Mack’s Morning News – 11-20-15 – Q and A – David Wright, Zach Wheeler, Ruben Tejada


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Beelzebot askes -

Hey Mack, in all the talk about 2016 so far, it seems to me that everyone is grossly overestimating what David Wright will be able to do.  I do not think he will be able to play more than 100 games.  I do think that if he is reasonably rested, he could do well in those 100 games.  I see people trying to project Wright playing 140 games and that seems totally unrealistic.  Someone needs to play the other 62 games at 3B.  Flores?  Who? BT

Mack – Beel, I just wrote about Wright and third base this past Sunday so excuse me if I repeat myself somewhere here.

None of us know exactly how much gas is left in the Wright-tank and we’re not going to have any idea until camp opens up again and Wright emerges from the clubhouse.

If you’re right, and Wright can only play 100 games (I don’t agree with you and place it more at 125), there really isn’t anyone right now that projects to be productive.

The loss of David Murphy really hurts here. He was a natural third baseman and filled the role after Justin Turner was pushed out the door.

You could bring back Eric Campbell, but he hit only .197 in 173 at-bats last season.

Wilmer Flores has played third base, but his game plays more to second.

Ruben Tejada is a middle infielder and we still don’t know if he will be available on opening day.

Lastly, Matt Reynolds told me on an earlier interview that he did play some third base when he was in school, but that was a long time ago and isn’t an option anymore.

The Mets signing of utility infielder Ty Kelly could be an interesting one. He’s only 26 and, yes, he did have a poor season last year for AAA-Memphis/Buffalo (429-AB, .226), but he had much more success in 2014 (AAA-Tacoma: .263) with decent power (15-HR, 80-RBI). Kelly plays all three infield positions (as well as both corner outfield positions) and could be a projected fill-in for Wright on the days the Mets would want to give him some rest.

Past Kelly, it might be someone that still hasn’t been signed by the team.

Tony asked –

        Mack, do you really thing that the Mets, after seeing the benefits of the Yoenes Cespedes signing, won’t go big time during the off-season either in the outfield, the middle infield, or at first base?

                  Mack  - Tony, that’s exactly what I think.

        However, I do expect the Mets to duplicate the post all-star addition of some stud(s) in their last contract year and add them for a pennant race against primarily their division rivals.

        I may be wrong (hope I am), but all I see is some non-sexy pickups this off-season, like an additional reliever and a platoon centerfielder.

Comment From Chris - Zach Wheeler for Jackie Bradley and Devin Marrero?

Dan Szymborski: Doubt the Mets do that.

                  Mack – Actually, I continue to be surprised that Mets fans keep trying to come up with reasons to trade Wheeler. I want to remind everyone once again that the scouts always had him ranked higher that Harvey when they both pitched in AA and AAA.  

                  Putting another 95-97 mph starter in the rotation (this time as the SP5) will only give the Mets a chance to strengthen their bullpen with guys like Jon Niese, Logan Verrett, and Rafael Montero.

                  We also have to remember that Jenrry Mejia could come back, making the pen even stronger if the Mets decide to give him his last chance.

                  Stay with the pitching, guys. It got you here and it can take you home.

Adam Rubin is now reporting that the Mets are strongly considering non-tendering SS Ruben Tejada due to his second leg breakage and, as Rubin states, 'soft bat'. I'm sure this is more based on the fact that the Mets have finally decided to move past Tejada as a solution for their shortstop needs. The estimated $2.5mil he would receive in 2016 via arbitration is probably a little over the top verses the return.

                     You all know how I feel about the shortstop position, Wilmer Flores, Starlin Castro, etc. etc. ... 

                     I will say this... if the Mets decide to stay with Flores as the 2016 SS, they need to find a backup that can also spell David Wright sometimes at 3B.

                     Boy, it sure was more simple when ole Murph was around... 


Ernest Dove said...

Sorry guys I didn't write a Friday 10am........im on a Disney's Magic Kingdom hangover with my toddler and the family in Orlando..............
Hey does Uribe wanna play one more year? He could play 60ish games at 3B if needed.........

Thomas Brennan said...

Sign Murphy. His versatility and attitude are sorely needed by the Mets. Zobrist will be 35 in May. Four years? Some guys get old sooner than others. He is thus riskier than Murphy in that regard. I re-sign Murph, and trade Duda.

Keep Wheeler unless someone wants to offer us a top 20 offensive prospect or a Mookie Betts. (it is weird, considering 1986, that the Bosox have a Mookie on their team. Lets help them correct that problem).

