The Morning Report 11.4.2015 | Offseason Goals for the Mets, Terry Collins Signs Extension, Mets want Reed, Johnson, and Blevins back in 2016, Position Change Looming for d'Arnaud?


Rob Neyer | Fox Sports- I do think it’s not too soon to talk about the Mets, though. They were, as everyone knows, a completely different team, performance-wise, after trading for Yoenis Céspedes. But Céspedes is free to sign with whomever he likes this winter. As is Daniel Murphy. The twin departures of Céspedes and Murphy would create a couple of holes in the lineup. Sure, you can always shift Wilmer Flores to second base, with Ruben Tejada reassuming his duties at shortstop. I’m going to guess the Mets are most aggressive this winter. The bullpen might not be the Mets’ biggest need this winter, it’s almost certainly the easiest to address.

(Chris Soto: I see 3 specific areas that the Mets need to address this off-season. A) Who plays 2B? Do you re-sign Murphy? Does Wilmer Flores slide over from SS? or do they think Dilson Herrera is ready? B) Improve the middle IF defense. The lack of defense was exposed by the Royals in the World Series and needs to be addressed. Sliding Flores over to 2B improves it a bit but using Herrera is even better. As for SS, there aren't really any good defensive free agents. Your best bets are Alexei Ramirez, Ian Desmond, and Asdrubal Cabrera.....all offense oriented guys.)


  • The Mets are prepared to announce that they have signed Manager Terry Collins to a two year contract extension. According to reports, Collins is expected to receive a small bump in pay with the deal set to be announced via press conference today.
  • Per Adam Rubin via Twitter, The Mets are expected to tender an arbitration contract to RHRP Addison Reed. Reed is forecasted to make ~$5.7M via the arbitration process since his 2015 salary was already reflective of him being a closer. Arbitration can only boost a player's salary not reduce it.
  • Per Marc Carig via Twitter, With the emergence of Kevin Plawecki and Travis d'Arnaud's struggles controlling the running game, the Mets could look to add some versatility to d'Arnaud's portfolio by introducing him to a second position.
  • Also from Marc Carig's Twitter feed, the Mets are preparing to offer new contracts to IF Kelly Johnson and LHRP Jerry Blevins. The Mets were happy with Johnson as the versatile utility bench player and would like him back in that role for 2016. Meanwhile Blevins was superb as the team high leverage LOOGY until injuries unfortunately shelved him for the season. They would look to use him in the same capacity as well.


Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Chris

It will be a fascinating offseason. I'd still like them to consider the concept of resigning Murphy, putting him at first, and trading Duda if a strong trade package can be found. Murphy can switch to other positions as needed, Duda cannot. d'Arnaud could pick up some 1B against lefties. I think he and d'Arnaud would make a good plate tandem in that sense, if they had 200 starts to split between the 2 of them. And Dom Smith is on his way (I think in late 2016).

Definitely bring back Reed. He was really quality, and could close if Familia ever went out due to injury.

Cespedes? He got cheaper based on his play the last 6 weeks? Is he the best option available? He may just be.

I want to keep emphasizing that they not go cheap this off season. You build a 95-100 win team, it will draw like mad, and the $$$ will flow in. Ownership should invest in quality.

Zozo said...

Cespedes is good but not great. I think he could be great if he learned how to shorten his swing in a 2 strike count. No need for the home run swing every time out. My offseason prediction would go something like this.

Sign Cespedes for 6years $120 mil
Trade Granderson and Duda (you can probably get something good for them.
Sign dexter Fowler for centerfield and move Cespedes to right
Trade for Elvis Andrus and have them take Cuddyers contract back plus prospects
Trade for Joey Votto as long as they provide a good amount of salary relief.
So lineup would look like this


Defensively and speed on the base paths would be a whole lot better.

Zozo said...

Also why give Reed and arbitration number, just release him and sign him for a cheaper contract.

Christopher Soto said...


