The Morning Report 11.5.2015 | Should the Mets Give Murphy a QO?, Geren Interviewing for Dodgers Position, No SPs on the Trade Block, Lagares Elbow Being Examined


Andrew Gould Amazin Avenue- Days after falling short in the World Series, the Mets must make a pivotal off-season decision. With Friday's deadline looming, the club has not decided whether it will extend a one-year, $15.8 million qualifying offer to Daniel Murphy. If Murphy declines the qualifying offer and signs with another team—and no player has accepted one since the creation of the qualifying offer—the Mets would receive a compensatory draft pick in next year's amateur draft.

(Chris Soto: I personally do not believe that Murphy's agent thinks he can get more than $15.8M per season on the open market, and because of that, there is actually a high probability that Murphy would accept the Qualifying Offer. Per research at Fangraphs, the general consensus is that Murphy could get a maximum contract of 4yrs $48M or $12M per season. It comes down to whether Murphy wants the long term security or the big dollar value. While a 1 yr deal is hardly debilitating to a team's payroll, that money could certainly be used to improve the elsewhere.)

Adam Rubin ESPN New York- The New York Mets have invited all of their coaches to return for the 2016 season, general manager Sandy Alderson said Wednesday. First, though, bench coach Bob Geren will interview for the managerial job with the Los Angeles Dodgers. ESPN’s Jim Bowden reports the candidates also include Kirk Gibson, Bud Black, Gabe Kapler, Dave Roberts, Dave Martinez, Darrin Erstad, Ron Roenicke and Tim Wallach. Geren may not be the favorite to land the job, but he does have a relationship with Dodgers GM Farhan Zaidi from their days with the Oakland Athletics. Geren managed the A’s from 2007 through 2011, compiling a 334-376 record.

(Chris Soto: You have to wonder....lets say hypothetically that Bob Geren is hired as the Dodgers new Manager. That leaves Terry's bench coach position open to be filled, anyone think that they would promote Wally Backman into that position? Me personally, I think that would be too much of a distraction at first, but eventually no one would care.....that is unless the Mets somehow struggle next season. Honestly I think you could see someone like Binghamton Mets manager Luis Natera get the call instead of Backman.)

Brian Devine Metsmerized Online- According to Sandy Alderson, the Mets are unlikely to trade any of the team’s top young starters during the offseason. While the Mets will certainly be looking for upgrades on offense, Alderson thinks that dealing any of them will end up hurting the team unless somebody is willing to make them a great offer. “I can’t see it happening,” Alderson said Wednesday about the quartet of Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz. “You never know what comes up. But I think it’s unlikely.”

(Chris Soto: Nor should he....Alderson said it perfectly in his interview yesterday. Next year, if they haven't already, the Mets Full 5 SP Rotation is going to be the envy of the entire MLB. Quite honestly, anyone of Harvey, deGrom, or Syndergaard could easily be next year's CY Young award winner. It' actually more likely that all 3 end up in the Top 5 in voting for the award. Keep the beasts intact and spend the free agency money on hitting.)

Danny Abriano | Rising Apple- Mets manager Terry Collins said on Wednesday that Juan Lagares, who has been dealing with a right elbow issue since 2014, will probably not require surgery for the injury. According to Collins, Lagares was set to be examined on Wednesday and likely be prescribed rest for the elbow. Lagares missed the end of the 2014 season due to the elbow issue and was compromised at times because of it in 2015, with some saying he altered his positioning in the outfield due to his inability to unleash throws as he’d been accustomed to.

(Chris Soto: Terry Collins doesn't exactly have the best track record in regards to projecting potential injuries. Due to the fact that he said Lagares should only need rest, probably means Lagares is heading for Tommy John Surgery. If that is the case, then it actually opens the door wide open for possible additions to the team for the CF position. Free Agent possibilities include Dexter Fowler, Colby Rasmus, Austin Jackson, or Denard Span. You could also get creative and go after athletic corner OFs and try them in CF....this list includes Alex Gordon, Gerardo Parra, Justin Upton, and Jason Heyward.)


Thomas Brennan said...

