DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 8-4-15


A night of 20 runs in a Gnats win & 7 errors in a K Met loss

DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 8-4-15

 STAR OF THE DAY: Patrick Biondi for his 5 hits and 6 RBIs; John Mora and Josh-Rod also on base 5 times.  

HONORABLE MENTION: Becerra had 3 hits and 4 RBI. Pat Mazelka with 4 hits.


Las Vegas  (62 - 49)  5 - Tacoma 2

Binghamton  (60-48)  8 - Bowie 2

St Lucie (55-52)  7  - Ft Myers 4

Savannah  (59-48) 20 - ROME 4

Brooklyn  (23-20) 1 - Lowell 5

Kingsport (19-21) 8  - Bristol 10

GCL Mets  - OFF


DSL METS 2 - Cubs

Here's the Scoop: 

Las Vegas' Darin Gorski resumed his battle for a sub 5.00 ERA' coming in at 8-8, 5.02. He got down to 4.97, but just went 4: Chase Bradford got the win.

He was part of 5 innings of stellar relief: Thornton remains great of late, Alvarez retired his one batter to remain at 0.00, and Vic Black tossed a scoreless 9th for a save (1 hit, 1 BB, 2 K, 7.56).

The top of the Vegas order - Herrera .343, Ceciliani .348, Monell .335 - had a total of 5 hits, and Brandon Allen (.296) hit a 2 run blast in the 8th (12) to break it open. Nimmo had 2 hits for 2nd straight game (.250).

Binghamton's Tyler Pill allowed 1 run in 5.1 IP in his AA return. Josh Rodriguez keyed the B Met offense with his 17th homer, this one a grand slam in the 6th, as the B Mets homered 3 times. J Rod has 66 RBIs.

St Lucie's Yeixon Ruiz, Matt Oberste, and Dom Smith had 3 hits apiece on a night the Lucites had 7 runs, 15 hits, and 4 miscues, one by Jhoan Urena (his 17th in under 60 games)! 

4.2 innings of one run relief from Coles and  Hepple sealed the win for the Mets.

Savannah sacked the Roman empire last night, scoring TWENTY RUNS ON 24 HITS! Rome lost by 17.

 Pat Biondi had the night of his career, with 5-7 hitting, including a homer and SIX RBI'S. Guillorme added 4 singles, Josh-Rod had 3 hits, 2 strolls, and 3 RBI.  Becerra was 3-7 with 4 RBI's, and John Mora was on base 5 times.  Corey Oswalt threw 5 scoreless, and fanned 8.

Brooklyn reverted to not hitting in this game, so they lost.

 Kingsport, going into the bottom of the 8th, had 6 runs, 6 hits, 6 errors, UGLY.  Pat Mazelka had 4 hits.

Then the K Mets tied it up at 8 apiece in the 9th, sending it into extra innings. However, in the 10th, ERROR NUMBER SEVEN led to 2 unearned and the loss. When the K Mets manager was asked about his team's defense, he fumbled the question.


DSL METS 2: 3-2 losers vs Cubs

DSL METS 1: 4-2 losers, surrendering 4 errors.  The Kingsport players were impressed (Wow, only four errors? Wish we could do that)

 GOAT: Kingsport fielders. OLE!!


Thomas Brennan said...

My correction: Jean Rodriguez, not Josh, was on base 5 times yesterday. Both Jean and Josh had terrific nights last night.

Bob Sugar said...

Matt Oberste has quietly had a really good year at St Lucie. He is primarily a DH but will sometime play 1b to rest Dom Smith. He bats third and is approaching 50 rbi's on the year. Not sure there is a position for him in the future but he is one to watch next year at Bingo

Thomas Brennan said...

Great news! Marcos Molina pitched 3 perfect innings in GCL outing today, struck out 3.

So no TJS.

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