Mack’s Morning Report – 8-5-15 – 2015 Bats, Mike Hessman, Columbia Fireflies, Rafael Montero


Good morning.

We seem to be entering a new era of Mets baseball this month. The addition of Kelly Johnson, Juan Uribe, Yoenis Cespedes, Michael Conforto, and Travis d’Arnaud has instantly changed the offensive makeup of this team.

And there might me more by the end of the month with the return of Michael Cuddyer and David Wright.

That would be seven additions to the 25-man, and amount no team could pull off without some major changed in their roster.

The addition of Wright would probably doom Eric Campbell from the 25-man and my assumption is Juan Lagares would be coaxed into shutting down early and having his arm works on for a clean start in 2016. The Mets can’t make him do that, but they can try and make him understand that his time in the Mets outfield for the remainder of the season is going to be limited to late inning defensive replacement work. I’m sure that’s not going to make the sensitive Lagares happy.

There always is the possibility that Cuddyer would remain on the DL with whatever they can sell to the league is a legitimate injury.

Folks, this is a completely different offensive team and I see so room for Sandy Alderson to add anyone else during the waiver trade period. Maybe a relief pitcher, but definitely not a bat (I can’t believe what I just said!).

A nice story on ex-Met minor leaguer Mike Hessman http://nypost.com/2015/08/04/ex-met-claims-title-as-real-life-crash-davis/ .

The Savannah Sand Gnats will officially become the Columbia Fireflies next season. I don’t expect to see an official news release from the boys over in Savannah, even though ownership doesn’t change here. We’ll see.

What I will tell you that there is no long story here. It’s just a rich owner that wanted a southern city to foot the bill for a new stadium and the city of Savannah would have nothing to do with it. The Sand Gnats have played in Savannah since dirt and the town council called the team ownership’s bluff when they said they would move the team unless they got major funding for a new stadium. It didn’t work and a historic town loses a historic team.

I’m not defending either party here. It’s just sad to lose this part of Mets baseball.

Going into Tuesday night’s game the Mets are 5th in runs scored since the all-star break. Also, 2015 Mets 21.7 total WAR… 2015 Nationals 19.7 total WAR.

It's working out for the Mets. The Mets, who are completely weird with their injuries and improbably cheap, have the best front three in baseball, and all of the pitchers are recent prospects who could have immolated. Maybe you'll still take Clayton Kershaw/Zack Greinke/anyone, but Jacob deGrom/Noah Syndergaard/Matt Harvey troika has been dazzling, and Harvey still has room to get better the further removed from Tommy John he is. They're even better than the Nationals' front three (or four, or five) was supposed to be. That's how we're here.
Mack – I agree.

I love the 1-1 game against Miami, but pitching got us in this position and it will be pitching that gets us to the playoffs. The Bartolo Colon victory Monday night was just icing on the cake.

And let’s not forget how much Washington by not using their top two relievers during the three games they lost to the Mets this weekend.

David Wright just took full BP in Miami prior to Tuesday’s game and raked. Hit a HR over the ribbon board in LCF and a one-hopper off the State Farm sign in right-center.

Terry Collins’ comments yesterday about Rafael Montero were interesting. TC said he was going to make a special stop in St. Lucie this week to see Montero and let him know that the Mets need him and that the pitcher needs to step up his rehab program. It’s obvious that Mets doctors cleared him to pitch when they flew him to New York last week, so it remained unclear what the delay was.

Lastly, it was reported late in the day yesterday that outfielder Yoenis Cespedes wants to remain a Mets ‘for a very long time’. This could easily just be the politically correct thing to say during the first week in August, but it also could serve notice to the Mets front office that they are going to have to put an offer in Cespedes’ hands once the World Series is over. Could it be possible that… nah, I’m not even going there… 


Thomas Brennan said...

This team is rolling, rolling, rolling. Cespedes can and should stay, and be part of a bidding powerhouse team. The Mets will draw far more fans, so the owners can spend far more in payroll.

Wright's news was great. Add him and Matz for Sept - wow. Hopefully a healthy Cuddyer too.

Bob Sugar said...

Morning! Jon Niese did it again. He's been super solid. Did anyone notice Familia last night. Hits one batter, threw like two wild pitches in a row. Looks real shaky post all star break.
Otherwise team is rocking on all levels. Go for the jugular with Harvey on the mound for back to back sweeps

Cody Pomeray said...


You were right about Montero. That's the good part.

So he was cleared. But apparently he just doesn't WANT to pitch? That's—Idk, what's the right word?—surprising?

Ernest Dove said...

I gotta find a way to head to Miami tonight. No way I let Harvey Day happen in south Florida without me...............

