Future Positional Analysis – Second Base


(Brandon Allen, Brooks Conrad, Vic Black, Darin Gorski, Gilbert Gomez, Joe Benson, Vince Belnome, Jonathan Galvez, Albert Cordero and John Church have all elected free agency.)

We continue with our off-season analysis of the Mets system, by position.

Today is second base.

We have to start with the incumbent, free agent and playoff superstar Daniel Murphy, who was offered a qualified offer yesterday by the Mets. I expected the offer to be made but I can’t see him signing it. This is the one and only time he will have in his career to pull in funny money over multiple years that will guarantee the financial future of both himself and his family. Yes, he loves being a Met, but he will love being rich more.

If I’m wrong, he comes back for a year and all what I’m going to write will back up a season, but I expect it not to happen.

Your next star Mets second baseman is Dilson Herrera (AAA - .337 ). By all accounts, The 21-year old Herrera is ready to step in full time in 2016 and instantly bring quality defensive skills to the middle infield. He’s also a proven minor league hitter who needs a full season under his belt rather than sporadic at bats like he has gotten for the parent Mets these past two seasons (.215). Herrera projects to produce in the 15-HR/season range which will soften the sting of losing Murphy.

Talent wise, your next future star could be Luis Carpio. Carpio signed with the Mets after receiving a $300K bonus in 2013. The 17-year old hit .304 last season for his first stateside assignment with Kingsport. His lack of age could create a Brooklyn appearance on opening day 2016; however, I’m going to project him starting the season in Columbia.

The next talented second baseman would be LJ Mazzilli (AA - .263) who will fight for playing time in Las Vegas with Tom Brennan’s future hall of famer, Danny Muno (AAA - .274). As for Muno and Mazzilli, look for them to sweat it out all year in the desert.

Yeixon Ruiz (St. Lucie - .246) should be the starter in Binghamton while Jonathan Johnson (A - .268) and Vinny Siena (Brklyn - .273) should split time in St. Lucie. The 21-year old Siena, who ended the season with St, Lucie, should see most of the bat time over the 27-year old Johnson.

Rookie team wise, keep an eye on 19-year old Miguel Patino, who hit .336 for last year’s DSL team.

Conclusion – Like first base, second seems to be set up very well with two outstanding prospects, Herrera and Carpio. They also project to be major league ready three years apart  

My guess at this point is that Herrera will start at second far past the maturity date of Carpio which could set up a trade scenario for young Luis.

As for Mazzilli and Muno… sadly, they both look like odd men out and could wind up with an AAAA career.

I love the talent at this position.

Grade – A 


Thomas Brennan said...

Muno not being on the World Series roster was the only thing that prevented the Mets for riding down the Canyon of Heroes this week, Mack.

One 2B dark horse is the versatile Jeff McNeil, who as I always say, is a good player who needs to hit the weight room. He did play mostly 3B this year and is a career .305.

Carpio is certainly one to watch. May he be another Dilsonl

I will be very sorry to see Murph go. Lew's point yesterday was how much more he'd cost Mets than Duda. But he proved to be a clutch bat against amazing playoff pitching. Duda in no surprise to me did not do well in the playoffs, save for one game.

Without Murph, Mets are out in the first round. How much money would they have not earned without him? A lot More.

More importantly, his unique hitting skills gave us a real chance to go all the way. My guess is playoff teams looked at Duda and thought he can be held down. They were right. Murph looked like a warrior, Duda like an introvert. Extroverts are better, just ask the Royals.

Ernest Dove said...

Im also the resident Jeff McNeil lover here and id like to see him on the 25 man roster one day as the utility man.........solid defense all around the infield with speed and makes contact. ......

Mack Ade said...

Murphy did disappoint in the WS, but his bat sure shined in the NL series. Him and Cespedes deserve much of the credit that got the Mets to the playoffs, and beyond.

I'll miss him if he goes.

bob gregory said...

Does Herrera have the skills to bat leadoff?
It is time to start lining up options to succeed Granderson when he leaves.

Currently 1b, 3b, ss, c, and the outfield are not filled with leadoff options and the projected replacements do not appear to be valid candidates either.

Zozo said...

How about Flores at 2nd?

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Not deceptive speed... 15 SB last year... but played at 21 years old.

He also had 14 HRs so there is some deceptive pop here also

My guess he's a #6/7 hitter

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

With all due respect to Flores, this team isn't going to go any further without a much better defensive middle infielder.

Flores is a better defensive 2B than SS but he's not ranked in the upper half of the league defensively at either position.

And did his bat really matter in the long run?

Michael S. said...

Flores provided a great storyline this year, has some talent, and I love that he loves being a Met. I still think in the long run he's either a valuable bench player or trade chip.

bob gregory said...
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