That's easy to say....but if Reed is released there would be quite a number of potential suitors for his services.


I think the Mets offer Reed an arbitration number of $5.5M, Reed asks for a higher number around $6.2M....Both parties avoid the arbitration hearing by signing a 2-3 yr contract worth ~$5M per season.

Michael S. said...

Would love to have Votto but I doubt the Reds move him

Michael S. said...

I can't see the Mets taking on Andrus contract, especially for how bad he is offensively

Lew Rhodes said...

Not sure why we want to blow up a team that just made it to the World Series

Without Granderson we don't get anywhere close - keep that in mind, there is no reason to expect his numbers to completely die next year - yes he will be 35, but the guy is in remarkable shape

He isn't perfect by any stretch, but he isn't our biggest problem.

Ditto Duda

Keeping Reed and Johnson is smart.

I love Murphy, but he needs to go - he is 30 and is what he is - Duda is a year younger, has a legitimate power bat and is a much better 1st base defender than Murphy - moving Duda and re-signing Murphy would be a colossal mistake.

Duda is also still pretty cheap comparatively - it definitely isn't worth keeping Murphy over Duda if we have to pay $5-7 million more to do it.

Herrera is ready at 2b - by keeping Johnson and having Flores on the roster we have plenty of insurance.

I would like one of 1 of 2 things:

1) Re-sign Cespedes if the price is right, he has his flaws, but he ties this entire line-up together

2) Sign Heyward - people forget how young he is - still only 25 - yes, his power has dropped, but I think Long can get him back to 25 bombs. With Heyward in RF and Conforto in LF, Grandy could play a decent CF

In either case, Lagares can have his TJ surgery and be back for the second half of the season.

Lew Rhodes said...

The problem with Votto is his contract.

He is signed for his age 34 - 39 seasons at $25 million / year

That's A LOT of money

You all think Granderson's contract is bad - how would a 37 year old with decreased bat speed making $25 mill a year for 3 more seasons look?

No way the Reds send back enough money to make that contract worthwhile

Christopher Soto said...

As for the Off-season Plan....I will be putting one together for publishing later this month. But the simple base of it is below.

A) Let Cespedes and Murphy walk

B) Non-Tender Eric Young Jr., Buddy Carlyle, Carlos Torres, Anthony Recker, Jenrry Mejia. (Savings $5.8M, 2016 Payroll at this point: $86.4M)

C) Sign SS Asdrubal Cabrera to a 2 yr/$25M or 3yr/$35M deal if needed. (2016 Payroll at this point: $98.9M)

D) Sign OF Jason Heyward to a 6 yr/$132M or 7 yr/$150M contract to play CF. (2016 Payroll at this point: $120.9M)

This will give us a line-up of:
RF Curtis Granderson L
CF Jason Heyward L
3B David Wright R
1B Lucas Duda L
C Travis d'Arnaud R
LF Michael Conforto L
2B Wilmer Flores R
SS Asdrubal Cabrera S

Anonymous said...

Heyward is not a centerfielder and grandy stays in left

Ernest Dove said...

Id be happy with:
Conforto in LF
Grandy in CF
Heyward in RF

Christopher Soto said...


A) Granderson has always been in RF.

B) Heyward is more athletic than Cespedes and even has 42 career games in CF with positive (albeit small sample size) defensive metrics. He is more than capable of playing CF.

Alexander Han said...

Chris, it looks like a good lineup but it's very left-heavy. I think the Mets absolutely need 1 or 2 right handed power bats to replace Cespedes. What happens when Wright and/ or d'Arnaud get injured?

Developing Plawecki and d'Arnaud to other positions would be a huge boon, as Plawecki's minor numbers do indicate he will be a quality ML hitter. It would be ideal frankly.

If we can get Cespedes for 5 years I'd do it. 6 years I'd think about it.


Michael S. said...

2. Conforto
4. Heyward
6. Duda

I can't deal with Duda's extended disappearing acts.

bob gregory said...
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