Thomas Brennan said...

Uribe, an oldie but goodie.

Metsiac said...

I keep reading about what Ruben might get in Arbi, which might result in non-tender. First of all, just from the PR standpoint, how bad would it look to dump a guy after he had that injury "in the line of duty"? Makes management look cold-hearted to say the least.
Secondly, he is our only true SS, and one of our best OBP leaders.
Finally, the Mets NEVER actually go to Arbi hearings. I wouldn't blame Ruben if he wanted a fresh start elsewhere, but IMO he likes it here. The team could make him an offer, possibly with a low base but incentives based on games played, PA, etc. If he wants to stay, he might take it. But in any case, it's too soon to come to conclusions.

If he actually does leave, I blame Reese.lol

Mack Ade said...

I just don't get the whole Zobrist thing. Another old guy with a lengthy contract. Stinks of Cuddyer version 2.0.

Anonymous said...

One thing the NY Mets proved last season, through the month of July, was that great starting pitching was not enough unless it was supported by defense, speed, hitting. They were a floundering team.

Matt Harvey, in his near Cy-season of 2013, won 9 games.

So I do not share the fantasy of "5 Aces." My dream is of a complete & balanced team. Four aces is enough.

As for trading Wheeler now, before he has re-established his health, it would be a gross mistake. His value today is not anywhere close to where it will be after he takes the mound again and starts pumping gasoline across the plate.

Some day, eventually, one of these guys has got to go. The minor league system is in bad shape. In five years, Sandy has not brought in quality pitching. There's no more Fulmers to trade. They don't appear to have the resources to sign top-flight players. Trade is the only option. It will happen someday. I do not think that now is the time.

James Preller

Christopher Soto said...


LHRP Jack Leathersich has been claimed off the waiver wire by the Chicago Cubs.

**Mets thought they could sneak him through since he is recovering from Tommy John.....guess not....damn cubs.**

bob gregory said...

Agreed on Zobrist. He would be an add on player that is added after the basic needs of the offense are met. He is the cherry on top of the sundae. Not really needed, but sure does add alot once its there.

5 Aces is ok. Heck it could be great.
But you are absolutely correct on the need for balance offensively, defensively, and pitching.

If the decision is made to keep the 5 Aces, then player acquisition needs to be done through trading other assets and/or spending money.

I agree on keeping Wheeler unless another team is willing to give excessive value for him.

The Tejada decision should not be made due to public relations. If an equivalent or better replacement can be found then I'm sorry to say, "Good bye Ruben".

I like Murphy and appreciate everything that he contributed in his Mets career. Unfortunately though, I believe everything that he contributes and more can be added through other free agent targets. Maybe the free agent(s) play (a) different position(s). Letting him go elsewhere will also allow the Mets to recuperate the draft pick loss they would lose signing another free agent.

Hobie said...

Re-signing Murphy is an important hedge against a vulnerable Wright, THAT's why he should be re-signed; it has nothing to do with 2B. Signing Zobrist only makes sense if Duda is traded and a David-Ben-Daniel troika shares the corners in some rotation.

There is a very cheap Zobrist-light available too--his initials are TJR.

TP said...

Good morning, all.
As Hobie said, Mets need legit DW insurance given the wildcard of his situation. On top of that, Herrera is risky at 22 yrs old, and while I love Conforto, not sure how he will be every day and vs. LHP. This is where Zobrist comes into the mix. Zobrist>Murphy given his ability to hit RH, but Murphy is a fine backup plan. I agree 4 years on Zobrist is nuts, but there is no reason why they can't be the highest bidder and frontload his deal so they are not tied to dead money when the pitchers need to be paid.

I love the big 5 pitchers, with Niese & Montero into the pen (Niese looked good there in players) plus a big FA addition for the 8th inning. A pen of Familia-Soria/Madson-Reed-Robles-Niese-Montero-Edgin/Gilmartin plus the big 5 SP when Wheels returns is awesome.

bob gregory said...

TP & Hobie

Keeping Murphy or adding Zobrist does nothing to improve the offense from the beginning of last season.

to me, arguing, thinking about, weighing one against the other is not worthwhile until after a change is made to the offense that significantly improves the offense like last years trade deadline acquisitions.

Metsiac said...

ANYTHING is an improvement over last year 's 1st half offense. Without DW, Travis and Conforto, we had nothing past Duda, Grandy and Murphy. Subtract Murphy and replace him the the 3 "withouts" above, and you think we're no better?

bob gregory said...

The without can not be counted on and relied upon as healthy for the 1st half

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