THE BOOKS by Tom Brennan


THE BOOKS by Tom Brennan

Two sets of BOOKS in Mets Land.

Howie Rose puts it in the books when the Mets win.

Terry Collins goes by the Book, to a fault.

He uses Reed, Clippard and Familia in a comfortable game 3.

When there are critical games the next two nights.

Last night, loved Colon in the 6th...but he is pulled for Mr. 7th inning, Addison Reed.  Who was great in the 7th, but pulled for Mr. 8th inning, Tyler Clippard.

The 3 guys I watched with all said, why not leave Colon in? Why not Reed? Why bring in shaky Clippard.  Well, because the Book says so, per Terry.

2 straight walks by Clippard, the last with 0-2 count, spells downfall in any book.

Use some intuition, Terry...please. Clippard against a relentless Royals team? Wrong book.   May have cost them the series.


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