MACK - Friday Report - 2-20 - Figgy and Gee


First of all, thanks to all of you for allowing me to participate at some limited basis on my old site. This is not some attempt to stage some on again, off again, publicity stunt. It’s just an old baseball war horse trying stay active at a level that both serves the writer as well as the reader.

I will write a Friday recap, giving you my observations on what has happened the previous week in Met-land. There will be no cutting and pasting here, unless a short quote is needed to strengthen the opinions I am offering.

At the same time, I am going through a series of medical procedures that could easily place me in a hospital ward without either my laptop, or the ability to use it. I apologize in advance for any interruption and, if something like that happened for, oh, let’s say, three weeks, feel free to email ‘Mrs. Mack’ at Kitchenade@yahoo.com and see if there’s anything worth reporting to the people here that read me.

Lastly, about returning from my second retirement… I’m not trying to be an asshole here. In my case, it just comes natural. I know that I don’t have the strength any longer to post every morning, but I am able to overlook the site, add the press releases that come in from the teams, and schedule some of the postings from the writers that occasionally leave a post in draft form on the site.

Christopher Soto and Reese Kaplan are doing a wonderful job of overseeing the site since I ‘left’ and Tom Brennan, Herb G, and Ernest Dove are filling in the cracks better than anyone else could.

I never looked upon Mack’s Mets as some mega site like MetsMerized. To me, it was always a clubhouse for a group of adult fans to yap about their favorite team.

Past that… on to this week’s report, which, this week, will be short.

Nelson FigueroaNo one is happier than I am for Figgy, though I do wish that the Mets and Bobby Ojeda could have worked out their differences. I met Figgy at the 2008 spring training camp after reporting on Mack’s Mets that he had left the complex early to go someplace. His wife read the story immediately on Mack’s Mets and called him, while he was still working out in the Mets complex. Nelson walked over to the room all us reporters hung out in and called me aside, calmly told me how I probably had him confused with Angel Pagan, and asked if I would retract the story. I said sure and did so immediately, but the damage was done. You see, though I did have full credentials through my association as a beat reporter for the Savannah Sand Gnats, I was known in the clubhouse as that ‘blog guy’, which was a no-no back then. Someone reported to Jay Horwitz that I was blogging live from the clubhouse and, boom, that was the end of my press credentials.  I tried explaining the following year in a long letter to Jay that I never lied to him, but that letter remains unanswered, Now, I don’t even get invited to the blog press conferences. Oh well, back to the original subject… you will be very impressed with the baseball knowledge that comes out of Figgy’s head and I’m proud to call him my friend.

Dillon Gee – Here’s my spin on Gee…

I do feel sorry that 30 teams, including the New York Mets, don’t want Gee to start for them, but the Mets need to take a lesson from the Washington Nationals here and Tanner Roark.

I also fully understand Gee’s disappointment in moving to the Mets pen, a home where he may find himself sitting next to another ex-Mets starter, Rafael Montero.

If they are there it will be for two reasons… one, it will be that Mets pitching coaches have determined that that are better options that the Mets currently have.

The other option is solely Gee’s. In his case, the Mets have five million plus dollars invested in him in producing a positive season this year and all Gee has to do is cash the monthly check.

Looking at it this way, the Mets just picked up two great relief pitchers to help get them to the all-star break. And you never can have enough top young talent at one position. 

Just go ask Texas about second base this morning.


eraff said...

Welcome to The Site, Mack!!!! ;)

I'm looking forward to your reports, whatever their frequency!

eraff said...

Welcome to The Site, Mack!!!! ;)

I'm looking forward to your reports, whatever their frequency!

Thomas Brennan said...

When I opened the site and saw Comic Sans 14 font, I knew Mack was back! Good morning, Mack.

Gee has every incentive to pitch well, as future millions beyond 2015 rely on him showing he's got the right stuff. I'm sure we'll get a lot more bang for our buck than Santana 2012. Or Bay 2012. One year deals really incent the player to produce.

Nelly the Fig was a crafty pitcher, and let's see if he can be equally as adroit in his new role.

It's 2 degrees here, but Mack just warmed up the joint.

Ernest Dove said...

There's nothing wrong with being the Brett Favre of sports writing my friend ;)

Lew Rhodes said...

Welcome back Mack! Even if only sporadically - and, you are nowhere near the asshole that I am - so no need to apologize! :p

As far as Gee - I think he could get 100 IP in the bullpen to limit Harvey's innings, etc

Plus - he and Montero would give the Mets two pitchers who can pitch against LHH and keep Collins 3 pitchers an inning shtick to a limit

Lew Rhodes said...
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Herb G said...

Let me add my welcome back, Mack. It is always great to see a post from you here. And I am hoping that the fact that you were able to post means that you are feeling somewhat better. Now, stop apologizing. You're the Man!

I think the fans will appreciate Figgy's commentary.He has a lot to say. And, it can't hurt that you have a friend in the booth up at SNY. Maybe we can get an occasional tidbit from him for the site.

