The Morning Report 11.30.2015 | All Eyes on Ben Zobrist, Recker Signs with Cleveland, Nationals Lose Zimmerman to Detroit, Arias Signs with San Diego


Maria Guardado NJ Advance Media- The Mets appear to be making a strong effort to sign Ben Zobrist. According to sources, the Nationals along with Braves, SFGiants, others are also in. Per Ken Rosenthal, the Zobrist market likely will become more defined in next few days. A team's willingness to guarantee fourth year likely will be the deciding factor.

(Chris Soto: Ugh...I just don't like this potential move one bit. You've got a guy who's already 34 yrs old and his primary asset is "versatility." Versatility is only good if the defensively play at each position is average to above average. Unfortunately for Zobrist, his defensive metrics have been in decline the past 2 years and will likely only get worse as he continues to age. This is not the way to spend the first $12M+ of the off-season.)

Steve Schreiber | Amazin Avenue- After a disappointing final season with the Mets, Anthony Recker is headed to the Cleveland Indians' organization via a minor league deal that includes an invitation to spring training. Recker, who served as Travis d'Arnaud's backup for parts of 2013, 2014, and 2015, was removed from the 40-man roster on November 6 after clearing waivers. With Kevin Plawecki positioned as the backup for 2016, the Mets have no immediate need for Recker.

(Chris Soto: Say what you want about Recker...but the back-up catcher's main job is to be a solid defensive provider on days where the main catcher needs some rest. From that angle.....Recker did a great job during his time with the Mets as most of the starters praised his work behind the plate with some showing even better results with him over d'Arnaud. That said...despite providing the occasional super clutch HR...he struggled to stay over the Mendoza line on an annual basis. With Plawecki now MLB ready, it was time for Recker to go. GOOD LUCK in Cleveland!!)

Joe D. | Metsmerized Online- Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports that the Detroit Tigers have agreed to a deal with free agent RHP Jordan Zimmermann. The former Washington Nationals rotation mainstay will receive a five year deal worth $110 million dollars. He is the Nationals’ all-time leader in wins, innings, strikeouts and games started. He is also one of four pitchers to work at least 190 innings and make 32 starts in each of the past four seasons.

(Chris Soto: Here's the first big blow to the Nationals 2016 team. Zimmerman has been a major piece of the Nationals rotation for years and was the guy behind Scherzer and Strasburg that you could always count on to provide you with a quality start week in and week out. His replacement, Joe Ross, certainly has talent and the potential to become a solid arm himself....but the immediate downgrade from Zimmerman will likely result in 2-3 more losses in 2016 alone.)

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • Mets lost a minor league free agent over the Thanksgiving Break, RHSP Martires Arias signed a new minor league contract with the San Diego Padres. Despite being 25yrs old, Arias only reached A-ball Savannah with the Mets organization. Before 2014, Arias was statistically one of the worst arms in the Mets system due to his poor control. However, he finally was able to harness his stuff and posted solid numbers in Brooklyn, and Savannah including double digit K/9 rates.
  • Nothing else......just Zobrist, Zobrist, Zobrist, Zobrist......


Tom Brennan said...

Tell Zobrist we'll guarantee a 4th year if he can guarantee us 3 great ones first.

I'm going in to my boss this morning and asking for the same deal. I'm older than Zobrist, so I deserve it more.

Recker once met Mendoza, but then slid way down the hill.

I feel bad for the Nats....nah, not really.

eraff said...

Zobrist makes sense, until you consider the Age.

I'd prefer a Murph Sign...Duda Trade...Kelly J for another Year.

Metsiac said...

No mention of Uribe lately. Is he retiring? Planning to play another year or two? Is Sandy looking to bring him back? I would.

Zozo said...

No way to Zobrist, I concur... Spend some money but not on him. I would rather you bring back Cespedes not another number 2 hitter, we need a 3 and 4 hitter!!!

Mack Ade said...

I still feel the Mets screwed up the whole Plawecki-Recker thing. Recker is your perfect backup catcher while Plawecki should have been kept in Vegas hitting AAA ball while he was marketed to other clubs.

Tom Brennan said...

I agree with Zozo and eraff. What was the name of that movie, No Time for Old Men? Sign Cespedes, and Murph. Trade the Dude. Kelly Johnson is all right by me.

Mack Ade said...

Metsiac -

I've heard nothing on Uribe, but then again, I've basically heard nothing on anyone.

Slow Hot Stove season with very few big name signs so far. No big or dumb moves yet out of the Mets. Hope the Zobrist rumors so south though.

Reese Kaplan said...

We'll see if they jettison some dead weight on Wednesday or if they persist in maintaining the status quo.

Unknown said...

Don't get it...why wouldn't we want to sign Murph over Zobrist unless their expecting him to sign for much more. Usually Sandy's patient to a fault but last winter's rush to sigh Cadaver AND give up our 1st round pick surprised us all especially since they probably weren't even thinking post season in 15'.

Mack Ade said...

Gary -

My guess, like most Novembers, are held up by agents who are looking around and trying to get a value on their clients. For all we know, Alderson has already attempted to sign Murphy, has had no return phone call, and is putting out the Zobrist rumors himself to get the ball rolling.

Wouldn't be the first time.

eraff said...

Ben Revere...Anyone?

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