The Morning Report – November 14 – Tulo, Daniel Murphy, Jon Niese, Brandon Allen, Bobby Parnell, Jose Peraza


Light day…

Marvin asked –

            Hey Mack, is there any chance that Tulo becomes a Met this next season?

                        Mack –

                        Marvin, thanks for the question.

We’ve discussed Tulowitzki a number of times here and I’ve taken both the positive and negative side of the discussion. Frankly, it’s very hard for me to believe that any team would commit this kind of money unless they were assured he was both healthy and productive. Yes, I believe Colorado would like to rid themselves of this contract, but my guess is you will have to wait until a trade during the trading period at the all-star break.

Will the Mets be in that discussion?

Well, I hope they solve their shortstop problems before that.

Sandy Alderson mentioned to reporters yesterday that he was reluctant to extending 2B Daniel Murphy though he has no plans on moving him. I guess this means that Murphy will be the 2015 second baseman and the Mets will let him enter free agency at the end of the season. I for one will be sad to see him go. He is what he is and you can count on him hitting around .280 season after season. We may miss that some day.

Other than that, Alderson’s comments were to downplay any friction that was reported to be created by Jon Niese (turned out to be false info), a joke to Scott Boras and a poo-poo about the shortstop situation.

One footnote on the Niese thing. It is no big secret that there is no love lost between Terry Collins and Niese and, I would expect him to be one of the first pirchers moved in this off season.

Regarding the other stuff, this is not the time of the year that there is much to write about when it comes to the Mets and we’ve said enough about shortstop to make my gums bleed.

The Mets resigned 1B Brandon Allen to a minor league deal for the 2015 season. He previously had become a minor league free agent; however, he obviously impressed team officials with what he has done so far in the Venezuelan League (90-AB, .267/.405/.489/.894, 4-HR). He will report to Las Vegas an probably split time with Jayce Boyd. There’s nothing particularly sexy about Allen who was drafted in the 5th round of the 2004 draft by the Chicago White Sox. He’s what you now can a ‘AAAA’ player and has hit 30 home runs in the past two seasons in the Pacific Coast League. I’m sure Wally Backman had something to do with Allen coming back, who was a particular favorite of his.

This is a small move, but, at least, there seems to be a move every day this off season.

The Mets have confirmed that reliever-closer Bobby Parnell will not be ready to return on opening day. The news isn’t good but let’s deal with it now. We know we have five returning excellent relievers… Jenrry Mejia, Jeurys Familia, Vic Black, Josh Edgin, and Carlos Torres. I think the Parnell news strengthens my wanting Rafael Montero to become a member of the pen. This makes six and what’s missing is a second lefty.

Would Jon Niese be a good fit here (buy, would that create a ‘fuck you Terry’ comment from Niese)? My guess is that Sandy Alderson will deal off one of his excess starters (Gee, Niese, Colon) for a lefty reliever.

FYI – Fangraphs #1 Braves Prospect[i]

1. Jose Peraza, 2B/SS: This young Venezuelan’s game took a big step forward in the second half of 2013 and he earned the No. 3 ranking on the Braves’ pre-2014 prospect list at FanGraphs. The middle infielder’s strong play continued into 2014 and he is now the best prospect in the system and could push incumbent second baseman Tommy LaStella (a rookie himself in ’14) to more of a part-time role. Peraza, 20, has a chance to develop into a top-of-the-order threat with a strong batting average and 30+ steals. 


Thomas Brennan said...

Funny, I have a niece who uses the same sort of language as Mr Niese (except he didn't, right?)

Fire up the Hot Stove!

Marlins' $300MM for Giancarlo? I'd be a tad nervous about doing that until I saw that his September facial rearrangement did not make him gun-shy at the plate.

Keep in mind that Duda was a 7th round pick. Power is very costly in this game. Mets seem to tend to draft their power guys late a lot (Taijeron 18th round, Lawley 19th) - I'd rather see more early round high power drafting gambits and hope they work out. One hit on a real power hitter, and it's like winning Lotto.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing the number for Stanton is now 12 years/$320M.

That's a nuts contract....

Kevin S said...

Power is sexy. Everyone wants to hit 500 FT homeruns or throw 100 MPH. It's the nature of the game.

I agree that replacing a consistent .280 hitter is tough. In my dreams, we trade for Tulo. Imagine two of the best pure "hitters" in the game with Murphy and Cuddyer hitting 1-2 with Tulo, Duda & Wright hitting behind them. Very dangerous team.

Then over time, Nimmo & Herrara take over for Murphy & Cuddyer at the top of the lineup.

Just sayin...

Thomas Brennan said...

If Tulo's hip is good, let's do it, and hip, hip, hooray!

It would be nice to have a juggernaut offense.

Mack Ade said...

Did I write about Stanton?

Mack Ade said...

I haven't followed the Stanton story because it sounded too much like science fiction.

I assume that a-hole owner will offer a no-trade contract... correct?

Clyde McNell Jr. said...

