40 Man Roster Moves: Rule 5 Draft Protection


     Tonight at 11:59pm is the MLB deadline to add minor league players to the club 40 man roster in order to protect them from the upcoming Rule 5 Draft in December during the Winter Meetings. The Mets 40 man roster currently sits at 35 players so look for Sandy Alderson to add at least 4 guys into the fold. The Mets could create more room by waivering additional players off the 40 man roster. Players most at risk of being waivered include: Eric Campbell and Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

The following Mets are eligible for this year's draft. Any player highlighted is eligible for the first time in their career. 

AAA --- Las Vegas 51s
Matt Bowman
Jayce Boyd

Chasen Bradford
Chase Huchingson
Kyle Johnson
Seth Lugo
Danny Muno
Brandon Nimmo
Travis Taijeron
Zack Thornton

AA --- Binghamton Mets
Xorge Carrillo
Victor Cruzado
Robert Gsellman
Mickey Jannis

Rainy Lara
Tyler Pill
T.J. Rivera
Paul Sewald
Domingo Tapia
Jeff Walters
Beck Wheeler

A+ --- St. Lucie Mets
Maikis De La Cruz
Jeff Diehl
Phillip Evans

Yeixon Ruiz
Stefan Sabol
Logan Taylor

A --- Columbia Fireflies
Adrian Abreu
Alberto Baldonado
Wuilmer Becerra
Ben Griset

Vicente Lupo
Luis Mateo
Christian Montgomery
Tim Peterson
Natanael Ramos

Jean Rodriguez
Joe Tuschak

A- --- Brooklyn Cyclones
Gaby Almonte
Michael Bernal
Kevin Canelon
Jose Celas
Jose Garcia
Craig Missigman
Pedro Perez
Alfredo Reyes

Carlos Valdez
Brandon Welch

R --- Kingsport Mets
Nabil Crismatt
Gabriel Feliz
Audry German
Bradley Marquez

Yoryi Nuez
Luis Ortega
Dionis Rodriguez

R --- GCL Mets
Luis Carreno
Jose Maria
Jose Martinez

Victor Moscote


Christopher Soto said...

If I can only pick 5....I'm choosing

Brandon Nimmo
Robert Gsellman
Zack Thornton
Paul Sewald
Wuilmer Becerra

Thomas Brennan said...

I have the same 5, Chris, but might (make it would) swap Taijeron for Thornton.

Mack will be perplexed (and certainly saddened) that I left Muno off my list. Infield too crowded to add him to the fab 40 list. He can just become Justin Turner somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope muno would not be 40 manned over Rivera.

Christopher Soto said...

I dont think either gets protected.....for the simple fact that they are dime a dozen players.

Every team has a Muno and a Rivera in their system. The only guys who get selected in Rule 5 Drafts are guys unprotected that carry 1 or 2 plus tools like a speedster like Delino DeShields or a flamethrower who can hit 97mph or a low end lefty SP with heavy enough splits to turn into a LOOGY.

Hobie said...

Don't disagree with (i.e. don't want to lose) any of those 5. Some thoughts on rolling the dice.

> Less likely for another team to to burn a 25-man slot on an A-level OF'er (Buccera) than a pitcher one could stash in the BP IMO.
> If they have already decided to non-tender Tejada, why keep him in on the 40-man (in leu of Rivera)?
> Ditto Campbell (TJR).
> Then there's Kirk (Buccera?).

Anonymous said...

true, but rivera is now listed as a "prospect" which I would think makes him more intresting to other teams who made need a utility guy that hits like crazy.

agreeing with hobie in the fact of Buccera, he hasnt played over low A. what team would risk taking a guy like that straight to the bigs in rule 5? i think he would be fine unprotected. also opens a spot for another guy that may be higher risk

Thomas Brennan said...

As always, will be interesting. TJ Rivera (who I compared a while ago to Jeff Keppinger) could get snatched if not protected.

Hobie said...

My TJR analogy is Jose Oquendo.

Lew Rhodes said...

I actually hope TJR gets selected - will give him a chance - he will stay blocked here - I would rather see the kids get his shot -- or, maybe he gets grabbed and turns into a Logan Verrett story

Tom - you need to get off the Taijeron bus - he is nothing more than a AAAA slugger - his K-rate will not play in the MLB, and it has been several years.

I doubt they protect Buccerra - remember he has to be kept on at the MLB ALL SEASON to stick with a new team - kids hasn't even been to A+ yet

Flores was easier to stash as a back-up catcher and had at least completed A+

Christopher Soto said...

idk anymore Lew.....teams have become bolder in regards to Rule 5 picks the past few years.

Two years ago the Brewers grabbed LHP Wei-Chung Wang based on 11!!! career games in Rookie Ball! Stashed him in the back of the pen all year and ended up keeping his rights.

I can certainly see a terrible AL team reaching down and grabbing any High Upside prospect and hiding him as a bench guy.

Hobie said...


I agree with your sentiments. (btw, J.Flores was a head scratcher because Many Acta had publicly coveted him,)

Another factor in the equation is if you protect someone out of fear of Rule 5 loss, when you sign a FA post-Rule 5 (Cespedes, Murphy, O'day, Sipp ... Colon(?) etc., etc.) you must waive someone. Teams out there not willing to stash a Buccera, say, on their 25-man might well burn a 40-man slot for him.

Thomas Brennan said...

Lew, Taijeron strikes out an awful lot. So does Chris Davis. Taijeron had a much improved 2015, but not seeing him, no way to know if owners see him as a plateaued overachiever, or someone still getting better. That aside, you are probably right.

Ernest Dove said...

Christian montgomery is an interesting name on the llist

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