Ernest Dove - Does The Mets (November) Roster Already Resemble a Playoff Team ?


     As the offseason continues to slowly move along, why not continue to speculate, guess, hope and pray for a great season ahead.  There's pitchers and catchers reporting anytime soon, but these Mets are getting healthy, the young stud pitchers are still all on the team, and (like it or not) they filled a huge need in the outfield already.  So, can they simply head on out to April 2015 already as a playoff contender, with what they already have?
     Like many Mack's Mets writers/readers, I remain consumed by this team, and what they are doing. I've heard all the rumors, I've checked some new field dimensions, and I've read about the new hitting coach, the happiness of Grandy because of it, and that outfield additional of David Wright's buddy.  With that being said, there really is no guarantee that more major moves are coming.
     I believe that, by end of this day I'm writing on (Thursday), teams must protect the players who needed to be protected, by placing them on their 40 man rosters, for the upcoming (and still confusing to me) rule 5 draft.  However, me and me poor memory simply don't recall any major happenings which can come of this whole process, which would result in the teams 25 man roster being altered because of it.  Of course, again, we eat sleep Mets and repeat, so we will definitely discuss, argue, and go crazy about the prospects protected, not protected and who is now available on other teams regardless this coming week ahead.
     But I wish to remain focused on the 'body of work' so to speak that we currently have to go on.  As far as I still recall, this team is coming off a pretty darn decent second half of a baseball season, despite numerous injuries and shutdowns during the same time period. This team can already show up in April 2015 with a solid rotation, bullpen, lineup and bench. I'm the our Mets, like any other out there, could use another sexy name added to their roster.  Sure, maybe we eventually end up with a different shortstop. Sure, maybe recent reports of minor league offers coming for the lefty reliever Eveland and our old pal Buddy might not be at all sexy enough fillers for the LOOGY and bullpen roles, but they were solid contributors and veterans at positions which become recycled year to year anyway, so why not give them a chance and trust they can hold the fort another season?
     For me, and probably many of us, the best part about the currently filled roster on this team is that its becoming filled with healthy players.  Mejia, Familiar, Parnell, Wright, Lagares and company are hopefully continuing on the roads to full recovery for the upcoming seasons (yes there are reports of Parnell possibly the most time then the others).  As in many cases with teams around the league, and all major sports, this is a stated given.  So we can't all continue to worry and speculate about who is going to do what, and what kind of comebacks everybody will make.  There were reports of Harvey already throwing mid 90s months ago anyway, so why stress over what he will do come April, for example.
     But again, back to the point (yup, by A.D.D must be kicking in again and causing focus issues). Can the Mets, with players like a full season of starting from Cuddyer, Wilmer Flores, still-on-the-team Murphy and company contend for the playoffs right now, without any further major changes?  (I wanna make a remark about achieving 90 wins, but maybe I shouldn't.
     Rather then come up with my every changing projected lineup, lets make it easier.  Who thinks the Mets can field:

Gee/Montero, etc etc etc options

Mejia, Familia, Black, Torres, Edgin......arm arm arm etc.

Cuddyer, Lagares, Grandy, Wright, Wilmer, Murphy, Duda, TDA, Campbell, Den Dekker, yadda yadda yadda .....

And be playing in the playoffs somewhere (division title, wildcard, whatever).

     This team, in my humble opinion, is already resembling the type or prototypical contending type team and organization already.  They have a mix of youth, veterans, expensive and minimum wage stars and hotshot prospects which come to together to form a possible fearsome type team.

     I know many out there want that cleanup hitting shortstop in Colorado, the highly priced lefty reliever I've heard about, a high risk high reward option coming out of the windy city, the latest fresh into America international phenomenon and a slew of coming-off-injury and change-of-scenery type veterans who may or not become the next Marlon Byrd, or at least solid bench contributor.

  But, you know what, most players still out there (minus those we can probably obtain by trading off Noah, Wheeler and most of our top notch current farm system), we can point, counter point an argument in favor of someone the Mets already have. Sooooooo does that mean if it ain't broke, don't fix it applies here?  Time will tell. 

  But I Can't worry about what happens into the Spring.  Heck, its real life out there, I can't think too deep into tomorrow.  I'm going by the here and now.

That said, I'm already thinking 2015 playoffs no matter what the heck happens, who's with me !!!!!!!


Thomas Brennan said...

I am predicting 100 wins. I won't tell anyone that includes spring training, though, so let's keep that part hush hush.

Reese Kaplan said...

I'm predicting the playoffs when they change the manager.

Mack Ade said...

I love the pitching... including Colon... but I'm not going to get excited until I see this team secures a playoff spot.

I've been disappointed too many times over the recent years.

As for TC, I just don't think he can take the team where we need it to go.

IBfromWhitePlains said...

At the risk of repeating myself, I think a playoff team needs a deeper, more experienced bench.
Guys like Jose Valentin, Endy Chavez, Mazzilli his second time around. Hey, Smoky Burgess. Manny Mota. Kirkkkk and Campbell could surprise, but I'm not feeling it.

The rest of the squad looks pretty balanced to me with a top notch bullpen.


eraff said...

83-87 wins, as constructed. That is not my official estimate.

2b....ss...c defense and baserunning are major concerns. Address SS and this is an 85-90.

Anonymous said...

I think 85-88 wins is realistic, with the current roster. That will probably not be in the National's range (93-95 wins), but I don't see why it wouldn't be good enough for second place in the NL East and in the wildcard conversation at the end of the year.

If Sandy can add some talent (SS, LHRP) and we stay healthy, then we may threaten the "90 win" plateau.

Mack Ade said...

I wouldn't count out the possibility of Alex Castellanos for the 5th OF slot either.

eraff said...

Castellanos is.kind of Francouer lite...not bad as a rh 5th of' er

Lew Rhodes said...

79 wins last year that included:

-Not having our best pitcher
-Having our best player have a crap year
-Losing our closer on Opening Day and not getting a real replacement for a month
-Getting Black hole performances from Grandy through May and TDA through July
-Getting almost NOTHING from LF all year
-Getting NOTHING from SS until August

If a healthy Harvey and Wright, a rebound full year from Grandy, an average season from Cuddyer, and having a real closer (be it Mejia, Parnell or Famila) all season cannot add 10 wins over last year, TC should be tarred, feathered and drummed out of town.

I look at it this way - only two players really over performed what was expected - Duda and deGrom - many under performed (Wright, Grandy, TDA chief among them).

This team needs a better bench (veteran 5th OFer, a better backup MI than Tejada) and a solid lefty for the pen, but as a whole, this is a 85+ win team right now.

The other difference - there is some real talent in AAA to replace injuries (Thor, Matz, Mazzoni, Leather Rocket, Reynolds)

If this team isn't in the hunt TC would be the only reason

Thomas Brennan said...

Well put, Lew Rhodes! Much more talent going into 2015. Time for some dividends for all of the past several years' patient investment strategy.

Bill Metsiac said...

IMO Lew is underestimating the Ws. Take our 79 of this season, add Harvey, Parnell, Cuddy, a healthy David, Grandy reunited with his guru, and a year of experience to the no-longer-rookies, and I'd add at least 10. Not starting off with Farnsverde in the pen, Ruben every day at SS, and a struggling TdA and Duda, should be worth at least another 2 or 3.

Even without further changes t hat I expect to see, I'm calling for 92+ Ws in '15, barring MAJOR injury problems.

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