I knew when we signed Cuddyer and lost our first round pick that Sandy would rather let Daniel Murphy walk after offering the qualifying offer ala Jose Reyes just to recoup that pick a year later.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that CO will be able to move Tulo at all until he gets back on the field without a setback, so mid season seems about the earliest. Objectively speaking, I don't think any team would extend DM either, so despite being fan favorite, it is the right move at this time. Brandon Allen was a good reserve signing, even though not earth shattering. Don't know why it is even news that Parnell will not be ready opening day, he had TJS last April, so he may not even be back until June and I don't know how you automatically displace Meija from the closer role if he is still have success. As far as Niese goes, this is not a defense of TC, but if the story is true, he was totally out of line and just about any manager would have said the same thing. You cannot have players running through a stop sign at third, attempting to steal with a red light and unilaterally waving off a bunt sign. Most managers would have gone nuts as well, so I don't think this is one of the times that TC was out of line. I am ambivalent about Niese, he has been a solid starter from the left side, but he has had injury issues and a tendency to let innings get away from him, so he does not have the sort of stature that other "stars" have to pipe off at the manager in front of the other team. Jon, your job is to pitch and whether you like the manager or not, it is his call when to call for a bunt or replace you with a reliever; deal with it, that is how the game works. He has flashed at times, but he has also faded at times, so he would be better served to shut his mouth and do his job. He has punched his own ticket out of Queens and I think the return they get for him will provide an independent view of his worth

Anon Joe F

John Zozo said...

I don't think they offer QO to Murphy, because he surely will and should accept it. He might get at most a 4yr $40 mil offer

Anonymous said...

I think the Tulo question will answer itself with time and unfortunately, I don't think he ends up with the Mets. Tulo has had chronic leg injuries since 2009 and the most recent labrum issue is a recruitment injury resulting from his underlying issues. Tulo is already on the record saying that he will almost certainly never play a full season again because of the chronic nature of his leg injuries and that was before the torn labrum, so his health is likely to get worse, not better. There is a significant chance that he ends up being a terrible trade for whomever acquires him and since the Mets have such little margin for error, I cannot see them taking the flyer. It is still not even clear whether he is ready for opening day. If the Mets acquire him and he is Tulo, it could be the difference for WS bid, but if he is the chronically injured player that misses tons of time, it could derail any effort to step forward because he would be the last acquisition they could make for a couple of years and also inhibit their ability to afford the younger talent when due for raises.
Anon Joe F

Mack Ade said...

Joe F

The Mets will probably settle their SS problem long before Tulo shows he's healthy (and productive) enough to be traded

Robb said...

Looking at Murphy, i think of Sandoval situation with Sf. During the season SF offered him supposed 3/40. Now he's looking at 5/90 and asking for a 6th year. Neither is that great a player, both with some sort of issue, but its hard to find a 15 hr 280 hitter that shows up everyday. teams usually hate paying fat guys who arent sluggers.

As for Stanton, the numbers are comical, bc they never are going to happen. even if he does sign some outragous 12/320 mm contract. if im his agent, i get 38 mm for the (2) arb years, tack on one year at 27 mm and then have an out clause. Basically making it a 3 year 65mm or 4/92. Both get to save face. miami signed him to the contract and unless they are good there's no way he would stay bc he could get similar money as a free agent.

Mack Ade said...

I hear there is a 5 year buyout clause in the Stanton deal...

Herb G said...

The arguments against a Tulo trade in the off season are compelling. So, the only way the Mets are involved is if Flores gets the starting nod for opening day, and he is not racking up impressive numbers by all star break. Meanwhile, Alderson may be thinking he wants to address the SS situation now, and the trade route is the most likely for that.

A 5 year opt out/buy out clause is the only thing that makes a 12 year/$320 mil Stanton deal close to sane.

Re: that last spot in the pen, I see that Gorski just got racked up in winter ball. I was thinking he would be the second lefty in the pen next season. Maybe leather Jack wins the spot out of ST.

Things are so interesting this time of year.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Herb, Since the hot stove is not yet heated up enough, I need some real Leather to fend off the cold. Jack L should have the lead chance to win the other lefty job this spring if Niese is not the guy in the pen.

I know Alvarez threw a few Mets innings, but I can't imagine he's really major league ready. He barely threw in AA last year.

Jack's had many more innings at higher levels than Dario. Gorski has to show a whole lot more - maybe it is just rust in his return from injury.

Mack Ade said...

Herb and Thomas -

Hey Herb, hope things are well.

IMO, Leathersich is not going to be promoted to Queens until he DOMINATES against right handed hitters. He's a very long way from being the 2nd lefty out of the pen.

Right now, no one is #2 behind Eglin... probably Gorski and Alvarez compete in camp but I truly think the other lefty will arrive via a trade for either Colon, Niese, or Gee

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Mack, you know I always push for Strikeout Jack, but the Mets trade starting surplus for a superior lefty pen arm, I am all for it. It all comes down to maximizing wins and losses in 2015

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