The Morning Report 11.19.2015 | Jacob deGrom 7th in Cy Young Voting, Mets Taking Slow Approach this Winter, Tejada Likely to be Non-Tendered


Mike Vorkunov NJ Advance Media- The Chicago Cubs' Jake Arrieta won the battle of the aces on Wednesday, besting fellow finalists Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw to capture the 2015 NL Cy Young award, which was announced during a live presentation on MLB Network. Mets right-hander Jacob deGrom, who went 14-8 with a 2.54 ERA in his sophomore season, finished seventh with seven total points.

(Chris Soto: deGrom really didn't have much of a shot for the award with as well as Grienke and Arrieta pitched down the stretch. However, this most certainly won't be deGrom's only shot for the award. The Mets, as a team, have 3 legitimate annual Cy Young candidates in deGrom, Matt Harvey, and my personal favorite Noah Syndergaard.)

Brian Devine | Metsmerized Online- The Mets expect to stay quiet until the Winter Meetings in early December. While they are currently searching for upgrades at several positions, they don’t expect anything to happen before then and believe talks will slow down soon with Thanksgiving approaching. The Mets are prioritizing centerfield, setup relievers and they are looking to find a potential trade partner for a shortstop.

(Chris Soto: In the past....most of the off-season activity doesn't really happen until the Winter Meetings anyone. There hasn't really been any major free agent signings yet but we have seen some big names get traded already with Kimbrel going to the Red Sox, K-Rod to the Tigers, and Simmons going to Anaheim. If this is just the appetizer, then the main course of the off-season is sure to be more than exciting to watch.)

Rocco Constantino Amazin AvenueThe Mets are still considering non-tendering Tejada—a possibility floated last week—as he recovers from a fractured fibula. The move would not come as a surprise, as Tejada could earn up to $3 million next year. Even with a bit of a revival last season, Tejada still only batted .261 with a .338 on-base percentage and .688 OPS. Although he showed some value by playing games at second and third base, he rated poorly in nearly all defensive categories.

(Chris Soto: From what I have heard, the front office seems to have liked what they saw out of Matt Reynolds in AAA last season in the 90+ games he played at SS. His .721 OPS in the hitting freindly Pacific Coast League environment may not be all that exciting....but the club feels its good enough to at least have him start 2016 in a reserve role. Reynolds also has experience at 2B so he would be able to back-up both middle infield positions, which is the exact role that Ruben Tejada is currently filling.)

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • Tim Rohan of the New York Times reports that the Mets had a conference call with Ben Zobrists' representatives at Octagon today. Zobrist is seeking a four-year deal and is listening to the pitches from each club. The club still believes that Zobrist large market is going to put him out of their price range, however, there continues to be steady dialogue between the two camps.
  • Per Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, the Mets are expected to make a “legitimate bid” for Daniel Murphy. Some Mets officials feel that Murphy might consider an offer from the Mets even if they don’t make the strongest bid due to his longstanding relationship with the team.
  • Mike Puma of the New York Post tweeted out that upon learning of RP Darren O'Day's asking price of  a four-year contract in the $28-36MM range, that the Mets most likely wouldn’t remain in the mix if the price truly escalated to those levels.


Thomas Brennan said...

At least a guy named Jake won the award. Next year, may our Jake win it.

Murph with a hometown discount? OK by me. We'll sort it all out. I am a little skeptical of Zobrist, given his age.

Andrew Miller might be traded. Yanks want starter. Are we interested?

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I'm not changing from my original stance... keep the 'Fab 5' and work the rest of the 25-man around them.

Zozo said...

I don't think writers, bloggers and espescially the fans aren't putting enough pressure on this ownership to hold to their word, and that is that payroll will go up when more fans show up to the ball games.
We did our part so they should do theirs. I bought a 20 game package for next year and spent a ton on playoff games this year. Our payroll should be around $140 million, so go out and get us a legit 3 and 4 hitter. If not they will be wasting this tremendous starting pitching we have and put more stress on their arms by having to pitch a 1-0 shutout every time.

Ernest Dove said...

If Mets non tender tejada in favor of Reynolds they need to let murph go in favor of Herrera.
I mean, my God, they need defense SOMEHERE. If Wilmer, Reynolds, Murph is the middle infield..............................

bob gregory said...

Zozo I agree.

