FLASH: Atlanta Braves Trade Jason Heyward


     The Atlanta Braves have announced that they have traded RF Jason Heyward and RHRP Jordan Walden to the St. Louis Cardinals for RHSP Shelby Miller and former Top 100 prospect RHP Tyrell Jenkins.

Soto's take:

Interesting....I'm not sure what the Braves gain from this trade. Miller struggled most of the 2014 season before turning it on in his final 5 September starts. As for Jenkins, Yes, he was a former Top 100 prospect, but his K/9 rate as a starter has plummeted into the low 5's during his time in Advanced A ball. There must be some serious concerns that Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy may not be 100% when they get back from their respective surgeries. The move will give the Braves a young 2015 rotation of Teheran, Minor, Miller, Beachy, and Medlen.

As for the Cardinals....I love the deal for them. The Cardinals organization is stocked with young talented arms that can easily replace Miller (i.e. Carlos Martinez) and Heyward is one of the best defensive OF'ers in baseball with a solid bat capable of adding 5+ wins per season.

Mack's take:


Kevin S said...


Anonymous said...


idk what the Braves are thinking....

This looks like a clear win for the Cardinals.

Lew Rhodes said...

Atlanta's pitching coach must have said he can fix Jenkins in five minutes....

Yeah, I went there!

Thomas Brennan said...

Maybe the Braves have Chipper coming out of retirement

Anonymous said...

A lot depends on Card ability to extend; if they lock up Heyward before FA or make him all Ga Ga about STL (cards have a way with doing that) could be a huge haul. Chances are now that Heyward almost certainly goes the distance to FA, since he has no real ties to STL. There is a lot about Heyward that shouts Met solution and if he finally figures out the stick (I think he is about to all Duda) he would be perfect Met RF and would free up Conforto or Nimmo for trade. I have been barking about Heyward in FA next year and am still bullish on this being the perfect acquisition.

Anon Joe F

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