Clay Ramsey - Kingsport Mets Weekly Recap:


Series Covered:
8/3-8/5 vs. Bristol
8/6-8/8 @ Johnson City

Roster Moves:

8/4 1B Jeremy Vasquez promoted to Brooklyn
8/5 RHP Jose Geraldo promoted to Brooklyn
8/5 RHP Ryan McAuliffe promoted to Kingsport

Thursday 8/3:

- Carlos Hernandez vs Hunter Stratton

- Kingsport wins 9-6
- WP Joe Cavallaro, Save- Ryan Selmer
- Hansel Moreno 1-2, 2 BB, 2 RBI
- Victor Moscote 2-3 2 run 2B
- Carlos Hernandez 4 IP, 8H, 5 R(4ER) 5 Ks (4.32 ERA)
- Anthony Dirocie go ahead grand slam in the 7th inning.
- Hansel Moreno and Juan Uriarte exited the game with injuries.

Friday 8-4:

- Ezequiel Zabaleta vs Domingo Robles

- Kingsport wins 4-3 (10 innings)
- Hansel Moreno remained in the lineup despite being banged up
- WP Aaron Ford (1.74 ERA)
- Anthony Dirocie walk off double scored Jeremy Vasquez
- Ezequiel Zabaleta 5.2 IP 7H 1ER 3BB 5Ks (5.95 ERA)
- Terrazas 3-5 HR, 2 1B, RBI

Saturday 8/5:

- Aneury Olivo vs Travis MacGregor

- Kingsport wins 11-8
- Juan Uriarte remained out of lineup
- every person in lineup had at least 1 hit
- WP Billy Oxford, Save- Edwin German
- Aneury Olivo 4 IP 6 H 6 R(5 ER) 2 BB 2 Ks (9.69 ERA)
- Edwin German 3 IP 0H 0R 1 BB 4 Ks (2.70 ERA)
- Gavin Garay 3-5 taking over for Vasquez at first
- Hansel Moreno 1-4 GR Double, BB, 2 RBI
- Dionis Paulino 3-3 3 1B, 2 RBI, 2 BB
- Rigoberto Terrazas 3-4 3 1B, 1 RBI
- Kevin Hall 1-5 Solo HR (2nd of year)
- Raphael Gladu 2-6

Sunday 8/6:

- Christian James vs Zach Prendergast

- Kingsport loses 7-2
- Juan Uriarte returns to game after an injury kept him out the previous 2 nights
- LP Christian James
- Christian James 2 IP 7H 6ER 1BB 0K
- Joshua Payne 2 IP 0H 0R 1BB 2K
- Every batter struck out at least once; combined for 12 Ks
- Hansel Moreno 2-4 2 2B, RBI, BB, K
- Dionis Paulino 2-4 2 1B, RBI, K
- Anthony Dirocie 1-4
- Rigoberto Terrazas 0-4

Monday 8/7:

- Ronald Sanchez vs Franyel Casadilla

- Kingsport loses a rain-shortened game 16-1
- Wagner Lagrange returned to lineup after having a hamstring injury
- LP Ronald Sanchez 2.2 IP 7H 8R (6ER) 2BB 3Ks (7.88 ERA)
- Raphael Gladu 1-2 1 BB, 1B
- Dionis Paulino 1-3 2B, RBI
- Rigoberto Terrazas 0-2 BB
- Wagner Lagrange 0-2 BB

Tuesday 8/8:

- Carlos Hernandez vs Evan Guillory

- Kingsport loses 8-4
- LP Carlos Hernandez 4.0 IP 7H 6ER 2BB 2Ks
- Aaron Ford 1.1 IP 1H 2Ks
- Rigoberto Terrazas 1-3 1B, R, BB
- Wagner Lagrange 1-4 1B, 2 RBIs on an error by JC
- Juan Uriarte 1-4 1B, RBI Groundout
- Anthony Dirocie 1-4 1B, RBI, 3Ks

Overall Record: 3-3

Now, for my 3 stars of the week:

Bronze Star: Kingsport Mets bullpen- In a general sense, the Kingsport bullpen has had a stellar year. Guys like Aaron Ford (1.54 ERA), Joshua Payne (1.38 ERA) and Ryan Selmer (2.40 ERA) have had very solid years to this point.

Silver Star: Dionis Paulino- Paulino enjoyed a very nice week for the Kmets going 7/18 in these 6 games, which is a .388 clip. He also compiled 4 RBIs drawing 7 BBs

Gold Star: Anthony Dirocie- Dirocie was the hero of the KMets in the Bristol series, winning 2 of the 3 games for the KMets, via a grand slam in game 1 and a walk-off double in game 2. In these 6 games Dirocie was at a .304 clip. He compiled a HR driving in 7 runs and drawing 2 walks.


Thomas Brennan said...

Hi Clay.

In this strong hitting group, I see really promising things from Terrazas, Dirochie, Lagrange and Paulino. Gladu, too.

And lefty Aaron Ford has been a K machine out of the pen. He seems, though, to be one of their few effective pitchers so far.

Great team to follow. Is Terrazas looking as good as his .370 average indicates?

Thomas Brennan said...

And Clay, of course the hard hitting Jeremy Vasquez, promoted and off to a great start at 1B in Brooklyn. He has really impressed.

Clay Ramsey said...

Tom- Terrazas is definitely as good as his average indicates. I'm not as high on his defensive ability as others, but he has made stellar plays at the hot corner. Talking to him after games, he seems very reserved and focused on improving his game

Mack Ade said...

Clay -

Great job on your first weekly report.

I have said this before... I have never seen this much concentrated Latin ++ bats at this level in the pipeline.

I would like to give credit to the Latin scouts down there.

With a little luck, and much defensive instruction, maybe 1-2 of these guys go to Flushing around 2020

Thomas Brennan said...

Nice - of all the Kingsport bats, Terrazas strikes me as at least a potential hot corner major leaguer - but like Mack said, a mighty long way to climb for all these guys.

If the NY Mets are on the main floor, Kingsport is 6 floors underground, given that there are 5 levels above it.

Clay Ramsey said...

Thanks Mack! And I don't think I have either. Never seen a poor pitching team, but a stellar hitting team in Kingsport

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