The Morning Report 6.2.2015 | Positive Injury Updates, deGrom's Fastball Improvement, Trade Candidates, May's Top Prospects


David Wright Injury Tracker |  Received a cortisone shot. Meeting with Team Today.

Michael Baron | Just MetsDilson Herrera has begun some light baseball activities at the team’s minor league complex in Port St. Lucie. Rafael Montero has progressed his throwing program and is now throwing off a mound in Port St. Lucie. Travis d’Arnaud began baseball activities in Port St. Lucie today, and he is hopeful d”Arnaud can resume his rehab assignment this week. Lastly, Buddy Carlyle, who strained his back in Chicago on May 12, is also mostly idle at the moment.

(Chris Soto: Excellent injury updates on most of these guys, d'Arnaud was pretty much almost good to go before taking a foul off the hand. He'll probably get an additional 3-5 rehab games before the Mets declare him ready to join the club. I'd say he returns June 9th when the club comes back to NY. As for Herrera and Montero, it'll be a while before we see those guys again. Lastly, the fact that Carlyle has not resumed throwing for what was considered a mild back injury is concerning. If he continues being idle the club may consider moving him to the 60 day DL to open a 40 man spot.)

Zachary Rymer | Bleacher Report- Against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park, deGrom was superb. He led the Mets to a 7-0 victory with eight shutout innings that featured just two hits, no walks and eight strikeouts. He also darn near celebrated the anniversary of Santana's no-no by one-upping him, taking a perfect game into the sixth. In his last four starts, he's pitched 29.1 innings and struck out 34 with just one walk. He's also allowed only three earned runs, equating to a 0.93 ERA. "This is as good as I've ever seen [him] play" said Terry Collins. 

(Chris Soto: Not to be overlooked by Harvey or Syndergaard, deGrom has been superb over his past 4 starts. According to Pitch F/X, his fastball velocity is up from last year and he is taking advantage of it by throwing it almost 5% more than in 2014. The added velocity has also helped the bite on his slider which he has also begun to use more than his curveball. Those two pitches alone are dominating hitters to the tune of a .164 AVG against the 4 seamer and a .238 avg against the slider. The only knock against him right now is that the added velocity seems to be hurting the break on his change as hitters are hitting .321 against vs .237 last year. )

Joel Sherman | New York Post- We are in that period between Memorial Day and the draft, when clubs begin to intensify at least the chatter about doing something in the next two months, before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. Let’s assume the Mets are going to be aggressive over the next two months to try to deliver their first playoff team since 2006. Where should they be concentrating? I offer these four names — Aroldis Chapman, Martin Prado, Ben Zobrist and Justin Upton.

(Chris Soto: I don't think Upton would be a fit for the club, considering the money they spent on Grandy and Cuddyer, unless an injury occurs to one of the OF'ers. Chapman is certainly an interesting idea but the front end of the bullpen has not been a problem for the Mets and they have a number of reinforcements on the way to shore up the middle and back end of the pen. Now Zobrist or Prado are two very likely candidates to be Mets. Both are multi positional guys who play every position well while bringing a consistent hitting approach that matches the overall team philosophy. Plus the cost to acquire won't be nearly as much as it would be for Upton.)

Bryan Zarpentine | Rant Sports- The New York Mets continue to get standout seasons from many of its prospects up and down its farm system. Several prospects have already earned a promotion to the next level less than two months into the season. Here is a look at 10 Mets prospects that made themselves stand out from the pack during the month of May.

  1. Steven Matz
  2. Gavin Cecchini
  3. Dominic Smith
  4. Amed Rosario
  5. Casey Meisner
  6. Robert Gsellman
  7. Akeel Morris
  8. Bradley Weick
  9. Eudor Garcia
  10. Wuilmer Becerra

(Chris Soto: May was a strong month for a number of Mets top prospects. In fact the only real "down" guy for the month in my opinion was the fact that Brandon Nimmo got hurt. You can make a case that Conforto has a "down" month, but if a guy's down equates to .255 AVG, .715 OPS, and a meager 11.7% K rate then sign me up today. The Mets still have a number of studs in the minor league system that will refuel the parent club in 2016, 17, 18, and beyond.)


eraff said...

The route for improvement is bench/rotation additions.

The Mets have several players who will return from Injury and make an impact, including Herrera and d'Arnaud. ...unfortunately, they'll also lose some time to knicks and cuts as well. That will also "lengthen the bench" with some quality.

