SS Yoan Moncada Impresses Many at Pro Day


     Highly coveted international Free Agent SS Yoan Moncada hosted a showcase yesterday at a facility in his newly established residence in Guatemala. An estimated 60 to 70 Scouts and executives from every MLB team (sans the Los Angeles Angels) attended the event to feast their eyes on what potentially could be the single largest name to come out of Cuba at his age in MLB history. Even though the 19 year old is subject to MLB international signing rules, it is widely anticipated that Moncada will receive a record breaking bonus from someone once he is cleared by the United States Foreign Assets Control Office.

     Moncada ran the bases, a 60 yd dash, took batting practice, and took infield grounders from his natural position of SS, as well as, 3B and 2B. According to scouts, Moncada showed true "five-tool potential" through-out the day. MLB.com's Jonathan Mayo was on site and talked to a number of scouts and executives to get their opinions on the showcase. A scouting director stated, "He's worth going way over your international spending pool in my opinion. This game is about talent and Moncada is the kind of talent worth the investment."

     It was previously reported that he beat Rusney Castillo in a foot race and the speed gauge was true. He ran his 60 yard dash in 6.6 seconds which resulted in scouts giving him a 70 grade for his speed. Scouts also gave the switch hitting infielder a 60 grade for his hit tool and a 60 grade for his power from both sides of the plate. They were disappointed that he did not face "live pitching," however, they still came away quite giddy about his hitting potential.

     Defensively, Moncada showed plenty of arm strength at all 3 positions netting himself a 60 grade for his arm at SS. While scouts were satisfied with his performance at SS, his arm accuracy looked better from 3B and 2B than it did at SS. Coming out of the showcase, scouts gave him an average 50 grade for his abilities at SS which could play up to 60 grades at 3B and 2B.

     Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports was also on site and talked to 2 General Managers and 2 other executives about what they think Moncada is worth with the international signing rules in mind. The signing bonus values ranged anywhere from $30 million to $40 million. If Moncada were an American citizen coming out of High School, many believe he would be the unanimous #1 draft pick. "(He is) the best amateur player available, better than any draft-eligible high school or college player, better potentially even than Yasmany Tomas."

     Only time will tell if the Mets are going to be interested in committing that kind of money to Moncada. The chips seem to be in perfect alignment though as the Mets do not have a 1st round draft pick in 2015 and could potentially "replace" it by signing Moncada. The team is also very active in the interntional market, having signed 6 IFA's so far this year, and has a history of finding quality IFA's at lower bonus prices such as Vicente Lupo, Marcos Molina, Gabriel Ynoa, and Ali Sanchez. One could say that due to the scouting network the Mets have built, a $300k limitation next year would not hurt them as much as other teams.

     At this point though every team, minus the Chicago Cubs and the Texas Rangers who are limited to only $300k by their overspends last year, seems to be good bets to sign Moncada. For those interested in what those grades equal to in terms of MLB production see below.

60 hit tool  =   .280 avg
60 power   =    23-27 HR
70 speed    =    25-30 SB


Thomas Brennan said...

Sounds like a great guy to get. Will the printing press be brought out of the Wilpons' offices to go after this guy?

Or will the Yanks swoop in as always?

Mack Ade said...

I was asked about this guy yesterday and had an answer prepared fro tomorrow's Morning Report, but...

I just don't see Sandy and the Mets signing anyone out of Cuba for this kind of money... ever.

Ditto on the Asian teams.

The Mets like their players to go through the 'proper' growth channels of the DSL years, minors, etc.

And even then, this would take the kind of money you might as well spend on someone that has already players and excelled in the majors

just an opinion

John Zozo said...

If he signs for $30 million that would be a $60 million payout. I would rather them spend $3million on five top players next international signing period. Strength in numbers, that would be money better spent. Imo

Thomas Brennan said...

Someone else may get a future superstar then. Hope he does not turn out to be the next pre-supplement A Rod - on some other team.

Ernest Dove said...

Maybe we're spoiled by all the recent successes from cuba and Japan. ......... u just never know what a player will become........
How do we know if our very own amed Rosario and dilson herrera and juan urena won't become consistent all stars into the next decade at those above mentioned positions anyway

Anonymous said...


Well the main difference here is that those guys needed more than half a decade of minor league training to become potential MLB contributors.

Moncada is seen as someone who could show up and be the starting SS on Day 1.

So quite frankly you need to compare his perceived contract value against the asking prices of other Free Agent and Trade block SS's.

Also we have to remember that this is just the signing bonus. Whoever he signs with will have 6 years of control over Moncada.

Rene Riquelme said...

I don't understand why we don't jump all over this guy,he is the real deal and at a position we need right away.We spend money on developing players in the minors this guy is ready with no development neccessary.When SS that are average make 10 million per,this guy for 30 million signing bonus is a bargain with control for six years.I'm very disappointed everyone here doesn't make a stink about this.

Mack Ade said...

Rene -

I happen to agree with Alderson and the Wilpons here.

I'm not shelling out 30 mil bonus money to someone that basically has played sandlot ball in Cuba.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge....the club hasn't acknowledge whether they are in or out on Moncada.

For all we know this could have been the reason they were comfortable giving up the 1st round draft pick to sign Cuddyer.

Until we know more....we know nothing.

greg b said...

If the Mets do sign Moncada imagine the excitement he could bring to the fan base.Even if he starts in the minors with him and what we have comming up. WOW.

Ernest Dove said...


We're talking about the Mets, correct? LOL

We just watched a 21yr old college outfielder/top 10 pick play an entire season of rookie ball in the organization.

Same organization now gonna start a 19yr old in queens come April ? I love your enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...


To be fair Brooklyn is Short Season A ball and Short Season leagues are generally the destination for US Amauteurs since they have already played anywhere from 30 HS games to (in Conforto's case) 59 college games.

In my personal opinion....I think IF the Mets were to sign Moncada that he would start in AA just to get a gauge of his talent vs US players. If he rakes after 3 weeks then move him to AAA until the Super 2 passes in late June and then bring him up.

Michael S. said...

I'd go get this guy. He's got incredible talent, he's young, and the Mets would still have all of their valuable trade chips.

John Zozo said...

I would go maybe about 12mil the most, cause u have to also remember that they would have to pay 100% tax on him. So 30 mil is actually 60million. I would rather go over spend on next years class when the yanks and red sox can't spend over $300,000 on each player.

Anonymous said...

The excitement is not a player two years away, it is the Fab Five toeing the rubber everyday. Everyday will practically Harvey day. That is Sandy dream and I think it will be awesome watching these arms. No days off from excitement.

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