Qualifying Offer Tracker: 4pm Deadline to Accept or Reject QO's


     Today is the final day that players, who were extended a Qualifying Offer, can accept or reject the offer. Accepting a qualifying offer will sign the player to a 1 yr/$15.3M contract for the 2015 season. Rejecting the offer will make the player a "QO" free agent. If a team decides to sign a "QO" Free Agent, they will lose their 1st "un-protected" draft pick in the 2015 Rule 4 Draft.

Player Decision Notes
Max Scherzer
Victor Martinez The Blue Jays and Mariners are both interested in Martinez on a multi year deal.
Hanley Ramirez Rejected Hanley is reportedly open to a positional change to 3B for the right deal. This should broaden his market a little more. Ramirez is looking for multi-year deal worth north of $100M.
Pablo Sandoval Rejected The Red Sox are reportedly heavily in on Sandoval and are scheduled to meet with him this week. He is also meeting with the Giants, Blue Jays, and White Sox.
James Shields
Russell Martin Rejected The Market for Martin is extremely strong. He is scheduled to meet with the Cubs, Pirates, Dodgers, and Blue Jays this week
Nelson Cruz Rejected The market's biggest bat is reportedly looking for a 4 yr contract
David Robertson Rejected Robertson is viewed as the top closer on the market and the Yankees seem willing to let the market establish his potential contract value before determining whether to match it or not.
Ervin Santana Rejected
Francisco Liriano
Melky Cabrera
Michael Cuddyer Rejected Michael Cuddyer has signed a 2 year contract with the Mets.


Lew Rhodes said...

I guess Cuddyer is going to reject his!

Wow - Sandy getting the right guy early on - guess he will be active!

Kevin S said...

They said he'd be aggressive. Not happy with losing that high of a pick for him but what's done is done. I think we're going to be happy with him. Let's keep adding. Gee for Craig!

Lew Rhodes said...

I don't think we need another big splash in the OF - I am happy with MDD as the 4th and maybe splitting time with Cuddy.

Although, getting another good RH OF/1b bat would make us even deeper.

I hope the willingness to give the draft pick up means that Sandy will use up all of his international signing money this year.

Lew Rhodes said...

Somewhere Reese is soon going to be stunned........

Kevin S said...

I wouldn't call adding Craig for Gee a big splash but he would surely add some depth. Craig & Cuddyer could both play vs lefties which would be nice.

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