Mack – Q and A – More Questions, Trading Thor, Rafael Montero, Spring Surprises

Good morning.

First up… I really like this, the ‘Q and A’ posts that are created by you, the reader. Please takes the time to send me an email (macksmets@gmail.com) and throw out a few questions my way. It gives me the opportunity to give you my thoughts on one topic or player and it created a post that others can chime in on. Please, please, please… take the time to send me questions every once in a while.

Gary asked –

            Hi Mack, Here's my question: would you trade Noah Syndergaard for Carlos Correa?

                        Mack – Wow. Why don’t you start me off with a fastball down the middle.

So, you have a 21-year old shortstop that hits .276, but hit 20/96 last season. Correa probably is the best young shortstop in baseball, but we got a good one coming up next season. I don’t think the fan base would put up with any front office that would trade away a guy like Syndergaard, especially to fill a position you already have too many prospects in the pipeline.

No, trade Thor? No, not for Correa. In fact, not for no one.

Luis asked –

           Mack, do you think that Rafael Montero is ever going to become a positive contributor to the parent team?

                       Mack – Good question.

           All of you know how high I was about this kid when he was signed by the Mets in 2011. We all know he has the talent to pitch in the majors. What we don’t know if he can mentally control his game and talent.

           I like his spring so far. He leads the team in strikeouts and you have to love his 0.71 WHIP. He’s only given up one run and two hits over seven innings. I’ll take that every day.

           Luis, I have him firmly inserted in as the SP8 and part of the Las Vegas rotation again this spring.

Leon asked –

           Mack, does anything surprise you so far thing spring?

                       Mack – Well…

           I am surprised to see that T.J. Murphy, Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, and Travis d’Arnaud have the most at bats on the team. This feeds directly into Thomas Brennan’s ‘Young Dudes’ theory.

           Who would have thought that Nimmo would be leading the team with the most hits? He seems to be making it very hard for the Mets to send him down to Las Vegas at the beginning of next month.

           It seems to me that Paul Sewald (0.00, .000 batting average in 4.0-IP) is a lock to replace Josh Edgin (9.00-ERA) as the LOOGY in Queens.

           I think it is criminal that the MLB front office has not announced the details on any possible suspension to Jeurys Familia before the WBC began.


Reese Kaplan said...

Isn't Sewald a righty?

I don't see Sewald making the team when Goeddel and Montero are already on the 40-man roster.

Hobie said...

When evaluating trades (real, rumored, or pure fantasy) I always look at the "delta."

Case in point: if you believe Correa would be an improvement over Rosario, ask yourself "Is he a whole Thor better?" Obviously not even close.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

I did a half ass job on this post. Wrote it yesterday while I was having a bad day.

My apologies.

Mack Ade said...

Gary -

I consider three Mets unavailable for trade discussions... Cespedes, Syndergaard, and Rosario.

Eddie Corona said...

The thor for Correa question is not crazy of you think of Correa as the solution to 3b...
Correea 3b, Rosario SS, Cecchini / TJ/ Flores 2b and Smith 1b could be a Decade of young infileders...

I would be hard pressed to trade thor as he may be the best of all the Pitchers but it is not as easy to dismissed...

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Trade for correa in a heartbeat. 5 days a week versus 1 day wins everytime

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