Mack's Morning Post - 11-25-15 - John Sickles


Good morning.

For some reason, Chris Soto didn't post this morning. Maybe he took an early Thanksgiving break.

Therefore, this shortened post will serve as the morning report.

BTW... we will be 'closed' tomorrow for the holiday.

John Sickles http://www.minorleagueball.com/2015/11/23/9784990/new-york-mets-top-20-prospects-for-2016 is out with his current top 20 Mets prospect list and it’s far less rated than Mets prospect lists have been in the past.

1) Steven Matz, LHP, Grade A-/A:
2) Dominic Smith, 1B, Grade B:
3) Amed Rosario, SS, Grade B:
4) Gavin Cecchini, SS, Grade B-:
5) Brandon Nimmo, OF, Grade B-:
6) Wuilmer Becerra, OF, Grade B-:
7) Desmond Lindsay, Of, Grade B-/C+:
8) Marcos Molina, RHP, Grade C+/B-:
9) Milton Ramos, SS, Grade C+:
10) Luis Carpio, SS, Grade C+:
11) Ali Sanchez, C, Grade C+:
12) Chris Flexen, RHP, Grade C+:
13) Eudor Garcia, 3B, Grade C+:
14) Andres Gimenez, SS, Grade C+:
15) Gregory Guerrero, SS, Grade C+:
16) Akeel Morris, RHP, Grade C+:
17) Jeff McNeil, INF, Grade C+:
18) Matt Reynolds, SS, Grade C+/C:
19) Max Wotell, LHP, Grade C+/C:
20) Jhoan Urena, 3B, Grade C+/C:

A few observations…

I was surprised to see that SS Luis Guillorme was left off this list. I consider him much more of a shortstop ‘prospect’ than either Reynolds or Carpio.

I also found it surprising that Sickles had Rosario listed as a shortstop. Does he know something we all don’t know?

Other than that, it’s the usual list of subjects.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


Anonymous said...

Rosario is a SS.

bob gregory said...


Smith, Cecchini, and Nimmo have not turned into A Level prospects yet.

Considering that represents 3 years of high round draft picks, not good.

Ernest Dove said...

Dom Smith was mvp of his league and gets a B rating? Ok..............

Mack Ade said...

I'm sorry... I'm confusing Rosario with Dilson Herrera again

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

I think Sickles based his ratings on the same thing I'm hung up on... the lack of developing power

Thomas Brennan said...

MLB.com just wrote that Smith is the best pure hitter in this year's AFL, and a superior glove. He should be rated higher.

Matt, you may be down on Matt Reynolds, but count your blessings when the Mrs Mack's leftovers end up in Reynolds Wrap :)

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who gets close to a Hot Stove tomorrow.

Robb said...

Remember, A means star and except for top 10-20 prospects in baseball they have to be double A to get it. He works a lot on progression, so a C level prospect in A ball can quickly turn into B and so forth.

Herrera has to many at bats to be counted as a prospect i think. If Dom's comp is James Loney, a sold regular is fair.

Carpio/Sanchez are exciting.

The mets have graduated an A/B prospect in 3 consecutive years at least. So the hit is to be expected. What We do with potentially 2 picks in the top 40 and an international market with most big money clubs hamstringed by spending limits will matter this year. This is the year to replenish with high upside talent that will take a couple years as for the most part the roster is filling up. 5 young starters, a 3rd base, lf, 2b (whichever one gets chosen) already taken.

Mack Ade said...

Robb -

My hopes are the Mets stay away with middle infield picks this year fir their first two picks and bonus babies internationally. There are 5 internationally studs in the pipeline that should translate into one great player some day.

Robb said...

Mack, It's a bit different with 16 year olds. They all play ss, even if they wont stay there.

But with the draft id think you'd want to take at least 1 moon shot high school pitcher and the other bpa. Never draft for need.

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