Who's Hot, Who's Not – Minors: August 6 Edition - Tom Brennan 
We just lost 4 top prospect pitchers in trades - surely no one left is hot...WRONG!   LOT OF GUYS ARE HOT!

 Here's my list of 35 guys (yes, 35) who have been scorchers, with data shown through Tuesday.


Dilson Herrera: .395, 3 HRs, 13 RBIs in 10 days. .343 overall.

Darrell Ceciliani: .348/.387/.563 in 50 games. I’m impressed.

Dario Alvarez: 18.2 IP since June 1, 0 runs, 5 hits, 29 Ks. Unconscious.


Gavin Cecchini - .315/.372/.447 for 2015. Hit almost .400 in July.

Paul Sewald - this stellar reliever is brilliant, with 17 saves, 1.47 and 0.79 WHIP (yawn, this is so easy).

Akeel Morris - back in tune...one run in his last 10 outings.

Josh Smoker - 1.64 ERA and 15 Ks in his first 11 IP and 10 games in AA. In St Lucie, 1.69 in 14 outings, 26 Ks in 21 IP.  (If he succeeds, I’m going to Smoker Night at Citi.)

Jon Velasquez - 1.78 ERA and 15 of 16 saves. Currently hot!

Rob Gsellman - 11-5 on the year. 2.30 ERA over his last 10 starts.  Two earned runs in his last 5 starts. IMPRESSIVE.

Jeff Walters doing fine on the comeback trail. In his 11.2 innings of High A and AA ball, 13 K's and just 2 runs.


Dominic Smith - back up to .306. Just a few points from Jeff McNeil.

Matt Oberste - hot of late - up to .286, 47 RBIs in 81 games.

Kelly Secrest is 6-2, 2,53, in 30 appearances.

Jeff McNeil in or near the FSL hitting lead all year.  Currently hitting around .315. 

Kyle Regnault is 3-2. 1.70 in 28 relief outings. 1.09 WHIP.

Yeixon Ruiz had lousy #s when Amed Rosario got hurt. Hot as a pistol since (.416 last 10), and up to .258.


John Mora has scorched of late.  Last 30 days, hitting .323, 12 triples this year.

Luis Guillorme is back up over .300 with 7 hits in his last 2 games. Mr. Slick, also Mr. Consistent, has been a real stabilizer for the Gnat offense all year.

Wuilmer Becerra has steadily ascended this year, and jumped to .300.  Hitting .352 over his last 30 days.

Ricky Knapp sits at 5-2, 2.83 for Savannah and is their best pitcher, other than...

Martirez Arias who is 5-5, 2.72 in 17 Gnats starts and clearly should have a better record.  94 Ks in 96 IP in Savannah. He also tossed 7 scoreless in a fill in start for St Lucie recently.

Luis Mateo is on a successful comeback mission right now and has been great over roughly 14 innings. August will tell us if he is ready to take a run at top remaining Mets pitching prospect or not.

BROOKLYN: very little offense, but a fine pen.

Jeff Diehl: in 26 games, .277/.415/. 511. For Brooklyn, that's hot.

Alex Palsha: the main man out of the Cyclones pen - 14 games with a 0.00 ERA, 20 K, and 0.66 WHIP.  He needs to be promoted soon to see how he fares.

P. J. Conlon:  13th Rounder, 9 relief outings, 0.00 ERA, 0.44 WHIP


Dash Winningham - Dash is crushing it. 11 doubles, 8 homers, 31 RBIs .290 in 39 games from a 19 year old?  Sweet.

Luis Carpio - 18 years old SS, .300/.398/.363. Can’t complain.  

Ivan Wilson  .323 over last 10, with dip in K rate. Keep it up!

Pat Mazelka
- lefty hitting catcher is killing it at .331/.436/.547.  

Thomas Mcilraith - 3-0, 1.82 in 24.2 IP, but 15 walks.

Nabil Crismatt - 2-1, 2.67, 36 Ks in 30 IP.


Ali Sanchez - the 18 year old catcher has cooled a bit to .314.

