The Morning Report 6.10.2015 | d'Arnaud Returns, Parnell Returns Too, Matz Promotion Coming Soon, Solid Day 2 of MLB Draft for Mets


Joe D. | Metsmerized Online With the Mets ridiculously challenged for offense, the team should get a nice boost to the lineup when Travis d’Arnaud is activated from the disabled list. Terry Collins said he hopes d’Arnaud will hit the ground running. Don’t we all? “You can’t have spring training,” he said. “We’re in the hunt right now and you can’t afford to go 10 days, two weeks to wait until a guy gets ready.” D’Arnaud, who was hitting .317/.356/.538 with two homers and 10 RBIs in 11 games, was the team’s leading run producer went he went down.

(Chris Soto: Man...talk about a sight for sore eyes. Getting d'Arnaud back today is going to be huge considering his OPS output before he got hurt was 320 points! higher than Plawecki's performance. He should slot nicely into the #2 hole where he was hitting .333 with a 1.195 OPS before getting injured.)

Michael Baron | Just Mets- Bobby Parnell completed his rehab assignment on Tuersday night, throwing a scoreless seventh inning for the Binghamton Mets on against the Bowie Bay Sox with a walk and two strikeouts. Parnell will join the Mets at Citi Field tomorrow night, and be activated in a few days. Presumably, Parnell will be eased into higher leverage situations, and will probably have to earn his way into a prominent role in this bullpen again. As for who goes down, the logical conclusion to draw is it will be Jack Leathersich. They’re carrying three left-handed relievers, and at the very least Parnell would restore balance to the crowded bullpen on the right side.

(Chris Soto: Well like it or not, Parnell's rehab assignment expires after tonight's game so the club has to call him up. Is he ready? Probably not, but at least Parnell's last 3 outings have been much better than his earlier Binghamton performances. I expect that Parnell will only be used in low leverage situations to start. Down big or Up big, 6th inning fill in work, etc.)

Scot Cohen | Amazin Avenue- Las Vegas left-hander Steven Matz could be promoted to the Mets in the next three weeks. The biggest hurdle for the Mets to install Matz in the rotation could be finding a trade partner to move Dillon Gee or Jon Niese, or possibly even both. Gee has recently been sent to the bullpen and Niese struggled this season. Matz has been tremendous at Triple-A, where his 1.94 ERA leads the Pacific Coast League. He also leads the PCL in strikeouts with 75 in 74 1/3 innings. He's allowed just a .207 average to opposing hitters and has posted a 1.103 WHIP. 

(Chris Soto: This notion that Matz is going to be promoted 3 weeks from now really picked up steam when Joel Sherman [I think] asked a Mets official if after the All-Star Break was a realistic call-up date. The unnamed official responded with, "oh, I think he'll be up here before July 1st." Beat writers and bloggers have taken that date and run with it. HERE IS MY OPINION...Matz is scheduled to start tomorrow night for the 51's....LHSP Jonathan Niese IS ALSO scheduled to pitch tomorrow night. Matz currently only needs 5 IP to get past the "150+ IP above A+" internal rule that the Mets have. All this leads me to this statement....June 11th, 2015 will be the last start Matz makes for AAA Las Vegas and he will be pitching for the MLB Mets on June 16th. AGAIN....THIS IS MY EDUCATED OPINIONATED GUESS.

Mack's Mets Draft Coverage- In case you were living under a rock yesterday, The Mets added 8 new players yesterday via the MLB Rule IV Draft. Here they all are along the stories/information Mack posted from yesterday.

3rd Round - LHP Max Wotell - Marvin Ridge H.S. (NC)
4th Round - 3B David Thompson - University of Miami [Junior]
5th Round - LHP Thomas Szapucki - William T. Dwyer H.S. (FL)
6th Round - RHP Chase Ingram - Hillsborough CC (FL) [JUCO]
7th Round - RHP Corey Taylor - Texas Tech University [Senior]
8th Round - C Patrick Mazelka - Stetson University [Junior]
9th Round - OF Kevin Kaczmarski - University of Evansville [Senior]
10th Round - RHP Witt Haggard - Delta State University [Senior]

