ROSTER MOVE - Binghamton


Please note the following transaction involving the Binghamton Mets.
August 1:
  • INF TJ Rivera transferred from Las Vegas (AAA) to Binghamton (AA)


Ernest Dove said...

What are we to make of this 26yr old with a career .316BA and .364OBP as a professional baseball player?
I see he's hit about a buck fifty over last 10 games but is that enough to quickly demote him?

Mack Ade said...

Move was made to make room for the return of Reynolds and the addition of Conforto. They still have to drop one of their outfielders.

Nilsa Rivera said...

What do you make of a guy who has only hit his way to AAA....How about Promoting...Not demoting. If they needed the space, why not bring down one of the other 4 infielders hitting .209, .238, .269 and .279.......Way to reward one of your most productive players, METS!

Mack Ade said...

Doesn't seem fair, Nilson.

Be careful about your posted words Nilsa if you are a relative of T.J.

The Mets aren't fans of relatives flaming on social media.

Thomas Brennan said...

Rivera has always hit very well but has lacked power (homer every 100 ABs) and speed. Let's say he got promoted to the majors and hit .220 or .230 with no power or speed. Would he better than a Herrera (power, speed), Reynolds (off year and injured but more pop and RBI production), or Muno (strong OBP, some pop and speed)? Cecchini hitting great at a very young age this year, with some pop?

Campbell hit great in AAA, much better than TJ, and poorly in the majors, so it is much tougher to hit there.

Speed you can't add, but can TJ add some power by perhaps adding 15 pounds of muscle? Maybe it gets him more doubles and a HR every 40 at bats. And maybe that gets him to the bigs in 2016. Lot of competition, unfortunately.

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