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My rankings is solely subjective and based on nothing more than what is in my head at time I’m writing this. I’ve followed the Mets minor league players for many years and I feel I can recognize talent at various levels of their development. What I have failed at is how to determine when this talent seems to diminish. It’s amazing how many first round picks never make it in this game.

I’m old school, so you won’t seem much SABR-discussion here, I do research and, when I find a good quote or two, I’ll add them to my analysis, but, like I said in the beginning of this post, most of this us subjective.

Let’s get started.

#4 – OF – Michael Conforto -  21-years old – 6-1, 211 – L/R

                       Drafted in the 2014 first round (10th overall pick) – Oregon State

                       Left on the board – SS Trea Turner (13th)

                       2014 – Brooklyn – 163-AB, .331/.403/.448/851, 3-HR, 19-RBI

What did they say about Conforto on draft day –

           Anthony DiComo ‏@AnthonyDiComo · - Conforto fits the #Mets' desired profile: power and patience. He set the Oregon State record for walks in a season with 55.

           Kendall Rogers: And my sources nailed that one ..... I love Conforto. Plus arm, good power, good bat, and good instincts in the outfield. A little nugget: Scouts REALLY liked the way he played third base a few weeks ago. Could shift there in pro ball.

           Sickels: - Regarded as the top hitter in college baseball this year by many experts, Conforto features impressive left-side power and a good feel for the strike zone, hitting .351/.506/.557 with 51 walks this year in 56 games. His other tools are nothing special but scouts don’t mind; his bat is that good, and he’s ranked as one of the safest, most advanced hitters in the draft."

The Mets seemed to take the safe pick here. Most of the draft experts had Conforto as the best bat in the draft, and you know how much the Mets need a young outfielder with a potent bat.

What I was surprised about was the fact that they parked him for the entire season in Brooklyn. It was obvious early that he was far past this level and it would have been nice to see him end the year in Savannah in the same lineup with Dom Smith. Playoff politics? Probably.

Outlook –

Hitting .331 in your first year (2nd in the league) of professional baseball is a damn good way to start your career.

I don’t see any reason to send Conforto to Death Valley here in Savannah. Send the then 22-year old to St. Lucie put a plan on paper that he graduates to Queens to day after Michael Cuddyer’s contract runs out.


Reese Kaplan said...

Just out of curiosity...since they won't foot the bill for a new stadium in Savannah and there is precedent for moving in fences at the big ballpark, why not simply do the same there?

Tom Brennan said...

I am happy they drafted the most advanced bat...it costs too much to get legit stud bats as free agents.

That .331 was pretty smokin' and I agree he should have been sent to Savannah for their playoffs.

Of course, Danny Muno started off his career in Brooklyn to the tune of .355. Not to compare them, as Conforto is a legit big time prospect IMO, just have to get Danny's name in some sort of post once a week - I'm seeing several psychiatrists about that - the last one diagnosed me as obsessive-repulsive.

Anonymous said...

Very happy they signed this guy.
No wonder Sandy was so happy the top bat, with Paul o'Neil potential. Jeepers
Start this guy in St.Lucie and see him in Queens in late 2016 or beginning of 2017 when Cuddyer comes off the books.


Steve from Norfolk said...

I was reading that comment of Kendall Rogers about the scouts liking the way he played at 3B, and it made me think. In 2017, it might be time to move Wright to 1B or even to the OF. Conforto may be our next third baseman! That would solve some crowding in the OF. If Puello can ever get out of the doghouse, it would give him somewhere to play, or maybe let us put Den Dekker to work full time. Think about it - Puello/DD in LF, Lagares in center, Nimmo in right. This is assuming Wright needs to make a move to 1B by then.

Bob Sugar said...

I watched the Conforto draft live and saw the Cubs pick this big hitter at 4 or #5. He was not expected to go that high. Analysts praised the pick despite not really having a position to play. Maybe Catcher thee said. The name of the player escapes me but he went on last season the minors to absolutely crush the ball. At the time of the pick I wondered if the Mets had their eye on him and we're going to pick him over Conforto. Guys?

Anonymous said...

Kyle Schwarber was the pick. He went 4th, so long by the time the
Mets were up. He was drafted as a C but they moved him to the OF, which turned out to be Duds like, so they are putting him back behind the plate. Good bat, like Conforto, but a serious defensive liability. The Mets may chosen Conforto anyways
Anon Joe F

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