Re Gee, I don't think that 30 teams didn't want him as a starter. Rather, I suspect Sandy was holding out for a king's ransom for him, and potential trade partners thought they had less exppensive options. We still may see a trade develop during spring training or at the deadline. Meanwhile, we should have 2 excellent additions to the pen, who will either make their contribution there or increase their value as trade chips. It's a win-win for the Mets, and possibly for Gee as well.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that Sandy is holding out for a king's ransom on Gee, he is just rather shrewdly waiting for the market to develop during and right after spring training. He is not going to bring back a major league player, other than maybe a reliever, but he could fetch a decent upper minor prospect and may be best suited to package with another player if Sandy wanted an increased yield. I am not suggesting this, but if he were to be packaged with a guy like MDD, another team could be picking up a solid SP for the backend of a rotation and filling an OF spot with an excellent defender. The sum of the parts may be greater than the whole and frankly, I would like to see this approach when they finally move Colon and Murphy. Teams in the hunt may be looking to add SP and a quality bat, so if the Mets were to offer both in one package, I think the return would be superior to moving each one of them individually. teams in the hunt often have multiple needs in July, both offensively and defensively, so a package would look very nice.

For instance (not knowing what specific needs might be) if the Mets were to offer in July Colon ($4.5M left) Murphy ($3.75 left) and even Kirk (league min) AND $3M in cash, a team could pick up a solid SP, a professional bat and a quality backup OF all for a whopping $3M and NO future commitment, what would that be worth? the reason why I propose this is because the Mets have a lot of talent in the farm, but much of it is mid-tier and there is a clogging going on, so if you were to trade each of these players individually, you would probably get 3-4 mid tier prospects, which would add to the clogging, but if you packaged all three and tossed in a few bucks, you might actually get one upper tier prospect. Don't get me wrong, I love the depth in the Farm, but Sandy is going to need to start consolidating some of the mid-tier prospects into a lower number of upper tier prospects. A package of Colon, Murphy and a third piece like Kirk, who can help a team this year, I think would be very attractive to teams on the cusp.

Just a thought
Anon Joe F

Reese Kaplan said...

I'd rather he package Gee with the out-of-options duo, Nieuwenhuis and Puello. Kirk has proven he's a 5th outfielder at best and Puello has worn out his welcome before he even got started.

Anonymous said...

Reese- I agree I would prefer to package one of those players, although I would like to see what Puello could do in limited action, but I suggested MDD because he could start in CF for another team, so it would increase the return over Kirk or Puello. this is also a good reason to start the season with Puello instead of Soup because it could possibly increase his value in a package with Gee. for him to have any value at all, he would have to put on a major league uniform. I would prefer to move Kirk over Puello because at least on paper, Puello profiles to meet an existing need the Mets have: Speed, a little pop, mashes LH pitching and solid late inning defensive replacement, even at all OF spots. Kirk and MDD profile similarly as LH back up OF, but I think that if MDD could pick up where he left off offensively, another team would start his glove in CF
Anon Joe F

Lew Rhodes said...

If the Mets opt for Nieuenhuis over MDD I will take back every single postive thing I said about the front office.

Frankly, you could make an argument that MDD has the potential to be better in 2015 than Lagares - the defense is near equal and MDD's offense in Aug/Sept last year were better than any two month run Lagares has put together.

Note to all I said 2015 - I know that Lagares is 3 years younger and likely has more long term upside

Mack Ade said...

Ernest is thrilled because I'm leading off Friday for him :)

Anonymous said...

The only reason why I could accept the Mets STARTING with Kirk over MDD is because den Dekker absolutely lit up the PCL last year and increased his profile to a starting CF, not just a back up, so I would like to see him playing everyday and continue his offensive progress. He may end up being a better overall player than Lagares, but his development would be best suited playing everyday. I agree that he is the better player than Kirk, but because of that, he really needs to be playing everyday, so going to Vegas may be in the best long term interest of the team and since we are talking about the 4th OF, it would not be that much of a takeaway from the big league club. MDD is a better player, but Kirk is flashing as an acceptable backup OF, so if they both had good Aprils, MDD could fetch a nice return as a starting OF or Kirk could fetch a nice return as a backup OF and MDD could join the club as super sub OF on May 1.
I understand your preference for MDD, but I can also understand the thinking of having MDD playing everyday to start the season

Thomas Brennan said...

MDD by the numbers, which I'd imagine I've bored most of you with by now:

.420/.500/.700/1.200 over his last 40 games in AAA.

.396 OB % in nearly 200 PA to lead the Mets in that category by a wide margin after the All Star Break.

Plus great D and above average speed.

He really could be better than Lagares in 2015 - not saying he will be, but those #'s suggest we not rule that out.

TP said...

Mr. Mack,
Welcome back even though you never left. Good luck with those repairs.

Mr. Brennan,
I like MDD and Lagares competing for the leadoff spot. In some crazy way, the "what outfield" could well be a crowded outfield.

