Reese Kaplan - Terry Collins Finishes 3rd in Manager of the Year Voting


In a somewhat surprising turn, it was't even close as Joe Maddon cinched the award with the Cubs' excellent 97 win season. Mike Matheny of the Cardinals finished second and the man who reached the post season for the first time in his long career brought up the rear.

Kaplan -- The Mets got to the World Series based upon the bat of Yoenis Cespedes, the promotion of Michael Conforto and the returns from injury by both Travis d'Arnaud and David Wright.  Everyone saw how the team performed under Collins' stewardship and his gross mismanagement of the bullpen (not to mention the unforgiveable mistake of letting Cespedes continue his AB when he couldn't even walk, thus risking a double or triple play) demonstrated he was not worthy of this honor.  He squandered an 11 game winning streak to fall below .500 and only started winning when the GM intervened.  If he'd gotten Manager of the Year it would have been a travesty.


Thomas Brennan said...

Cespedes was the Gimper who tried to win one for the Skipper.

He certainly wasn't manager of the Series.

But travesty might be too strong a word...consider by contrast the winner of the 2012 election...I'll say no more. Except he makes Collins look like the Gipper.

Metsiac said...

Why let facts get in the way of a god rant? The first half team was barely AAAA. No David, No Travis, Mejia basically gone, no Conforto, Flores making about 15 Errors at SS, no Thor, no Matz.

A team that should've been fighting the Phillies for the cellar. But the mgr who kept them above .500 despite all that is "incompetent", right?

Do you really think that we'd have been buyers at the deadline with a truly inept mgr?

ABSURD argument. Those who truly know what managing is like ---his fellow mgrs -- voted him MOTY. Rightfuly so.

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