Mack’s Morning Report – 8-1-15 - Q and A


Good morning.

Gary asks - Morning Mack, Quick question about forgetting another bat and instead going after either Kimbral or Chapman for Wheeler +. With Travis's return and maybe Wright at some point along with Matz and Blevins by the end of August the addition of one of those two relievers would give us a killer bullpen to go with our awesome rotation. Your thoughts, Thanks.

Mack – Morning Gary.

Gary, the trading deadline will be over by the time you read my response. In addition, I am preparing this answer while watching the game on Thursday, so what I write here is just a guess at this point.

I think the events in Milwaukee may put the kibash on any other deals being consummated with Sandy Alderson this week. (it didn't...) No one appreciates it when their dirty laundry is written about in newspapers and teams may stay away from SA until after the season is over.

For now, I consider the return of Travis d’Arnaud as good as a trade deadline acquisition. My hopes are that Kevin Plawecki remains on the 25-man squad and catches at least two times a week, keeping the odds of d’Arnaud getting injured again reduced for the remainder of the season.

As for Wright, Matz, and Blevins… sorry Gary. I’ll believe it about these guys when I see them in the lineup.

Harry asked –

Mack, the Mets have a need for a spot starter coming up soon. Any idea who it will be?

Mack – Well, it won’t be Zack Wheeler!

Also, don’t look for Steven Matz to be back by them either.

My guess at this point is Logan Verrett who is being stretched back out in Las Vegas. You will probably see him back in the 51’s rotation in the next few days.

Arnie asks –

Hey Mack, I would appreciate your take on the current Mets bullpen.

Mack – Thanks for the question, Arnie.

I was starting to feel that the Mets pen was rounding out when Tyler Clippard came aboard, but then Jenrry Mejia pushed the stupid button again and the team is still looking for a strong 7-8-9th inning combo.

Bobby Parnell is just not looking like the old Parnell, Hansel Robles does nothing for me, and the Torres boys are underwhelming at best.

I still have hope that Vic Black will come back strong, but the pen may not improve until the playoffs when Jon Niese and Bartolo Colon could join in.

Reese asks  - 

Who are some of the names that might move during August waiver deals?  (Marlon Byrd would be one I'd suspect)

Mack – Byrd sounds like a good candidate though I’m not sure the Mets will be interested in obtaining another outfielder right now. Past him, I don’t have any thoughts on anyone else right now.

If the Mets get d'Arnaud back this weekend and Wright in time for Labor Day, is that enough offense if they fail to acquire another bat?

Mack – Well, things have sure changed since you emailed me this question. We have d’Arnaud back and Cespedes is the left fielder of choice. In one day this lineup has changed tremendously and, frankly, I think there’s plenty of offense, coupled with their ace young starters, to beat Washington in the division.

As for Wright, I continue to not count that chicken until he leaves the nest.

What becomes of shortstop next year?  Do they jump Cecchini?  Look to the outside?  Revisit Flores?  Hand the glove to Tejada once again?

Mack – As I understand, the Mets have fell back in love with Tejada so all bets are off here. Remember… the one thing you want from your shortstop is impeccable middle infield defense and Tejada has been churning that out lately.

Cecchini has been hitting, but we’ve learned before that hitting .300+ in the minors doesn’t always translate at the major league level. He also is a highly questionable defensive shortstop. Some even rate him behind Wilmer Flores in this area.

I will say this… someone has to make room for the Mets top shortstop prospect, Amed Rosario, to move up next year to AA. Things could get quite crowded down there.

Going into 2016 the Mets may have Lagares on the shelf, Murphy gone and Wright a big unknown.  Right now you can pencil in Duda, Granderson and d'Arnaud for certain.  That leaves the middle infield and 3B once again in flux as well as CF and LF.  How do you fill all those holes?

Mack – My second baseman would be Dilson Herrera, I would return Ruben Tejada to short, and Michael Conforto to left field.

If Wright can’t come back, the Mets will have to turn to the FA/trade market during the off-season to fill in both that position and a fill-in centerfielder until Lagares can return. I just don’t see Kirk Nieuwenhuis being the right fit here.
Michael Cuddyer would be a very expensive 4th outfielder on my team.