Keep in mind one thing. Alderson's tenure with the Mets have proven one thing to be absolutely true. No information leaks from the front office as to what they may be planning or actually working on. All of the "reports" that surface over the years seem to have begun as speculation by a reporter, radio or tv personality, or blog writer as what they think or want the Mets to do. Those thoughts have seemed to morphed into "reports" as more and more writers, radio hosts, tv personalities, and blog writers respond to it like a game of Media-Telephone where the final person that hears the message hears something completely different than what was said to begin with.

Alderson may be many things. He is not stupid though. He has to realize the opportunity that has presented itself with the wonderful, young starting pitchers that he has.
He also has to realize the risk of injuries and rising salaries that limit the time frame the Mets will be able to take full advantage of their abilities.

I really believe that this off season will be different than previous off seasons. I believe there is a strong possibility Alderson will continue what he started during the Summer.

If Cespedes fit well into the club house during his time with the Mets, I fully believe Alderson will legitimately pursue him and will likely return him to the Mets.

I believe a serious effort will be made to upgrade at 1st base with a more consistent offensive player that can fill the 3rd, 4th, or 5th spot in the lineup.

I also believe Alderson will also at least explore Granderson's value in trade.

I do not believe Tejada will return to the Mets.
I also believe that Wheeler's personal plea to Alderson to stay a Met has moved Alderson in such a way that Wheeler will not be traded this year.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

The Mets didn't do their part?

Listen... you, and a lot of other readers here, need to calm down and give this process a chance. The Mets haven't let anyone down yet for the 2016 season.

And BTW... bloggers, writers, and fans have no influence in how the 2016 team will turn out.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

The word on Herrrera's defense on second base is 'developing'... better than Murphy but a ways to go.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

I'll say this again knowing it may piss you off (so I apologize up front).

The Mets became a potential playoff team AFTER the all-star break.

This year, Matz, Wright, and d'Arnaud join the team out of the box.

There will be off-season moves before the season starts, but you might not see a big name addition until after the all-start break and all the Mets have to do is pay for the rest of what's left of that player's 2016 contract before free agency.

That's how the 2015 Mets got here and you might see a repeat of that plan in 2016.

Adam Smith said...

We clearly need someone with a professional bat who can play at least 2B and 3B, possibly as a starter for long stretches. Signing Murphy would be fine by me.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hi Mack

My proposed trade to Yanks for Miller? Montero, Niese, and a prospect other than Nimmo, Cecchini, Smith, and Herrera.

I still say re-sign Murphy, put him at 1B, trade Duda. Murph can play 1B til Smith arrives. He can swing to 2nd if Herrera struggles. He can play 3rd if Wright gets injured. Duda can play 1B, and watch first pitch meatballs sail by. Duda should have large trade value.

Then re-sign Cespedes. Figure out his (low) first pitch swing rate, and give him a bonus if he doubles that rate. Incent him to upgrade his skills by not wasting first pitches.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

I like your Miller idea. If you sign Murphy, would the Yanks take Duda? Do they need a Duda?

As for Cespedes, he will be able to get FU money from plenty of teams that won't tie it in to swing rates. Never happen.

Metsiac said...

Miller is fine, but he's making closer money and we have a closer. Trading all that talent for him compounds the negative.

And the Yankees have NO spot for Duda, with Bird and Tex there.

bob gregory said...


Don't worry. I have nothing at all to be pissed off about.

I just differ in what we possibly see happening here.
My comments about writers, bliggers, etc... underscore my point that nobody should really worry about any of these rumors. Because I really do not believe any information regarding Alderson's plans ever leak out.

I understand you look at Matz, Wright, & D'Arnaud are net gains to start the season.

I just disagree on feeling comfortable Wright & D'Arnaud will suddenly become more healthy and produce a net gain at the end.

I agree Matz can produce a net gain but how much of a gain over Niese or Colon??
1,2,3,4 games over the first half of the year??

Now look at the negative losses.
Murphy's production gone.
Granderson iffy to repeat such a great year.

I just simply do not believe Alderson will enter the 2016 season without more stability in the offense.

I could be wrong. But I don't think Alderson is waiting for the future to arrive anymore and I don't think he will rely that the Mets are as lucky.as they were this year that the Nats implode.

Zozo said...