Morning, Chris

I'd offer Murph a multi-year, put him at first and trade Lucas. I'd be OK with a 1 year QO if they really felt we could sign him with it, since I think we may see Dominic Smith promoted to the bigs in August 2016.

Throw Matz into the equation for dark horse for the Cy Young. Like Syndergaard, his pressure starts in 2015 will be invaluable in his development for 2016.

I am still mad at Backman over the Leathersich injury after he threw nearly 60 pitches in a relief outing.

Who follows Terry as manager? Perhaps manager/player David Wright.

Juan just needs rest? Juan to bet?

Mack Ade said...

Morning -

Back home... is the season over? :)

I would take an idiot to think that there isn't something wrong going out there in center field. The throws are off, the depth he is playing the position has changed, and the entire attitude falls almost in the don't give a shit category. Does this come from becoming a backup outfielder?

I vote for the addition of another centerfielder that has had past health problems but would offer top of the lineup speed... Denard Span.

Mack Ade said...

I have a question...

QO for Murphy or take the same money and structure a deal for Heyward...

Christopher Soto said...

structure a deal for Heyward.....hands down no doubt about it......he's only 25 years old. He hasn't even peaked yet!

He could absolutely still add some more power and become a 20-25 HR 20-25 SB 5 tool player threat.

Thomas Brennan said...

Murphy AND Heyward? Trade Duda, if we can get a bona fide power pen arm from some team, and prospects?

Zozo said...

I like Heyward or Fowler. Fowler has a pretty good OBP and some speed to bat leadoff.
He probably gets a 5year deal for $75million

How much do you guys think Heyward would get?
8 yr $160mil sound good, or does he get the $200mil?

I would offer Murphy the QO and I would be good with him staying or going. We can always trade him midseason if he is collecting dust?

bob gregory said...

I would be concerned with depending on Wright & Duda as the 3rd and 4th place hitters in the lineup. This does not seem like a sustainable recipe for success.

Something to keep in mind in all of the success that the Mets enjoyed this year. It wasn't really successful until after the trading deadline. Before that, the Mets were only able to stay close enough to the top of their division because of the Nationals' injuries and under performance.

This season proved one thing.
The pitching alone, even though it may be spectacular, is not enough to be successful. If it wasn't for the improved offense after the trade deadline, the pitching would not have been enough for the Mets to even reach the Wild Card Playoff Game.

A balance must be met.
If Cespedes and Murphy are to leave in free agency and their offensive performance is not replaced, the incredible pitching most likely will not be enough for the Mets to reach the playoffs next year.

The year has also proven that Wright can not be depended upon to be a consistant middle of the order bat. This doesn't mean he can not be a productive bat in the batting order, just not in the middle.

Conforto has shown signs that he can be a potential consistant middle of the order bat, but signs are just signs. They are not definite. Signs do not necessarily follow anybody's time table. Betting the entire season next year on Conforto being a consistantly productive 3rd or 4th place hitter is not a smart thing to do.

I would caution the same thing regarding D'Arnaud, plus add in the consistency of his problable injuries each year.

If offense is not balanced better with the pitching next season's performance can very easily mirror the first half of this season. Next year other teams in the division may not allow that to be good enough to hang close enough to make a run like the Mets did during the 2nd half.

No matter how you look at it.... considering the players already traded, the cost of free agent dollars that would be spent, loss of draft picks that goes with free agent signings, and the cost in prospects to make trades...

It is more efficient and makes more baseball sense to seriously pursue Cespedes.

If that is done, the Mets can then focus on how to make their offense/defense able to compete at the highest level.
One factor I would consider important would be which players thrive under pressure. Who looks forward to challenges as an opportunity to rise up and succeed.
Unfortunately Duda does not seem to be this type of player. He can be a successful player, but if a middle of the order bat is needed I would rather have one that does not shy away and plays the big moments tight and with anxiety.

The Mets players should rightfully be commended for such outstanding improvement this season.
Now that they are no longer a Laughing Stock, the organization can not risk sliding back if they enjoyed what this years success brought.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Bob, that was a great article disguised as a blog post. You should write for the site, IMO.

bob gregory said...


Thank you.

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