Mack - 2015 Prospect List - #2 – RHSP – Noah Syndergaard


My rankings is solely subjective and based on nothing more than what is in my head at time I’m writing this. I’ve followed the Mets minor league players for many years and I feel I can recognize talent at various levels of their development. What I have failed at is how to determine when this talent seems to diminish. It’s amazing how many first round picks never make it in this game.

I’m old school, so you won’t seem much SABR-discussion here, I do research and, when I find a good quote or two, I’ll add them to my analysis, but, like I said in the beginning of this post, most of this us subjective.

Let’s get started.

#2 – RHSP – Noah Syndergaard – 22-years old – 6-6, 240 – L/R

                       Compensation A pick by Toronto – 2010

                       2010 – GCL Toronto – 5-starts – 2.70, 1.13, 13.1-IP, 6-K

                       2011 – A/short A/App Tor – 13-G, 11-starts, 1.83, 1.08, 59-IP, 68-K

                       2012 – Full A Toronto – 2.60, 1.08, 103.2-IP, 122-K

                       2013 – St.L/B-Mets – 23-starts, 3.06, 1.15, 117.2-IP, 133-K

                       2014 – Las Vegas – 26-starts, 4.60, 1.48, 133-IP, 145-K

On December 17, 2012, the Toronto Blue Jays traded Syndergaard, Travis d'Arnaud, John Buck, and Wuilmer Becerra to the New York Mets for R.A. Dickey, Josh Thole, and Mike Nickeas.

No one has really worried about the pitching ability of Syndergaard, even through the high ERA in Las Vegas. That was expected. What was important was that he maintained his K/9 ratio (which he did) and hold up his velocity through the season (which he also did). I’m sure the last person that wants to pitch another inning in that conference is Thor, but he’s going to have to wait his turn.

He’s going to be just fine.

Outlook –

On the top side, a steady SP2, but I’m guessing more a strong SP3. The Mets fans are going to be very impressed with this guy when he arrives, much more that they were impressed with Wheeler.

A perennial all-star


Thomas Brennan said...

A perennial all star - yet some think Matz might be the better long term pitcher. Nice to have debates about the studs soon to be in the rotation, along with the ones already there. Very nice.

Adam Smith said...

Nice piece on Thor in the NYPost today. I think we're going to see a big jump forward from him this year. All the pieces are there, but at 22 years old, he's still learning how to harness talent into pitchability. The kid has #1 starter written all over him, and I think that the combination of Harvey/deGrom/Noah/Wheeler will help push each other to greatness. Let's all stay healthy, guys.

Lew Rhodes said...

The thing I like about Thor as much as his talent is his moxie - he has the attitude like Harvey - that will make him pitch even better.

Thomas Brennan said...

Lew, what is also fascinating is that Matz is described as a fierce competitor. Bring on 2 more Harveys, attitude-wise. Swagger is on its wat.

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