Mr. Ernest,
Love the Bret Favre comp.

Robb said...

Good to have you back, Mack.

Lets just put this out there, at some point in the next 4 months (probably by end of March) a team out side of the national league east is going to have one or two of their starters be injured. They are going to look at their prospect depth and say we dont have a 4/5 guy who can reasonably give us quality innings, and crap we are near the top of our budget. Then they will call the mets and Gee will be moved to a team that thinks it's contending, is contending or wants to contend. The Mets might even throw in some money and get a better prospect. but my bet is a single A (high) prospect and a ptbnl that is a pick from last years draft. Kind of like Ike Davis trade but a higher ceiling prospect. Everyone needs starting pitcher depth and the Mets have a lot of it at the moment, but as soon as you start traidng it, it is gone.

Charles said...

Mack's mets without Mack just isn't right. However I was pleasantly surprised at a nearly flawless transition in the morning report. Chris and company has done a great job. That said, glad to see you're back again Mack.

I wish Bobby O was back, but at the same time, I don't understand why he'd leave. No matter his next gig, I can't imagine he'd get paid more than whatever SNY was offering.

To me, you sign the deal yet keep your ears open to all other possible possibilities. Earn the check and if something better comes along when your contract is up you then make a move. At this point, unless he has that other gig lined up, it's just a bad move.

Also, this really has me thinking about Gary, Keith, and Ron. The three of them are the best in the business and I'm sure they know it. It's the combination of those three that works so well and I hope they aren't next once their deals are over.

Obviously SNY feels these guys are replaceable.

Reese Kaplan said...

@Lew -- Remember, this is the same team that kept trotting out Bobby Abreu and Eric Young and Chris Young and Ruben Tejada. They like the familiar even when the familiar frankly isn't very good. (The same could be said about keeping Terry Collins around for that matter). I would be SHOCKED if MdD made the team over Nieuwenhuis. In fact, I'll go on record saying that Puello has a better shot of making the team than does MdD because unfortunately the slick fielding Matt has options left.

eraff said...

Tom...where does this stat come from?:
".396 OB % in nearly 200 PA to lead the Mets in that category by a wide margin after the All Star Break."

He had 150 or so total appearances--- 106 in August and September.

I like DenDecker ALOT!.... but you're selecting very thin and HIGHLY SELECTIVE stat lines and projecting them as Established.

Look.. Den Decker is a top 3-5 CF'er based on his last 107 PA's---against OTHER minor leaguers wearing MLB uni's in late season ball.

Thomas Brennan said...

Eraff - My faulty memory - for MDD, 125 plate appearances, now that I am looking back (not nearly 200), after the All Star game. Thought he was around 175.

107 official at bats, 17 walks, 1 HBP, 31 hits, .392 OB%, not .396.

Still impressive, but true, over a smaller sample.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese - good point, and unless there is a trade or injury, you may be right there.

I do feel bad for MDD that he still has options left - and is 27 1/2 years old. Sucks to be able to be optioned back at that advanced baseball age.

Mack Ade said...

Charles -

Thanks everyone for your warm thoughts.

I'll be back either next Friday, or randomly, depending upon what fits the site better. I don't want to get in the way of what the others have done to save the site.

Hobie said...

I suppose they could start out holding on to both Kirk & Cesar for a final look-see since DD & Soup have options.

BUT the Mets are a better team with dD in the lineup IMO, on some regular basis...up to a 3 out of 4 rotation with Granderson, Cuddyer & Legares. And he leads off when he plays.

Thomas Brennan said...

I'm with you on how to use MDD, Hobie.

Grandy and Cuddyer are older and will need rest, and I'd rest Lagares against tough righties and let MDD get some of his starts (10-20).

eraff said...

I won't make an Opening Day Roster Call on DD versus Puello, but I prefer that they move ahead with BEST FOR THE MLB TEAM decidions in most cases.

You can argue for Allowing DD to play ED at AAA, but it's a holding pen for him...not much opportunityy to do anything but shopwcase and wait. I don;t think they can enter this season wasting games----make the call and decisions on what you know and need breaking camp.

It's a sign of improvement that a rising talent team will begin losing and swapping out some players who will have high value in other places.

Mets Dreams said...

Hey Mack:
Always good to see you make an appearance. You're becoming the blogging Rusty Staub and Julio Franco.

I recently moved to the Boston area and aside from the arrogance that is Boston fans (unfortunately with merit these days) the snow is brutal. We have almost 100 inches and it seems all still here! Seeing pictures from spring training certainly makes the winter a little more bearable.

I'm excited to see the Mets this year. Having good starting pitching and a potentially great bullpen means you're always in games. I'm glad the trade talk has died down. Let's get them on the field and evaluate if Flores can play SS, can Wright and Granderson bounce back, can Collins utilize Cuddyer in a way that gets a good 130 games and benefits Duda with some breaks. And can they avoid the big tailspins that have plagued them the past few years.

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