The Morning Report 11.17.2015 | Zobrist Market Becoming Too Costly, A RP Mets Should Target, Syndergaard Finishes 4th in ROY Voting


Kristie Ackert NY Daily News- The Mets are looking for a second chance at second base, but it looks like Ben Zobrist is out of their price range. An industry source said Monday they expect Zobrist, coming off a World Series championship with the Royals, could command at least a three- or four-year deal worth $40 to $50 million. The Mets were among several teams to express strong interest in Zobrist when free agency opened, meaning there is a chance his contract demands will skyrocket.

(Chris Soto: Don't be alarmed....this is not saying that the Mets cannot AFFORD the demands of Zobrist. What is more likely is that the Mets do not see Zobrist as being a large enough value add over Wilmer Flores or Dilson Herrera to be worth $12.5M to $13M per season.....and they are right! Flores is 11 years younger than Zobrist and has a similar defensive profile as him [poor SS, average 2B/3B] but already is producing more power than Zobrist. What Zobrist does better than Flores right now is....he draws walks and he is far more consistent, both things a 23 yr old ball player can grow into.)

Lukas Vlahos | Amazin Avenue- Coming into 2015, Mark Lowe appeared to be a washed-up middle reliever. In 2013 and 2014, Lowe pitched a combined 18.2 major league innings with a 7.23 ERA and 6.51 FIP. Lowe then had the finest season of his career [in 2015], with a 1.96 ERA with a 2.57 FIP in 55 innings. He posted a full-season career-high strikeout rate and a career-low walk rate, and returned to the ground ball-heavy ways that brought him success in 2011. The 32-year-old Lowe's free agent market will likely be depressed compared to other middle relievers. For the Mets, this could lead to a great chance to sign a cost-effective bullpen piece.

(Chris Soto: Mark Lowe has been a strong of mine this off-season for the Mets and is someone that is flying under the radar that I think could provide excellent value to the club's bullpen in 2016. I certainly wouldn't depend on him for late inning relief, but he could be a strong candidate for 7th inning work.)

Mike Vorkunov NJ Advance Media- Kris Bryant, the stellar Cubs third baseman, won the National League Rookie of the Year award as expected. That should be no shock at all. Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard missed the top three. He wasn't among the finalists announced last week by the Baseball Writers Association of America, the group that votes on the award. Bryant won with 150 total points, with only the top three choices on each ballot. Duffy had 70 points, Kang was third with 28, and Syndergaard had 16 points to finish fourth.

(Chris Soto: Darn....quite an unfortunate. Syndergaard had a superb rookie season that would run away with the Rookie of Year award in most seasons. However, not during 2015 which was the year of the super prospects. Kris Bryant was flat out magnificent for the Cubs and Matt Duffy was a rock at 2B for the Giants all season long despite being under the radar. I was surprised to see Kang ahead of Syndergaard considering he was a part time player for a good chunk of the season. That said though, when Kang did start, he was a monster offensive force at SS which is a rare find right now.)

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • According to Mar Carig of Newsday, the Mets have reached out to OF Gerard Parra. Parra could be part of a platoon with Juan Lagares in CF but there are other teams that are likely to give Parra more playing time.

(Chris Soto: Quite day on the Hot Stove....lets hope for a little more action today.)


Mack Ade said...

Morning all -

Very quite Hot Stove season. I expected the Mets to have signed a relief pitcher by now. Not their norm.

Dallas said...

Would so love to see an O'Day signing. Honestly he was better than Kimbrel last year.

What would a Zobrist signing mean for Herrera? Would Zobrist play some SS/1B/3B to give him playing time?

Kevin S said...

Regarding the bullpen situation, I don't think we'll see them signing a top guy like Soria or O'Day for $20M deals. I think it's more likely they sign a guy like Shawn Kelley (or Mark Lowe like mentioned) and move Montero to the pen full-time. They let Kelley, Montero & Reed battle and if someone isn't getting the job done, they will make an in season deal (like Clippard trade) for help at the deadline to shore up the back end of the pen.

Mack Ade said...

Dallas -

Herrera has no place to go but to Queens. He also doesn't play any other position than second base.

This is another of those unsexy moved I talk about. Give this job to Herrera for 2016 and let's see what he does.

Mack Ade said...

Kevin -

you also have to find places for guys like Logan Verrett and Erick Goedell

Kevin S said...

My opening 7 in the bullpen would be Familia, Reed, Kelley, Montero, Robles, Edgin/Blevins and Goedell/Gilmartin. Verrett will be starting opening day in Las Vegas. We could always send Gilmartin down to work out of the Vegas rotation too.

Mack Ade said...

Kevin -

would you give Mejia another chance when he comes eligible?

Thomas Brennan said...

Sign Cespedes if they think they can get him to swing at fatcfirst strikes.

Kevin S said...


I wouldn't release Mejia but I wouldn't give him a thing. If he wants another shot, he has to earn it.

The only people I have set in stone are:
LF Conforto
RF Granderson
C d'Arnaud
SP1-4 Harvey, deGrom, Matz & Thor
RP Familia

Everybody else needs to earn their spot

Ernest Dove said...

All the regulars on here know I love talking prospects and potential. .......
That being said I think its safe to say that the Mets need to see every season for the next 3 seasons as a World Series or Bust year because of this ridiculous rotation.
Conforto showed he deserves to play everyday in 2016. But if Mets paid money to sign 'solid veterans' to start ahead of Herrera, Smith, cecchini, Nimmo, etc I would understand completely.
And Wilmer God bless em did not step up offensively in the postseason.
Mets are in Win Now mode until further notice. Best 25 men to win a division/league/championship title every game, every month, every season.

Kevin S said...

^ agree 100% Ernest. They have solid starters for under $20M combined next year. $30M after that, $50M after that... Now is the time to build this team to contend. Worry about blocking prospects later.

bob gregory said...

Ernest & Kevin

Right on the Money.

This team could be historic if the leadership would just commit themselves to making the best team possible from now and into the next 5 years.

That is why players like Cespedes, Heyward, Freeman are the types of players the Mets should be looking to acquire.

The Mets team could be constructed to be better than the Yankees during their dynasty years without landing in the top 5 payroll teams.

Just think what the Mets team could look like if the leadership could commit to $130-$150 million payroll over the next 5 years.
What could their success lead to in profit?

I warn one thing. If the Mets were to falter and return to a non competitive, offense deprived team, whatever good will and regrowth of fan base it has regained will quickly disappear and most likely erode even further.

Try giving a starving dog a nice juicy steak and then try to take it away as soon as the dog takes his first bite.

Kevin S said...

Good analogy Bob. I'm F-in starving!!!!!

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