Consider me fascinated/intrigued/enthralled over this Montero situation. I mean, its not a Puello situation because the mets want Montero on their 25 man.....
Not to play conspiracy theory (again) but maybe Montero and his reps are concerned about all the recent happenings involving Mets players playing with/through injuries and ending up being worse off.

bob gregory said...

In the positive, optimistic spirit that has swept through Metland, let us all feel free to extend that toward Cespedes.
I love hearing him say that he just loves to play baseball and will play anywhere on the field and anytime.
I love hearing him say that he has been impressed by the atmosphere in Citifield and in the clubhouse.
I love hearing him talk positively about the Mets chances to win the division due in large part to a pitching staff that is better than any team he has played on before. Confidence he expressed as he mentioned on other teams he played on they may score 4 runs but give up 5. On the Mets he feels certain that scoring 4 runs will result in a win.
I love Cespedes speak about wanting things to work out so that he can be a Met for a long long time.
I want to think positively and optimistically that Cespedes is just what he seems. That he is more about just loving to play baseball and being part of a successful team. That he is not a business/financial first player.

Of course it takes two though.

So why not? I'm going to be optimistic that Alderson and the Wilpons will learn the value in investing in a player like Cespedes seems to be, and hopefully proves to be.

Yes, I'll stick my heart on my sleeve, and have faith that maybe Freddie Wilpon pushing Alderson to make the Cespedes deal will be looked back on as a turning point.
A new era, in which the Wilpons and Alderson will invest just as much financially as the players and fans do emotionally.

bob gregory said...

It seems to me that should be a legitimate concern by any young pitcher in the organization. The track record is what it is. This is the young man's shoulder being the concern. Potentially even more dangerous to mess around with than an elbow.
I don't know the whole story, but it seems to me Collins publicly saying what he did was just wrong. It seemed like an archaic way of approaching injuries where it was just ignore it and keep on pitching.
The kid is young. He has seen an extraordinary number of young pitchers all around him needing surgery. He has been yo-yo'd from starting to relieving and back again time after time.
He has to be concerned for himself. Just think about Hefner. Injured and operated on and then needed more surgery. Now he is forgotten about.
Seeing that must scare the kid.

Ernest Dove said...

The outfield in 2016 gets cloudy due to the 3 sizable guaranteed contracts and need to make room for Conforto.
I assume team like yankees would simply DFA and/platoon cuddyer with Grandy.
I assume some teams might stash Conforto in aaa to start year (joc last year) and figure it out later.
I assume some teams might figure out way to convince Lagares of a shut down which delays his 2016.

Zozo said...

I didn't know Cespedes could play center, so far he looks like a natural out there. I am happy he isn't stopping Conforto from playing.
I know they only have 5 days to negotiate with him after the WS, but why can't they both agree to change the wording in his contract so they have longer and still get no compensation for him if he leaves??? I would offer him a 6year 120mill contract if he would take it. They have Murphy and Colons contracts up at end of season, so it could be a little more palatable. He can play center next year and move to right field afterwards, when Grandy only has one year left. We can maybe trade Grandy at that point, when Lagares comes back from surgery.
Also was hoping we go after KROD if and when he gets put on waivers. I believe he would be a great addition for the rest of the year and shouldn't cost too much? What do tall think?

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Everybody is happy in the dugout and clubhouse when the team is winning and the fans are on your side.

The true test will be if they slip out of first... can they come back

Mack Ade said...

Bob - \

More reasons right now to keep throwing Familia in non-save situations until he gets his control back and let Clippard take over his role for awhile

Robb said...

changing cespedes contract would be pretty easy as a player already traded in the season before free agency cant be subject to a qualifying offer. So the inserted provision is really unnecessary. That being said the mets have to offer something to cespedes and the union to allow him to make the change and remove the contract stipulation. How about 25k to his favorite charity? He gains another team he can negotiate with as the mets would never get it done in 5 days. I still dont think they sign him as someone will spend real money for his bat.

Mack Ade said...

Cody -

Like I always say, half of this game is mental and maybe he's having a hard time wrapping his head around a minor league salary at his age and all this talent ahead of him.

Mack Ade said...

Anew Bob Gregory... amazing :)

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

It's hard for me to focus on the 2016 outfield right now.

I assume, right now, on paper, it's some combination of Granderson, Conforto, Cuddyer, Nimmo, and Lagares arriving back later. The things that are coming out of Cespedes' mouth are too premature.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

The Mets have the money to sign Cespedes.

Additionally, it looks like Cespedes is going to show the Mets that he's worth the kind of money you outline in your response.

Now it's up to SA and YC's agent.

bob gregory said...