Why wait and put extra stress on our young pitchers arms by having to go out all season long because you don't have a comfortable lead every once in awhile? Pedro Martinez talked about how much more pressure is put on a pitchers arms when having to pitch under these circumstances. So by setting our offense at the beginning of the season in my opinion would be best.

I also believe that if a fan base voices their opinions enough, they will be heard. Mike Piazza might not have been a Met if the Fans didn't go ape shit over getting him. This ownership group can't let another offseason go by without stepping up to the plate this offseason. They need to stop bargain shopping at the end of the offseason.
Go all in on Heyward and Cespedes and trade Granderson. Also if you go all in on these 2 guys this year you lose just your 1st pick. You won't have to go the top free agent route again for a few years and not lose multiple 1st rounders if you don't go all in at once.

I don't want them to lose out on these guys because we didn't put pressure them right away, before they are not available anymore.

Hobie said...

Anybody try the new SNY site?

AWFUL, just plain awful.

Thomas Brennan said...

Zozo,I agree. It is why I wrote my Jerry Koosman article last week. He got SO little offensive report, a Mets historical specialty.

Mets management should set a goal that this team score in the top 5 NL scoring teams....and make it happen. Support its pitchers. Draw tons of fans, paying for all the valued guys, with a net profit left over.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

I'm not going to convince you of anything here.

And, all we all have is opinions.

No one is putting any extra pressure on the starters. Their job is to get to the end of the 7th inning with a lead.

The Mets are never going to sigh Heyward AND Cespedes. It simply is never going to happen.

Ernest Dove said...

Go ask championship teams like Royals, Cards and Giants if they care about signing $150-200mil guys to stay relevant............
Lets hope TDA stays on the field, Wright makes it through the season, Duda.........I don't know about him........and Grandy doesn't regress.
I expect big things from Conforto.

bob gregory said...

Let's be fair here.

Remember teams like the Cards & Giants have spent big on players. Remember Holiday and Bonds, Kent, and more.
Also remember how the Royals acquired their talent that brought them to the World Series the past 2 years.
They Stunk for years and made high level draft picks for many years in a row.

If the Mets currently have to wait to get high level draft picks to get talent like the Royals acquired, you might forget who DeGrom, Syndergaard, and Harvey were before being successful.

Spend money. Spend talent in trade. Draft. Only 3 ways to get what you want.
Which is used is determined by a team's current talent situation, finances, and success goal.

I believe that Zozo is stating his belief that the Mets should have a goal of entering the season feeling confident that they are able to make the playoffs for each of the next 3+ years that they have their pitching under reasonable control.

I believe as currently structured it is safe to say the offense is not able to provide the balance needed to do its part.

so... do you spend talent to improve the offense?
do you spend money to improve?
or do you lower your goal and settle for being less confident about reaching playoffs.

It certainly seems a waste to me, to lower the goal expectation with such a possibly historic pitching staff.

Which do you choose?

IBfromWhitePlains said...

Hate to see Curtis traded. He’s the glue that held the ’15 Mets together. Really the heart and soul of the team. Beautiful .821 OPS in the leadoff spot. Not too shabby. What would be an equal return?

Heyward's a good ballplayer, but has never lived up to the hype. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. Expensive gamble.

Zozo said...

When a pitcher pitches in close games it is more taxing on there bodies. If once in awhile they have a few run lead they can ease up a bit on the gas pedal.

Zozo said...

Also why wait til end of July and maybe make it to the playoffs, we could have easily won 10 more games if we had a better offense from the beginning last year.

TP said...

The Grandyman needs to stay.
The Mets do not need to sign a top tier bat this winter.
The plan I agree with is to keep the Fab 5 starters, barring an overwhelming offer. Sign a legit 8th inning piece. Sign Zobrist or Murphy as the "bat". Acquire a LH CF to compliment Lagares. Acquire a legit fielding SS. See you in KC for Opening Day 2016.

bob gregory said...

I wonder.
Why would any fan not want their team to have the best, most talented players possible?

There are no extra prizes for achieving more with less.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

"When a pitcher pitches in close games it is more taxing on there bodies. If once in awhile they have a few run lead they can ease up a bit on the gas pedal"

You honestly believe this?

bob gregory said...

I do.
Didn't the Mets prove they do also as they tracked Harveys high stress pitches that he made this season?
The stress referring to the situation.

Normal human reaction to try to reach back and over perform in more difficult situations.
Didn't you give more and work harder when you faced a deadline at work?

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