(Doesn’t seem like a very strong lineup, does this?)

With the Mejia suspension does that increase the likelihood of Bobby Parnell returning to the team with a $4 million+ paycheck?

Mack – Tough question to answer. On the surface, it looks like the Mets should take a pass here, but the pen is turning out to look like a growing concern. I don’t expect Jenrry Mejia to be back and this might be a position needs to target in the off-season to secure some help. 

          As me this question again after the season ends.


Thomas Brennan said...

Obviously, my comment is in real time, so I know we have Cespedes. Having him, dArnaud returning, Uribe and Johnson should provide a massive boost to the offense.

I think Matz could be back by Sept 1. He was being reassessed this Monday, and I'm d not be surprised to. See him in a minor league game by mid August, back Sept 1.

If they are in the pennant race for real come Sept 1, one guy who should be called up is...Champ Stuart. Use the luxury of an expanded roster to add him as a pinch runner. he's having an awful year, but he sure can run.

Mack, what do you think of the Mets re-signing Cespedes? He's on pace for 40 doubles, 30 HR, 100 RBI. Those are few and far between.

I'd keep Conforto and DFA Eric Campbell to make room for YC. I was driving when Campbell struck out looking with the bags full and 2 outs. That cannot happen.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why we'd have to DFA Soup instead of just send him down? Ty.

Ernest Dove said...

Ha Thomas I brought up the champ call up to my buddy way back in april when he was hitting.....but for same reason. Never to put a bat in his hands but to run champ run. I assume 40man roster issues would prevent that.
I also assume that Conforto gets sent down today (but to which level?)
And I assume Cuddyer would then later take Soup place, and I guess Soup goes back to vegas. If Gee had service time and options left I guess Soup does too, no?

Jeff said...

Morning Mack:
After years of players saying they don't want to play for the Mets, it's great to have Wheeler and Flores so vocal about wanting to be in NYC and part of this team. What a script for Flores last night. Still not sure where he fits with all the new pieces. Hopefully, TDA is in the lineup again tonight so we can finally get a taste of real batting order.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -


Yes, I would try and resign Cespedes. The Mets have the money if they want to spend it and he's already in their dugout for the next two months where they can work on him and his agent.

He's a rare bat.

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous -

I assume Tom used the term DFA on Campbell because be believes that he's out of options.

I don't know if that's true and, frankly, I don't know how to check that.

Anyone out there know?

bob gregory said...

Every consistently good team has 3 to 4 above average position players that fill the important spots in the lineup.
Looking forward who are those position players on the Mets?
C: D'Arnaud - check

1st: Duda- check??

2nd: Murphy/Flores/Herrera- no check-one is a free agent and the other two have not proven enough to be counted on as constants anchoring important future lineup spots

SS: Tejada - no check

3rd: Wright- no check- too many health questions

LF: Cespedes (hurray!)- no check- free agent

CF: Lagares- no check- great defense yes, but does not lock up an important lineup spot.

RF: Granderson- temporary check- holds the leadoff spot next year reliably, but can not be counted.on past that.

So that results in:
1 probable long term spot filled.
1 more potentially long term spot.
And 1 temporary spot.

Of course these are just my wandering thoughts.
Any constructive input?

Anonymous said...

I think you have to try to extend YC.....he wasn't cheap in terms of prospects dealt away and his RH power/defense combo would fit in our lineup going forward. I would put him in RF where his defense and cannon arm would play up better then LF.......and he wouldn't block Conforto in the future.

Plus you can't let him walk for nothing at the end of the year with the that odd contract clause.


Ernest Dove said...


I agree with you. Another huge benefit to have homegrown talent and/or acquiring and then further developing talant is possible strong loyalty.
And lets not forget that guys like Matz, deGrom and even Harvey have gone through TJS while with organization and the organization has stuck by them and have been given a lot of credit for how they do the post surgery rehab.

Mack Ade said...


TDA did play last night though he did look a little rusty. He also looked like he needs to work a little more on his framing.

These are critical games against Washington and the Mets have two walk away with at least two wins here. One down.

I feel sorry for Harvey. He deserved far more than the measly one run the Mets scored against a wild pitcher.

