtain, as well as a few behind the shelf, just fell down there, sleeper toys that may become your kids new favorite for the next year. However, I believe, comparing this to the last 2 rounds of a fantasy baseball/football draft, no matter what we get, there's chance of knowing if those players will even be on the roster by the time the season starts.
  So, for me, amongst the madness and hoopla of Black Friday, I will be relaxing on my couch (well, technically I'm also on my Black Fridayish 2013 surface pro tablet writing this post).  But hey, along with the discount given during this time, I also got to use another person's student ID, which Microsoft store then gave me an additional 10% off because of......... hey Wilpon's I'm available for hire because I know how to save.
Go Mets !!!!!!!!  Happy Shopping.



Bill Metsiac said...

I'm pretty sure that this coming Tuesday (Dec.2) is the deadline for teams to tender contracts to players, and there will be many who bcome FAs on that day. So by next Wed or Thurs the picture of availability should bemuch clearer. That'd be a good time for this discussion.

And can we please get off the "Wilpons love bargain-hunting" kick? After all the years that we were #2 in MLB payroll behnd the Yankees, I'd think their track record pre-Madoff would suffice to give the lie to that accusation, but it still lingers.

When we win 90+ this year and attendance soars, we'll see NEXT year whether they spend commensurate with income. Anyone who spends freely when he has a good job wil cut back whe his income drops. The test comes when he finds work again.

Mack Ade said...

Looks like someone spiked Metsiac's turkey again...

Ernest Dove said...

Here's to hoping that ownership is full of extra income, just in time to start handing out those excess wages to pay for Harvey, wheeler, degrom and company. Why outbid other teams for free agents every year when the Mets can simply keep what is hopefully the best rotation in baseball together for the next decade.

Thomas Brennan said...

As long as Wilmer bats cleanup in 2015, we'll have lots of Black Fridays in 2015, including October!

And we got him at a mere $500K.

Bill Metsiac said...

Wilmer at CLEANUP? With Duda, Cuddy and Grandy on the roster? Who spiked your turkey, Tom? If Wilmer hits cleanup, the others will have had serious problems.

As good as I expect Flores to be, he's more likely to bat 8th. I know he's better than a #8, but if everyone's healthy, who else would you put there? ?

Mack Ade said...

I honestly don't see any chance of Flores hitting 4th

Mets Dreams said...

Hey Mack!

It's been awhile for me to jump in but I have been following everything on the site. BTW: your wife's brownies are amazing! Since we are looking for deals how about some out of the box thinking. A player who might have his peak trade value now is Lucas Duda. Breakout year at 1B, but we have seen this before with Ike. How about we try to trade Lucas to the Mariners in a package for Taylor. The Mets then talk about trading for Jay Bruce, who's value is down and might be had for a bargain of some young players. Put Cuddyer at first, trade Murphy, and install Flores at second. Still no true leadoff hitter but the lineup could look like Lagares, Wright, Bruce, Cuddyer, Granderson, Flores, Travis, Taylor. All without sacrificing any top shelf pitching.

Mack Ade said...

Dreams -

Trading Duda and putting Cuddyer full time on first is an interesting option, especially if you could get your hands on one of the outfielders in Boston

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