(Chris Soto: I like what the Mets are doing knowing that they have a limited signing bonus pool. They are not shying away from the tough sign guys....Instead, So far they are balancing high upside, high cost High School Arms with easily signable, and low cost college bats. I love the 3rd, 5th, and 6th round guys specifically. The Mets farm system is starved for left handed upside arms as currently the only guys in the system are at the very bottom in Blake Taylor [Kingsport] and Adrian Almeida [GCL Mets]. The club needs a boost in this department and both of these guys already have plus velocity from the left side. As for our 6th round, Chase Ingram was considered one of, if not, the top Junior College arm in the draft. Ingram was among the leaders in strikeouts, ERA and wins and posseses an outstanding curveball. The fastball velocity is pretty meh [91-92mph] but if the guy knows how to pitch, he'll be successful.)


Thomas Brennan said...

Please also recall Herrera.

Nice update.

greg b said...

Guys, is there any chance Mets promote Dom Smith and Ahmed Rosario to Binghamton sometime this year.

Ernest Dove said...

I assume Smith and Rosario stay right where they are, and remain two of the youngest players in the FSL.
Im obviously excited about TDA, but at this point is Parnell an upgrade over ANY bullpen arm on the roster? I know the Mets can use more experience back but Robles throws 97-99 (like Parnell used to be). Goeddel has joined Carlos as a nice LIVE arm. And Gilmartin needs to stay on this team. And leathersich I guess is hardest to judge with his LOW ERA that includes screwing up a couple times and being saved by another arm bailing out his walks for example.

Will said...

Greg. There is no doubt. Include becerra on the promotion list. Its all a matter of making room and promoting at the right time. This draft has alot to do with it

Thomas Brennan said...

My guess on Rosario is field before him is crowded, and No rush. Less impediments in terms of players in front of Smith...but they may not want him rushing up behind Duda.

19 doubles and 2 homers in 27 games is a Smith exclamation point.

Robb said...

The Mets will take it very slow from here with Smith. They pushed him to start and now its going to be about him developing both physically and mentally, bc they have Duda. Rosario on the other hand could get pushed as he seems to have that thing they always talk about with young players where talent becomes production and a light just goes off.

If the Mets patterns hold true, both of these guys will stay where they are till the last week of the season. Unless there is an injury.

I think Becerra would be the most likely position player promoting that's not injury related.

Any chance when Herrera is ready assume TC even plays him that he hits leadoff and granderson moves either to the 2 or 6 holes?

Christopher Soto said...


Amed Rosario and Dom Smith will remain in Port St. Lucie for the majority of 2015. The only way I can see either being moved up to AA is if late in the year Binghamton is fighting for the playoffs and St. Lucie is not.

However, I think the opposite will happen, St. Lucie may have a better chance at a title this year than Binghamton since they have more pitching currently and behind them in Savannah.

While Binghamton has some nice bats it's pretty bare there in terms of pitching. We could see Conforto, Nimmo, and Cecchini sent to Vegas late in the year to help them out for the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Amonv the missing, does anyone know if Cesar Puello is even breathing? He was put on the DL over two months ago with a supposedly "minor" injury and hasn't been heard from since.

Christopher Soto said...


Cesar Puello isn't hurt....physically at least....he's in purgatory after he got upset that he didn't make the big league. Club DFA'd him to send him to the minors....he didn't want to go....then mysteriously suffers a back injury and has to remain on the 40 man roster.

Don't expect to hear from him at all this season....Mets will probably non tender him this off-season.

ZachBoyer said...

It's depressing to watch all of the Giants with batting averages above .280. Man, that must be nice. I don't know the exact numbers, but it definitely FEELS like we always lose to these guys. Meanwhile they're one of the teams we're supposed to be competing against for a possible WC. In fact. our record against the Pirates, Cubs, and Giants (0-8 thus far) is alarming and—hopefully not but possibly—indicative of how good we really are.

—Zach Boyer

Charles said...

He's on the 40 man right? Sent to the ML DL? Making the ML minimum? If all that is true, he's probably taking his sweet ass time getting back to the ball field.

Christopher Soto said...


Correct, Correct, and Correct.

Although technically he doesn't count towards the 40 man since he is on the 60 day DL.

Mack Ade said...

Charles -

There are no plans to allow Puello to put on a Mets uniform again.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Shame that Puello's so immature. He could be doing us some good right now.

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