Ernest Dove said...

The cespedes situation should be interesting. ........if he stays hot throughiut season, lets not forget that this will be his 4th team in like 2 years. Call him a rental all u want but maybe the young man would like some actual stability already. You never know. And if/when Mets lose colon and murph, the money will be there.

Robb said...

I am looking forward to the herrera/flores comp at 2b next year in spring training. though i would still kill for a real shortstop instead of tejada.

I think if you can you want to re-sign uribe as insuarance for D wright and well he's supposed to be the best teammate there is, so that cant hurt and sounds ridiculous but 4 mm should get it done.

disney movies wouldnt have even scripted that ending last night. what an amazing game.

there really is something great about hearing two guys who want to be Mets say so.

Anonymous said...

Mack, thanks for the response. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate that.

I'd rather send Soup down than DFA him (I think it's good to keep all assets … not that he's much of one.) But I also want to send Conforto down too. He needs ABs. Want him ready for 2016 in case YC isn't resigned.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Past all the Cespedes excitement and the Flores home run last night, here's still the cold hard facts:

Last night's line up had the following OBP in it:

Campbell: .301
Flores: .283
Lagares: .280

These are not batting averages...these are on base percentages.

This is why Harvey couldn't get a win. Cespedes will help. So will an unrusty TDA... but the team has a way to go yet in this category

bob gregory said...

Do you remember, not too long ago ( last year and during the winter) that Cespedes was not believed to be a fit for Alderson and the Mets because of questions about his attitude and some of his actions?

I am glad he is being given a chance.

I especially enjoyed reading a report with him stating that he "just loves to play baseball. It doesn't matter where or when."

Herb G said...

Reese - regarding August pickup possibilities, if Nieuwenhuis doesn't pan out as a LH platoon partner with Lagares, I look for SA to try to get someone like Venable from the Pads or De Aza from the Red Sox. I was sorry to see Revere go to the Jays. He would have been ideal for us.

Regarding next year's short stop, if Desmond returns to form in the second half, Alderson may go after him in the FA market. (That is if the Mets are unable to resign Cespedes, which is a tough job given hie contract stipulates if they don't sign him within 5 days of the World Series end, thay are prohibited from signing him until next Maay. If thet spend the money on YS, they wouldn't have it for Desmond.) All in all, though, if Tejada continues to play as he has for the last month or so, I would not be unhappy to see him as a placeholder for Rosario until the kid is ready to take over.

Anonymous said...

If Lagares does have TJ surgery is the recovery time required for position players the same as pitchers?
Richard Jones

Mack Ade said...

Herb -

Good to see you back.

I always liked Desmond though he has had a miserable year in the field this season.

Cody Pomeray said...

Remember a couple of things about YC:

People are citing him being traded three times as it somehow being a reflection on him and/or his attitude.

Oakland: Billy Beane is crazy. He has since also traded Moss and Donaldson. Do they have bad attitudes too?

Red Sox: Idk here? But they did need pitching and that's pretty indisputable.

Tigers: They would have been dumb not to trade him. Considering how depleted their farm system is, the fact that they can make a play for him this winter and gain Fulmer all the same, they did the same thing with Price, etc.

The only things I've heard about YC is that he refuses to move from LF and he was late getting onto the field because he had to go to the bathroom one inning. Otherwise Idk anything as to his attitude? Does anyone else?

Anyway, more so than Gomez, much more so than Bruce, I think he's the one player whose potential is still a little bit unlocked, mysterious, etc.

And I think he's the most athletically gifted player this team's had since Reyes, possibly going back to Straw. Would that be a fair statement?

bob gregory said...

I just remember discussions here, when Cespedes was on the trade market in the past year, in which people had concerns when others suggested he would be a good fit.

Mack Ade said...

Richard -

I believe so, but I'm not sure that Lagares needs that. He just may need it cleaned out (bone chips).

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Fit, schmit... :)

Mack Ade said...

Cody -

I think your research on YC is spot on.

bob gregory said...

That would be an important and meaningful stipulations in Cespedes contract.