Wright and Blevins and Montero are somewhat "wildcards"---they will or they won't---sad to say.

The obvious need is for some impact bats that may be bench pieces---those may be in trade. Mayberry must get some regular rotation and ab's---first---no bench player can function without some volume of ab's---and it will demonstrate whether he can or can't be an asset.

The team needs a bonafide 4th OF'er..... and at a 600 OPS, Lagares needs a rest, some healing, or some ab's at Vegas to get untracked--- it's killing them.

Thomas Brennan said...

Good to see Juan get a few hits.

When deGrom is on, he's really on. Take out his 3 bad starts, in his other 8, he's allowed 6 runs. A strikeout picher who in his last 3 starts averaged just 195 pitches over 7.2 innings. He is just terrific.

Christopher Soto said...


Wait...why is Blevins a Wild Card? He just resumed baseball activities last week and should be cleared to throw this weekend.

Reese Kaplan said...

If a quality outfielder was made available (Upton or someone else) would it be totally out of the realm of possibility to move Cuddyer to 3B since Wright's return could be several months out?

Christopher Soto said...


I think the severity of Wright's injury would need to be determined first before that idea is entertained. I'm sure we will learn some more about his health today since he is meeting the team in San Diego.

ZachBoyer said...

Some random stats:

1. Mets pitchers have 3 more hits than any other team's pitchers.

2. We're 2nd in MLB in grounding into double plays.

3. And Colon has no no-decisions.

Adam Smith said...

The problem with Wright's injury (OK, one of the problems) is that it's unlikely that there will be much clarity. As in, he could be better for months at a time, or a whole season, or he could never really be better. They are likely to be working under that kind of uncertainty his entire career. So do you go out and get a starting caliber 3B? Or go out and get someone to fill a hole created when you shift someone else there? Working with a limited budget, these become very difficult decisions when you don't know what to expect from DW from week to week.

Charles said...

I'm so happy that both Gavin Cecchini and Dom Smith are doing well. Smith has finally started driving the ball and Gavin is certainly showing the first round promise.

I'll tell you what, Cecchini may be our starting SS next year. If he keeps producing like this, he should be in AAA in a couple months and then it's just a matter of refining his game.

I love the batting average, that he's batting lead off, and the average home run power he seems to have. I know Wilmer is hitting homers and producing well offensively for a SS, but Gavin IS a legit SS and the lead off hitter we need that will allow Terry to move Gandy into a run producing spot in the lineup.

If Gavin works out, I'll never again doubt a first round choice by this FO.

Dallas said...

Fun question: If you had to choose one of the two to keep, would it be Harvey or DeGrom?

DeGrom seems to just keep getting better. He had those 3 bad starts but wow has he been good. Even in his last game where he gave up 2 runs in the 8th, those were both inherited with 1 out. It was fun watching his athleticism on the mound last night with the double play ball and the hot shot that he snagged. I love how efficient he is while still blowing people away with strikeouts, makes it a lot of fun to watch. Anyways my vote would be DeGrom. He isnt on the Dailyshow and doesnt have a cool nickname (unless you count DeGrominant) but I take him. I may also be biased by recent performances, but who isnt :)

Mack Ade said...

Dallas -

good morning...

good question...

I would keep deGrom especially because I believe that Harvey would have the higher return in a trade

of course, I'm not trading either of them

Mack Ade said...

Everyone -

the team is operating like a mash unit and those left in the clubhouse are being asked to step up

injuries like the ones Lagares and Duda currently have are going to have to played through

this will be game to game until d'Arnaud and Wright join the starting lineup and Montero and Black can offer some relief to the pen

as I said yesterday, it's been a tough year, lots of injuries, questionable position assignments and spotty relief... but the team is tied for first place and it's Harvey Day.

Reese Kaplan said...

Out of curiosity, why is it that everyone just assumes that when it's time to put one of the proven guys back in the pen -- Black, Parnell, Blevins, Mejia, etc. -- that Leathersich is the automatic odd man out. Has anyone paid attention to what he's done in his two stints in the bigs this year? He's been in 8 games with 6 IP and 7 Ks. The 6 hits and 3 walks are a bit alarming as they have led to a 1.50 WHIP, but he hasn't allowed a single run.

Hansel Robles has a better WHIP at 1.258, but has an ERA of 6.10.

Mack Ade said...

Reese - for me, it's a matter of veterans vs. rookies.

