2014 Winter Leagues: 11/18/2014 Results

MLB Japan All-Star Series

(No Game Scheduled)

Venezuelan Winter League
- Tiburones de La Guaira 5 - 2 Caribes de Anzoategui
- Navegantes del Magallanes 4 - 5 Aguilas del Zulia
- Tigres de Aragua 4 - 5 Leones del Caracas
- Bravos de Margarita 1 - 3 Cardenales de Lara
  • SS Wilfredo Tovar: 0 for 3

Mexican Pacific League
- Mayos de Navojoa 6 - 8 Charros de Jalisco
- Caneros de los Mochis 3 - 0 Naranjeros de Hermosillo
- Venados de Mazatlan 2 - 4 Yaquis de Obregon
- Aguilas de Mexicali 5 - 3 Tomateros de Culiacan
  • C Xorge Carrillo: 2 for 5, K, 2 SB allowed

 Dominican Winter League
- Leones del Escogido 3 - 7 Aguilas Cibaenas
- Estrellas de Oriente 1 - 0 Tigres del Licey
  • RHP Hansel Robles: 1.0 IP, 1 K
- Gigantes del Cibao 2 - 3 Toros del Este
  • RF Cesar Puello: 3 for 4, R

Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican League
- Indios de Mayaguez 8 - 0 Cangrejeros de Santurce
  • 2B T.J. Rivera: 2 for 5, R, 2 2B, RBI(5), K
- Senadores de San Juan 8 - 3 Criollos de Caguas
  • C Johnny Monell: 2 for 4, R, 2B, 2 K, 2 SB allowed, 1 RTO


Christopher Soto said...

Sorry for the late start today everyone...

Finance's childhood puppy passed away this morning. 17 year old Chocolate Lab, may he RIP.

Now on to the stories of the day....


Thomas Brennan said...

Sorry about the Lab.

And 3 friggin' hits. Cesar! Other guys did well too - a good day for the Winter Wonders.

Anonymous said...

I really do fear that they will DFA Puello, who will be picked up by another team and have a productive ML career. I don't know who was responsible for sitting CP in favor of older players, but unless there was some serious displinary issues (none we ever heard of) it would amount to organizational malpractice not to let this guy get a full season of ABs after his year in AA. If it were the Biogenisis thing, he would have been benched in Bingo because he was on the list from the beginning. He was two years younger than league average at AAA and it not like he hit the interstate; also, they insisted he walk more, which he did and may have impacted his overall numbers. Knowing that you only had him for one more year in the minors, you have to run him out there everyday to exhaust all possibilities. If they let him walk, I think the decision will haunt them; when they let FMart walk, it was because they knew he had injury problems and was going to K at 30% or higher.
Anon Joe F

Hobie said...

Wondering what the risk is of DFA'ing Cesar now (prior to Rule 5, when everybody is looking to protect) & resigning to a MinL contract if unclaimed,
cutting in ST (assuming he's not on the 25 man). Would he be more likely claimed then?

BTW. Is Mack OK?

Ernest Dove said...

Im a puello supporter. .....but I don't know.....team wants to compete for playoffs in 2015. They apparently like den dekker, and Kirk kinda proved he could somewhat handle the pinch hitter backup up role, sooooooo might be bad timing to try developing Puello and support his rookie ups and downs.
But it seems good to have a lefty and a righty on outfield bench (is Campbell an IF or OF)

Anonymous said...

MDD still has an option, but Kirk and Puello do not, so if the plan is to keep them all at least in short term, MDD would be the candidate to go down or they roll the dice and DFA either Kirk or Cesar to see if they clear waivers. I would not want to subject the ML team to the learning curve of Puello either, which is why he should have been playing everyday last year instead of Serratelli, who has not and may never play in a ML game

Thomas Brennan said...

Not playing Puello every day last year was 3 things: Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest. Frankly, he'd still be a fine 5th OF for Mets....hold his own vs. lefties, strong defense, excellent speed. Kirk should go, if anyone. I'd hate to see Dekker go down again due to options.

Dallas said...

Where is Mack and my morning report!? I hope he is OK.

I agree on Cesar. He is only 23 years old! He had a great year in bingo just in 2013, Sandy and company must know something we dont? I'm not sure he would stick on a ML roster for a full season but crazier things have happened. Offense is at such a premium that it seems like taking fliers on Rule 5 guys would be a smart move.

Christopher Soto said...


Mack is on a much needed vacation and will be back on November 30th

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Mets will pick anyone up in the Rule 5 draft because you need to keep them on the 25 man roster all year and they are not even going to have room on their 40 man

Christopher Soto said...


They may entertain the idea of looking at left handed arms but Alderson has not played around in the Rule 5 market during his tenure and I also do not expect that to change.

Mack Ade said...

Dallas, Hobie -

The Morning Report will be back tomorrow morning guys...

Anonymous said...

If they DFA him in the spring, I am not sure the claiming team needs to keep him on the 25, that is only for Rule 5, but when he is out of options in April and if DFA
Christopher usually knows this sort of stuff. If CP is DFAed in April, does a claiming team have to keep him on 25 man?

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