The Morning Report 11.3.2015 | Marcos Molina Under the Knife, Free Agency Filings, 40 Man Becomes Active Roster


Steve Sypa Amazin Avenue- Mets' pitching prospect Marcos Molina has undergone Tommy John surgery. Molina made six starts with the St. Lucie Mets before being shut down on May 14 due to a strained right elbow. After exploring the possibility of needing Tommy John surgery, Molina and the team opted to have him rehab the injury naturally instead. On August 5, he returned to the mound for the first time in roughly two-and-a-half months, starting a rehab game for the GCL Mets. Molina returned to the St. Lucie Mets a week later, but had his season come to an end after only two more appearances due to lingering elbow issues.

(Chris Soto: Damn....what a shame. Molina is one of the more talented arms left in the system after Alderson depleted some of it's depth via mid-season trades. It is quite troubling how the situation was handled. Generally prospects are handled with great care so it's surprising that the organization let Molina go back out there and pitch again. My initial thoughts are that Molina himself had reservations about getting the surgery and the Mets couldn't convince him otherwise. Either way, sadly, we will not be seeing Molina in 2016.)


  • The Following players have filed for free agency and are no longer members of the team. The Mets will have a 5 day exclusive negotiating window with all of these players before free agency opens.
    • LHP Jerry Blevins, $2.4M
    • OF Yeonis Cespedes, $10.5M
    • RHP Tyler Clippard, $8.3M
    • RHP Bartolo Colon, $11M
    • UT Kelly Johnson, $1.5M
    • IF Daniel Murphy, $8M
    • LHP Eric O'Flaherty, $5.5M
    • RHP Bobby Parnell, $3.7M
    • IF Juan Uribe, $6.5M
      • Total Salary Reduction: $57.4M
      • 40 Man Roster Size: 31 players
  • Per MLB Rules, all players on the 40 man roster must be placed on the active roster. The following Players have been placed on the active roster
    • RHP Carlos Torres
    • RHP Gabriel Ynoa
    • RHP Logan Verrett
    • LF Eric Young Jr.
    • 2B Dilson Herrera
    • RHP Akeel Morris
    • C Anthony Recker
    • 3B Eric Campbell
    • SS Ruben Tejada
    • LHP Dario Alvarez
    • SS Matt Reynolds
    • RHP Erik Goeddel
    • C Johnny Monell
(Chris Soto: The 2015-2016 Off-season has officially begun with the procedural moves being first. One thing to take note of is that the Mets will need to activate all of their players currently on the 60 Day Disabled List. Currently the 40 man roster has enough space to accommodate the 7 guys on the DL but it doesn't leave too much room for Rule 5 Draft protections so additional removals from the 40 man roster will need to be made.)


Thomas Brennan said...

it would be good to know when Molina underwent the surgery. Did it just happen, or shortly after he was shut down. I do not know why the Mets are so stingy with such specifics. But it is a sad thing, and a real hit to the remaining depth in minor league pitching.

I think Cespedes waived the 5 day rule, and perhaps others will too, such as Colon. But that's a lot of guys to sort through and decide who to try to sign and who not to. Should be a wild offseason.

Ernest Dove said...

Part of me expects none of those free agents to return..........maybe kelly johnson should get an offer from Mets. Maybe if Uribe is willing to take a pay cut........and I wonder what Blevins and his agent would expect as a salary offer?

Metsiac said...

It's almosr 2 weeks since I last saw Cecchini's name in an AFL box score. Is he injured again?

Ernest Dove said...

I think he's participating in some kind exhibition representing the good ole USA and stats might be hard to come by for it.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

My guess is the Molina TJS just happened

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, makes you wonder how it could take 2 to 3 months to operate on Molina. He'll miss 2016, but like Harvey, another 2 or 3 months lengthens the recovery period before he throws in real games again.

Hobie said...

Mets 360 reported Saturday: "..Mets’ top right-handed pitching prospect Marcos Molina has undergone Tommy John surgery. Baseball America’s Matt Eddy broke the news yesterday before game time [i.e Fri Nite] that Molina underwent the procedure after the season and will miss all of 2016."

bob gregory said...

It still just does not make any sense to just let Cespedes go without seriously going after him.

Between the cost it took to trade for him, the cost it would take financially or in trade chips to replace him, the lack of compensation if he signs elsewhere, and the draft pick connected to potential replacements, the cost to replace him is higher than the cost of a serious pursuit.

Hobie said...

Thomas -- my understanding is that the 5-day window is for EXCLUSIVE bargaining and coincides with the QO window. The deadline for player acceptance/rejection of a QO comes later. I am still not sure if a FA rejects an offered QO he can be resigned by his former team until the beginning of of the year.

'm sure no one other than possibly Murphy will get a QO.

...and you know, I wouldn't mind a reasonable 1-yr extension for Bartolo. Seriously.

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