You, for one, should understand the importance of sample size. Six innings pitched in 8 games doesn't stand up to the past accomplishments of the four you mentioned

Coney Island Eric said...

Hi Folks:

Long time reader. Been a Mets fan from the beginning, went to many games in the Polo grounds and Shea before moving out of town. I still make a point of traveling in to Citi for 1 game a year.
My question is if anyone is actually seen Domonic Smith during this recent hot streak. given that he's been on such a tear with doubles, and even hit his first HR of the year it seems like the power we questioned is coming in. But some posts i read here and other sites as well are still describing his power as disappointing.
I'd love to get excited about him, but want to be realistic.

ZachBoyer said...

Robles has pitched into some bad luck and Leathersich into some good … by my estimation. But I actually like them both a lot.

Instead of trading FOR bullpen help (e.g., Chapman), I feel like we could stand to trade one or two away as chips. Which one(s), I don't know.

Mack Ade said...

Eric -

Great to see you take pen in hand.

Regarding Dom Smith, HE'S DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE HAS TARGETED TO DO since beginning his season in Savannah. He is NOT trying to send balls over the wall. The kid is developing as a gap hitter and everyone around him (especially his father) reminds his critics that he's only 20 years old.

I don't happen to think that Smith will ever develop into a 25+ home run hitter. .300+ hitter yes, but not a 25-HR guy

Coney Island Eric said...

Hi Mack:

Thanks for the response. Is this strategy of developing as a gap hitter the Mets plan or do you get the sense there's a difference of opinion within his advisors and the Mets?

Mack Ade said...

Eric -

No, I think it is based on his current ability.

This is a young kid with a young body. I've had lunch with him. He's not that big.

He also started horribly this season and I'm sure both he and his managers have first concentrated on him getting his game together first.

Michael S. said...

He doesn't K much either. The kid definitely looks like he's part of the LT solution for the middle infield and can probably be a 1-2 hitter.

Nimmo, Cecchini, Smith, and Conforto all doing well. After a little time and patience we see how lucky we are with our FO.

Mack Ade said...

Micahel -

Long term, I have a lot of faith in 1B, 2B, and SS.

Duda is a keeper, and Smith would be able to step in come 2018 if there were injuries.

On second, I think Herrera will eventually be an all-star

On short, Flores is going to have to shake off a number of potential starters over the next five years.

For me, we need better health and one more big bat Frankly, that's all

Thomas Brennan said...

Take a good, hard look at the Nationals' stats this year. Harper is all-Solar System, Storen and Scherzer are outstanding.

The rest? Pretty mediocre. Our pitching is better. Our pen is better.

If we get healthy soon, why can't we knock them off?

eraff said...

D Smith has two more Doubles tonight--- the 2 best players in St. Lucie are under 20...Smith and Rosario. I believe in Urena's bat, although he's struggled---and he's just 20.

Smith has become an instant hit machine over the past 3-4 weeks.

Sometimes, when a Young gifted player "gets it", it all comes at once... maybe the bat Is what they thought it was!????

Mack Ade said...

eraff -

I don't think there is anything we can do to speed up the power potential of a 20 year old.

Smith is a wonderful gap hitter and could wind up leading the league this season in doubles, but whatever home run potential he has will come in time, with age.

Beause of his lack of age, and the fact Duda is in New York, I don't see any chance of the Mets bumping him to Binghamton this season.

BTW... he's an even better fielder.

eraff said...

He's 19...he doesn't yet NEED to be in Bingo.

We've become a little spoiled with "Prospect Watching"--- most of us never getting to actually WATCH a young player. Those who might see them get a one or two game look... was it the night that the coaches directed the player to hit EVERTHING to RF????.... or the set of games in which the pitcher was working on a new pitch almost exclusively, while getting banged around.

Sometimes over the past year or so, I felt guys were ready to get on busses so they could go Boo guys like Checcini and Smith!!!

The only thing that's Good before it's ready is Cookie Dough!!!

Thomas Brennan said...

Dom Smith is 19....for 12 more days.

Bryce Harper and Mike Trout both made the bigs at 19. I want to see Smith comfortably pushed along. If he is ready opening day 2017, fine. Sooner,fine. Later, fine.

But if he has the maturity and the bat develops rapidly, don't hold him back. 17 doubles in 21 games is more than "doubles machine" it is freaky good. Maybe it is an indicator his accelerator may be much greater than normal hitters like Nimmo.

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