Desmond Lindsay, the Mets' top draft pick, is 7-18, 5 BB.  NICE!

Max Wotell has K'd 10 in 5.2 IP.  Exciting debut for 18 yr old 3rd rounder.  GO, MAX, GO!

Merandy Gonzalez – he has has thrown a 7 inning no hitter and another 5 inning outing with zero hits and 7 Ks. Intriguing.

Lots of fine performances on these teams, folks.

So do not weep over pitchers gone, though Fulmer, Whelan and Gant have all started their non-Mets careers well (Cessa did not)  We still have pitching prospects, and Marcos Molina was sharp in a 3 inning return to the mound yesterday after a long hiatus.



Michael S. said...

- What's keeping Cecchini from LV?

- Nimmo has been looking good since promotion.

- I can't wait to see what Becerra can do after he gets out of Savannah

Lew Rhodes said...

What, not love for Katz? How about an .882 OPS in July with 5 Hrs -- in Savannah!

The followed that up with 4 doubles in 5 games in August - kid has real power - hopefully it continues to show up

Ditto on Becerra - I see him finishing next season at AA and getting national recognition in prospect lists - his batting average the past 3 months, by month:

June - .313
July - .344
Aug (SSS) - .375

Hasn't homered since June and a limited number of doubles, but he can sure make contact - the drive and power will start to come more in the next 2 seasons.

Thomas Brennan said...

Michael S, my guess on Cecchini staying in AA is his fielding difficulties (25 errors, none in the last several games). But he also has Herrera, Reynolds, and Tovar, all doing well, in front of him. They truly have a logjam.

Thomas Brennan said...

Lew, thanks.

I totally intended to get Michael Katz in there. Had notes jotted down for him and Just overlooked adding him. He's been an RBI machine since he returned to play this year, and if and when the K's come down, he will certainly be on a high floor in Prospect City (not a Trump-owned building, BTW)

Thomas Brennan said...

Lew, I agree on Becerra. He looks like the junior member of a 3 person firm (Syndergaard, d'Arnaud, and Becerra) that will haunt the Blue Jays for a very long time.

Thomas Brennan said...

On another note, even keeping my list to 35 players was difficult. I mentioned Tovar... he is hitting .273 with 29 steals in 95 games and I decided subjectively to leave him. Left off Siena and Eudor G because they'd cooled lately. I could have easily boosted the list from 35 to 40. After we traded 4 top starters.

Michael S. said...

Thanks Thomas

Michael S. said...

Sandy really took Gord Ash to the woodshed on that one. I think Becerra's power will increase as he matures and gets out of a park where power goes to die.

Lew Rhodes said...

I agree on why Cecchini is staying in Bingo - I also think that the organization wants to leave one high-vis prospect in Binghampton

Tovar has been a very big surprise this year - it seems like he has been around FOREVER (and he has been for 6 years) - but he is only 23 - the stolen base numbers are a nice add for him - I think someone told him that his only way to get to the show and stay there is with his glove and legs.

I see him as a Sept call-up as a back-up infielder and pinch runner - and depending on how he does - he is either the back-up infielder in the spring or off the roster and playing elsewhere

Speaking of AAA SS - What a shame that Reynolds hurt his elbow at the time this team needed a SS / 3B guy - missed his chance this year

Lew Rhodes said...

The Blue Jays will never trade with Sandy again - one of Sandy's deputies used to work in the Toronto FO - right? That must have been how we had info on Bucerra

Thomas Brennan said...

Lew, Rickey for a few lower value minor league prospects would be nice :)

Put him out there to start the games after Syndergaard pitches and watch hitters corkscrew into the ground

Just kidding, of course

Anonymous said...

I understand Cecchini has been throwing the ball all over the park, but I will reserve judgement until he has had an off season to work on it. This is where the ethic part of Gavin can be huge; my guess is that he will take a couple thousand GBs in the winter and will take the next step defensively in 2016
Anon Joe F

Thomas Brennan said...

Joe, I agree

Metsiac said...

Anyone know how Ceccini pronounces his name? I've heard multiple versions.

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