NEW MET - OF - Alex Castellanos


Mets ink OF Alex Castellanos

November, 11, 201
PHOENIX -- The Mets have signed outfielder Alex Castellanos to a minor-league contract with a spring-training invite.

Castellanos, 28, .275 with eight homers and 42 RBIs in 360 at-bats with Triple-A El Paso in the San Diego Padres organization this past season.

He hit a combined .171 (7-for-41) with two homers and four RBIs in 24 games at the major league level with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012 and '13.


Thomas Brennan said...

If Puello is in AAA next year, Castellanos will eat up his ABs. So I find this puzzling.

Charles said...

If Puello doesn't make the Mets out of spring training, I believe he'll need to pass through waivers. That means he'll likely be gone. They still have DD, Kirk, Nimmo, and Lawley who all need at bats.

With MC's signing, I think Nimmo goes to AA first to prove himself there like he did in St. Lucie. There's no need to rush him unless Grandy or MC both completely shit the bit. Which could happen.

Honestly I really hope Puello has a fantastic spring and makes this squad as a fourth outfielder. Then against lefties, MC can move to first for Duda and Puello can start as well. Having Den Dekker and Kirk on the bench as outfielders isn't ideal. They need someone who can come in when the face a lefty. Especially since Grandy is also a lefty. They have way too many left hand hitting outfielders. Flexibility wise, Puello making this team and sticking will help tremendously.

Ernest Dove said...

I love when we Mets fans overanalyze minor league contract signings lol...
I guess (unfortunately for our favorite team) we simply used to the Mets giving minor league contract guys eventual major league contracts every year. ..........but this team seems ready to finally compete for playoffs, so its gonna be a lot harder to make this team based on a hot spring training only.

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