“We are the Champions of the World” – Queen

Perfect lyrics for a team from Queens…but which route will the Mets take in the years to come? “We’ve got a chance”….or “We want to be the team to beat for the Championship for years to come.” 
Which road to take?

I like the latter MUCH BETTER.  So let’s queue in to the following:

Kevin Kernan | NY POST: After the Red Sox signing of super-prospect Yoan Moncada, in a NY Post article, Kevin Kernan noted the “Red Sox have won three championships over the last 11 years.” His article then included the following blurbs showing that the Red Sox philosophy is far different than that of the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson:

“We’re in it to win championships,’’ Lucchino said Wednesday at JetBlue Park. “We’re not in it to be consistently second or consistently third. We want to win championships.’’

Noted Tom Werner, another of the Boston owners: “We have a strong commitment to winning. We play for championships. We were all smarting over the [last-place] finish we had last year. It’s our intention to play baseball in October every year.’’’

I hope that starting during this year, the Mets begin (like the Red Sox) to REALLY join in this championship chase fray by signing whoever is needed.  Rising attendance should provide funds to do so.  We need to hear the Mets’ owners/ leaders also say “We’re in it to win championships.  We’re NOT in it to be consistently second or consistently third. We want to win championships.  We have a strong commitment to winning. We play for championships. It’s our intention to play baseball in October every year.” 

I’ll not kick against the past Met inactions – it is highly risky to invest in guys when your team stinks, hoping your mega-moves will turn your organization from a pumpkin into a prince.  I get it.  You could sign a Pujols or an A Rod to a contract involving enough bucks to run a 3rd world country – and have the guy suddenly become just ordinary – or worse – and be hamstrung more than Jose Reyes.   But the prospect-rich Bosox are pedal-to-the-meddling it.    Yoan Moncada just the latest move.

The Mets need to get on the surf board when the wave of talent already arriving here starts to really crest so we can ride that sucker in for years to come.   The Red Sox are surfing – and with Scherzer, so are the Nats. 
Bring championships to Queens – not one every 25 or 30 years.  How about 3 in the next 11 years – like the Red Sox - and playoffs in the other 8 years?  Huge crowds at Citifield.   Huge excitement. 

Say it, Wilpons and Sandy: “We’re in it to win championships.’’  Mean it.  Then do it.  Please.


Mack Ade said...

Morning, Tom.

As I said in one of my Morning Reports, the Mets have to first learn how to win, something I think they will start to master this season.

Everybody is going to fall in behind their superior pitching and, hopefully, take it from there.

Reese Kaplan said...

The Mets need some changes to get to the next level. They have too many older players in key roles -- Cuddyer, Granderson, Colon and yes, Wright. (His health record is scary). If the younger players all produce as expected then they can weather and eventually replace the outgoing quadrant of past-their-prime players. What frustrates me is not investing in younger players like Jose Abreu or Rusney Castillo when they were available and didn't have the $30 million penalty a Yoan Moncada did. Instead they willing throw money away on cast-offs like Granderson and call it a day.

Oh yeah...how could I forget. They need a real manager, too.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

The interesting thing was the fact that the guys on 'Hot Stove' take the other approach.

They said there aren't enough veterans on the teams anymore and there's too many 1-4 year players making huge money with no leadership skills.

Thomas Brennan said...

Evening, guys...I think the right younger guy(s) could lead this team to the top tier for years...young or older, pull off something big this year.

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