It's not so much, a new me, as it is a new front office.
Many Met fans, along with myself, have been begging for the organization leaders to do what they have finally done.
These fans have just wanted some sign that the leaders cared.
Now, they have.
Appreciation goes out to them.
Time to keep it moving forward though.
I'll be glad to believe, just don't abuse my faith at every turn.
I'll care, just show me you care too.

Cody Pomeray said...

Does anyone know how much of the money coming off the books will be put towards arbitration raises?

I don't mean to be so presumptuous as to suggest an article for the site but a breakdown of that would help put things in perspective.

Reese Kaplan said...

@Cody -- Ask and ye shall receive at 10:00 AM EDT.

Hobie said...

Robb, Zozo -

The way I understand it is:
A: ANY FA to-be, traded in his walk year cannot by made a QO.
B. ANY FA to be, if not made a QO, cannot negotiate with his former club until the following May.
C. Clubs have 5 days after the WS to make QO's to FA eligibles.

Since Cespedes in in category A he is automatically in B once the QO period (C) is over. It's all about the CBA, not YC's contract. YC's contract did not allow the TIGERS to re-sign him after the 5-day QO period. Now they can & the Mets can't.

The Mets have 2 months plus to come with an extension offer. I hope they do and worry about the OF bottleneck later. My guess is YC wants folks bidding against each other for his services - and the Mets will be banned from the auction.

bob gregory said...

Come on now......positivity.

Jeff Wilpon is exerting himself more.

By the way.......

I am surprised that much more is not being made of Jeff Wilpon being the driving force in acquiring Cepesdes and ushering in this new era of Met excitement.

Cody Pomeray said...


Beautiful! Thanks a lot!

Personally I'd love to see them with a 120M payroll next year rather than a 100M one. Does that seem unreasonable?

bob gregory said...

No. Not at all.

Ernest Dove said...

I know nothing about how the money truly flows in mlb but if Mets make a run in playoffs thats gotta generate some serious coin, especially if they end up in a nice 5-7 game series.

Thomas Brennan said...

Two thoughts...Familia may have looked shaky but I saw Betances last night throw about 6 sliders bouncing in the dirt to 2 hitters. Unless he is hurt, Familia will get it going again.

Secndly, if the Mets get a pennant surge of attendance, maybe they go above $120 Million in 2016, seeing that winning with good hitting and elite starting pitching draws home fans in droves.

Robb said...


Im pretty sure bc of the trade clause b doesnt apply. the blue jays can negotiate with price as long as they want bc they cant offer him QO. its why getting traded is so good for players entering free agency.

I can email a friend at mlb though i doubt ill get a response for a few days.

Steve from Norfolk said...

I think Familia is just reacting to the pressure of a pennant race and trying too hard. I heard Ron say last night he was aiming his pitchesn ot just letting go. He settled down after he just let go, threw the ball down the middle, and let its natural movement carry it away from the batter. He'll be fine. Meija, the(excuse me) dumbass, really hurt the team when he didn't come off ththat cheap juice. I don't believe in steroids at all, but if you're going to cheat that way, have the brains to find somebody with something undetectable, not an old steroid with a old masking agent that a high school chemistry student could find.

Lew Rhodes said...

@Bob - You are seeing the fruition of what many of us have been saying - Sandy wanted to build a foundation and then add the pieces to build a competitor - this team is set for the next 3-4 years on the strength of FANTASTIC pitching

Now we have a couple of legitimate ML bats coming through the system - starting with Conforto this year and Reynolds / Nimmo (assuming no trade) next year.

Speaking of next year, Cuddyer will be an expensive bench player to be a RH compliment to Grandy / Duda -- OR, he gets dealt in the off season - his salary is not prohibitive by any means, he would have some value if he comes back and hits like he normally does

8 (O'Flaherty) new or returned players has completely changed this team - if Wright comes back hitting like he did in April - this line-up is now flat our scary.

bob gregory said...

I'm not sure Alderson would have pulled the Cespedes trigger without Jeff Wilpon pushing.
I've always seen and acknowledged the uild up in the minors.
It has always been well deserved/ earned lack of trust Alderson would commit and finish like has occurred with Cespedes.
Which again..mwas due to Jeff Wilpon pushing.

Metsiac said...

Bob Gregory---I heard something about JW pushing Alderson to get Cespedes, but when I was challenged on it, I couldn't remember where I had read it. Do you have a link to the source?

bob gregory said...


Klapisch's article. northjersey.com. august 1st.


Additionally several days earlier it was said on SNY's Daily News Live - (I think by Bob Raissman) that he had heard rumblings that the Wilpons would not stand for such an unhappy fan base and are/will push Alderson to make moves. 

I hope that helps.

Metsiac said...

Thanks, Bob!

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