The Morning Report – 2-11-15


I’ve had some extra time on my hand due to the virus my computer picked up earlier this week (‘The Black Death’). As of right now, the computer is still in the shop and I’m typing this on my wife’s computer.

I’m having to come to some decisions I’ve been trying to avoid for a long time. I’m turning 68 and, rather than turn this into a ‘pity party’, let’s just say I have some ‘issues’.

I have a number of things I have to deal with in the upcoming months that include dealing with both emotional and physical issues. A couple may need surgery (neck, spinal) which could come soon and, in my case, would happen within the Veteran Administration system. That would mean no computer and an extended stay in one of their wards.

My other problems are ‘all in my head’ and, frankly, I’m embarrassed at the product I have been putting out lately. It’s sloppy, sometimes inaccurate, and far below the standards I set when I opened this site in 1985.

Lastly, some of you readers have really touched me lately with your comments directed to me. I especially love all you ‘anonymous’ posters, who, by the way, don’t exist anymore. It may be the last decision I make here at Mack’s Mets, and one of the other Administrators here will be welcome to change it back when I leave, but there will be no more ‘anonymous’ comments. Take the time to at least make up a name.

I’ve tried to keep things simple, but even only posting one post a day (The Morning Report) has proven out to be more than I can physically and emotionally handle right now. So, some decisions have to be made,

First of all, Mack’s Mets will remain open and active, but I will no longer participate in an active role (yeah, I know… I quit before, but I have to walk away this time folks. I just can’t keep this up).

What happens to it from there depends on the current writer staff. I’m hoping someone picks up the gauntlet and leads the way; however, who wants to run a site with the name ‘Mack’ in it?

I want to thank every writer that ever wrote for the site since 1995. All your posts meant everything to me.

And I want to thank the readers… even the ones that have turned on me over the past few years. We’re just airing different opinions, right?

I’m sorry for no notice here… there’s no nice way to do this.

Let’s Go Mets.


Thomas Brennan said...

Hang in there, Mack. Sorry I did not discover the site sooner, missed a lot of years of great stuff. Appreciate greatly all your morning posts.

In Florida to do some R&R. Taking time off is really important, especially when dealing with stuff. Rest up, get better.

I know all of this has something to do with Matt Reynolds. I just know it :)

Thanks for inviting me to write a year ago. Figured I was good for a few articles. Who knew? It's been a trip.

Be well....and change your mind!

Ernest Dove said...

Same goes for me Mack............
I was 'technically' homeless in Vegas (no need to elaborate lol) when I randomly saw a tweet about needing some writers around April 2013.
Its been my pleasure to write pretty much every week ever since.
And my two cent opinion is that the site is perfectly fine named Macks Mets.

Ernest Dove said...

Furthermore, if this has anything to do with Wilmer Flores and his lack range, I am immediately sending a harsh email, attention Mets, and im notifying my local congressman.

IBfromWhitePlains said...

Best of luck, Mack. Heal up. Mornings won't be the same


eraff said...

This is obviously a Labor of Love for you... my regret in hearing that you're leaving is so small compared to the what you must be feeling.

I wish you you peace and health and even more---I wish you to find MORE Labors of Love that fit you and feed you.

Good Luck..Thank You!!!


Lew Rhodes said...

Mack - I first discovered you site way way back in 2004 and have been an off and on silent reader for that entire decade - i always appreciated your knowledge on the minor league system and you experience with player eval, etc

I wish I had been a more active participant years ago so I could thank you for your more often

Get well and come back - 68 is still awfully young and you have lots of active life left

Zozo said...

Hey Mack
Take all the time you need and recharge your batteries, your health is most important. I agree on keeping the name Macks Mets and wouldn't change a thing. Your head issues will clear up a bit when you stop talking about the way our team is run, lol.
Worry about getting better and we will hold down the fort til you get back.

Reese Kaplan said...

During my morning forays into all things Mets I routinely came to two sites first -- Macksmets and 2GuysTalkingMetsBaseball. There I found intelligent discourse and forums for me to sound off. A few years ago Mack invited me to join as a writer and the rest, as they say, is history. Whether it's a permanent goodbye or just an extended sabbatical, know your insights will be missed.

TP said...

Hey Mack,
First and foremost, I wish you good health and peace of mind.

Second, thanks for your labor of love. While we are connected in this virtual world and are essentially strangers outside of it (which is weird I might add), the connect is nonetheless real and reflects the best that sports I...a way to connect people of different walks of life.

Third, I do hope you change your mind, or find some happy medium, because your style and passion are unique to you and enjoyable to follow. I do admit to making that statement from a selfish point of view. Do what you need to do for yourself first.

All the best, let's go Mets, and Let's go Mack's Mets!

Charles said...

So sorry Mack. I'll pray that you recover. My mornings won't be the same.

James Preller said...

Mack, first things first: good health to you. And many thanks for years of good commentary.

If I may: Distraction is a good thing. This blog could still become an important part of your recovery. Don't give up on it.

What you might need to do is redefine what it is for the time being. Frankly, if you posted once a week, I'd read it. There's a climate in the blogosphere that more is more -- and it's not true. Do what you can -- even if that's nothing at all -- but don't worry about "Mack's Mets," the blog. You could simplify this thing way, way back.

Good luck with your health. I'm hopeful we'll see you around these parts again.

Hobie said...

Reading all the above, Mack, I realize once again why I click this icon several times a day.

This is a great tribe of fans (from several generations it seems) who gather to share this corner of our national pastime (it is the national PASTIME, not national "sport"--and this site is testimony to that).

I'm proud to be a member of this tribe. of which you will continue be the gravitational center.

I'm sure we will hear more from you (certainly hope so), but I understand the "retirement" from the daily grind. Best to you and your family.

Dallas said...

Hi Mack, as you know I run a website that aggregates news from over a 100 different websites for the Mets. Yours is the only one I visit religiously. I hope your various surgeries go well and that you return to leading a truly great blog with a great community of writers and commentors. This looks to be the most exciting year in a long time!

Mike Geus said...

Mack, sincere hope that you can put some of your current health issues behind you.

Thanks for all the time you have spent on this site which has given me baseball insight and the best damn shortbread ever.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Thanks for all the knowledge I have picked up from you and all the writers on this blog, and especially for the friendship you have shown. I don't think this blog will go anywhere; you've built a good group here, and I think it will be self-sustaining from here on out..I know I will look forward to whatever you write, whether it's once a year or once a week. God bless you, buddy!

John Looby said...

All the best Mack. I hope everything works out OK for you.

I'll miss your "Morning Reports". It's the first thing that I check each morning here in Australia.

The site is in great hands and I hope that it lives on for a while yet and that you at some stahe can come back and post on a semi regular basis.

Mets Dreams said...

Hey Mack:

A little late to the party, but best wishes in your recovery. You will be missed. Hopefully the Orange and Blue (and black, and camo) can do some positive things on the field that help. This is the first site I look to every morning and I have not noticed any drop in quality. Informative postings and very interesting comments make this a must read.

One Mets question: How come every Marlins prediction talks about how great Fernandez is going to be at the 12 month anniversary of TJS and yet all the talk about Harvey is not to expect him to be the old Harvey after almost 18 months post op.

Hurry back!

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