I am surprised that it does not show up in all of the reports I have been reading in the media.
They do make a point that Cespedes can not be tendered a contract but not that he has to be signed w/in 5 days of the World Series.
Good research by you.

bob gregory said...

Has always been my thought.

Yoenis "Schmit" Cespedes.

Cody Pomeray said...

Thanks, Mack!

bob gregory said...


I don't know if it is true....but, if you read the article written by Klapisch last night, he mentions something I have not seen reported anywhere else.

He slides it into his article about half way through and does not spend more than 2 sentenced on it.

He reports that according to his source:
Jeff Wilpon pushed Alderson to make the trade for Cespedes.

Very interesting if true. Also very interesting, if true, why it is not reported anywhere else

Anonymous said...

I read the Tigers GM asked for Fulmer three times and he was told Fulmer no by SA all three times. I wonder if that is when Wilpon stepped in and pushed Alderson to make the trade. I wonder what Sandy was offering when he was refusing to part with Fulmer.
Richard Jones

Hobie said...

Hard to imagine YC re-signing with the Mets, ESPECIALLY if he plays a significant role in getting NY i(deep) into the play offs. Some clown is going to make a $200M/7r offer that the Mets wouldn't (& shouldn't) match if the could.

They won't have the the ability to match anyone else's offer anyway (until May) and it's so hard to imagine an offer, n the 5 day window thaey have, that would persuade YC from seeking that inevitable outrageous offer i

BTW, the 5-day exclusive re-sign window (or no negotiating until May) is standard for anyone nOT given a QO (Murphy?, Cippard? etc.).

Michael S. said...

Fallen back in love with Tejada? After 25 games? There's an even chance that they feel differently again at the end of the season. He's too unpredictable and the team needs offense.

There are going to be a lot of questions and a lot of things to be addressed in the offseason. Hopefully we'll have a clearer picture by then. This team is built to contend this year but it's not built for a long haul in any respect besides the pitching. If some long term decisions aren't made we'll be trying to piece together a club every single offseason in the hopes it's just good enough. That's a place we don't want to be.

Ernest Dove said...

Biased or not, I believe the Mets now have as good a chance as any to win the whole damn thing this year.....NOBODY in the MLB wants to see Harvey deGrom Thor in a 7 game series, regardless of the Mets lineup which is actually pretty solid now.
Im not worried about 2016 because it means nothing right now. Yeah yeah yeah the 4 studs will all be off restrictions. Anything can happen with them next year. Hell Matz couldn't make it two starts without getting hurt.
Try to win now, which is what they are now officially trying to do.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Campbell has, as near as I can figure, 2 options left after this year. I got my info from tpgMets - they keep track of a lot of that kind of data.

Steve from Norfolk said...


Here is a spreadsheet with a lot of data about TJS.

From what I saw, there were recovery times from 7 to 23 months.

Cody Pomeray said...

I have an idea:

I'd send down Campbell AND Conforto. So who do you bring up, you ask?


Plawecki or TD (depending on who starts that day) becomes the RH bat off the bench, not Campbell. We already have backup IFs and OFs. So how is this not the smartest possible option?

Anonymous said...

I had a similar idea. I was thinking Monnell instead of Recker. If TD is starting you can use Plawecki if you need a right handed pinch hitter or Monnell from the left side. Johnson give the Mets a lot of flexibility since he can play the infield or outfield. Conforto needs to go down because he needs the at bats. Campbell needs to go down because he isn't producing.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the above post. I forgot to add my name.
Richard Jones

Cody Pomeray said...


Yeah, same concept. And I agree I think Monell gives you a little more flexibility, was hitting better too.

Until then, supposedly Soup is emergency catcher. I'd pinch-hit Plawecki/TD over him. Although I think the chances of this are slim.

Herb G said...

I think you guys are forgetting that once you send a player down, you can't bring him back up for 10 days unless it is to replace an injured player. So it isn't that easy to rotate players between the minors and majors from game to game.

Conforto has been sent back down for now. That's the right decision since he needs playing time and more seasoning will not hurt him. With the addition of Uribe, Johnson, and now Cespedes, the offense has been strengthened considerably. I am really excited about this team. Other than Alex Torres being replaced by a stronger arm, I can't think of anything thet should be done to further improve.

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