Mack – The 2016 Miami Marlins


Current monies under contract - $ 31,450,000

2016 Free agents – P Casey McGehee, C Jeff Mathis, OF Don Kelly

Top prospects – RHP Kendry Flores, C Tomas Telis, RP Nick Wittgren

1B – Justin Bour – pre-ARB - $500K
2B – Dee Gordon – ARB-2 –  $500K -
SS – Adeiny Hechavarria – ARB-2 - $500K
3B – Martin Prado - $11mil -
OF – Giancarlo Stanton - $9mil – contract through 2027 -
OF – Ichiro Suzuki - $2mil
OF – Christian Yelich - $1mil – contract through 2021 – 2015 injury (knee)
OF – Marcell Ozuna – pre-ARB - $500K
C – J.T. Realmuto – pre-ARB - $500K
SP – Henderson Alvarez – ABR-2 - $500K – shoulder surgery in 2015 -
SP – David Phelps – ARB-2 - $500K
SP – Jose Fernandez – ARB-1 - $500K – 2014/2015 TJS
SP - Tom Koehler – ARB-1 - $500K
SP – Jarred Cosart – pre-ARB - $500K
RP – Michael Dunn - $3.45mil
RP – Aaron Crow – ARB-3 - $500K – missed 2015 season (elbow)
RP – Carter Capps – ARB-1 - $500K
RP – A.J. Ramos – ARB-1 - $500K
RP – Kyle Barraclough – pre-ARB - $500K
RP – Brian Ellington – pre-ARB - $500K
BP – Bryan Morris – ARB-1 - $500K

The is a young team with some seriously talented players (Stanton, Hernandez); however, there is nowhere near as many players needed to first compete with divisional teams like the Mets and Nationals, but also National League rivals like the Cubs, the Cards, and the Pirates.

The craziness continues in the front office. Once General Manager, then GM/ Skipper, then GM again Dan Jennings has been fired. One of the many layers of VP-Suits between the field general and the owner then hired Don Mattingly for their next manager.

Hiring Matti ngly was a good first step. The team needs someone in the dugout/clubhouse that can work with young players and deal with a large city press crew. They also need someone that can bridge the players and the crazy owner. Good luck with that one.

After that, they could use serious upgrades on shortstop, catching, and additional front end starters.

The 2015 version of the Marlins was actually given an outside chance to compete against the Nationals, but then injuries set in to the depthless team. In actuality, I give them a lot of credit this past season, especially with their young relief staff.

A lot is needed here, but you’re not going to get much help from the agents of ballplayers eligible for free agency. No guaranteed contracts mean no deals.

I’ve got these guys finishing ahead of the Phillies, which isn’t saying much. 


Ernest Dove said...

Remwmber when the Marlins had a ridiculously talented and young outfield?
Two got hurt and the other was temporarily demoted to aaa.
Lets find a miracle and win 3 in a row bwcaiset who knows what future holds.

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