Peter Hyatt - Jose Reyes, Amed Rosario and Asdrubel Cabrera at the Deadline


In the blowout loss to Seattle, Jose Reyes tried to "steal" second base on a fly out to center field that did not work out. 

In a year in which he has shown serious distraction and poor base running choices, this one was different. 

He attempted to exploit  a particular fielder's arrogant nonchalant style of play.  He also attempted to, early in the game, bring some fire to his sluggish team by taking advantage of an outfielder known for his deliberate displays of indifference in the game.  This is the type of play that could inspire a team, and it was a gamble worth taking. 

It did not work out, but kudos to Reyes for trying to ignite something from a team who's energy levels appear sub mediocre.  

Reyes' injury is a good news/bad news scenario for Mets fans.  

Not wanting to see anyone injured but clamoring for the promotion of Amed Rosario, x- rays came back negative.  Commentators seeing Reyes writhe in pain thought the worst in terms of injury, and waited a few respectful  minutes to mention the "R" word; Rosario.  

How awkward does it feel to have mixed feelings over a man in pain with a possible broken bone?

Concerns over Rosario's possible discouragement and frustration at the lack of promotion have been heard in Mets world of front office internal debate.   Both he and Dom Smith have done everything possible to earn a promotion and the delay has frustrated fans as well as the players. A lost season is the time for player development, but this is not the case with 70 year old Alderson, who has a history of playing contracts over production, nor is it the talent of Terry Collins, 68, who shows his loyalty to veterans and his aversion to developing young players.  Think:  Michael Conforto, April 2017, should any reminder be necessary.  

Reyes' injury may be the final barrier to Rosario's promotion, as interest in Astrubel Cabrera has been lighter than some Mets officials expected.  

Don't underestimate the impact that Astrubel's demand for a contract extension or a trade had on negotiations with teams.  

Astrubel's demand came at a time when his  chip collateral for such was not at its highest, neither offensively nor defensively. He was seen as self and arrogant, especially when he complained that the front office had not shared their future plans on Rosario with him.  

Jose Reyes, on the other hand, has been both a gentleman and a "team first" advocate in offering to help Rosario adjust.   

Teams must weigh risk/reward factors with those who come under the quiet category of "head case" in the decision making process. 

Cabrera did not help himself, while Reyes may have helped retain a spot for next year as a utility player and defensive mentor for Rosario.  

Cabrera may experience his own surprise if put on waivers by the team he thought he could bully via his demands.  

Here's hoping to see Rosario-Smith combination on the field August 1. 

I continue to hope the Mets will make overtures to Jay Bruce on a 4 year deal. 

Bruce is better defensively than often credited, and a mature 30 year old veteran clubhouse presence of sanity and team first.  He could give us 4 years of 30 HRs per and along with Michael Conforto and a healthy 2018 Yoenis Cespdes, could give the Mets a 100+ HR outside.  

No nibbles on character:  Curtis Granderson's 36 year old bat, but it is still difficult to be disappointed here; he remains a quality locker room presence.  


Mack Ade said...

Peter -

Good morning.

Beginning tonight, our 25-man includes Rosario, Conforto, Ramos, Fleven, Cespedes, and deGrom. Smith will follow next week and Thor and Familia returns soon.

The future has begun.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reyes to me has always hustled and injected energy, things that don't always show up in stats but win games.

So Rosario gets promoted but Smith doesn't? And the logic is?

Smith in July before and after Rosario was promoted:

BEFORE: 25 games, 13 doubles, 8 HRs, .400, 26 RBI, .752 slug.

AFTER: 0-4, BB, 2 K: Small sample but he probably was upset.

Why wait? Why not call them up together? Why?

The Mets may opt to sign a defensive-minded, solid hitting CF so Cespedes and Conforto can play the corners, but I for one would like to see Cespedes, Conforto and Bruce hit 100+ homers for the Mets next year.

Reese Kaplan said...

I had assumed Rosario was taking Reed's roster spot but today they announced the immortal Chasen Bradford gets the nod for that. Who goes to make room for Rosario -- Reynolds down or Reyes to the DL?

Mack Ade said...

I expect Reynolds to Vegas

Thomas Brennan said...

Bradford has the key stat working in his favor: he is 27.

Reese Kaplan said...

Maybe if he can find some reverse "Just For Men" and develops gray hair the manager will notice him.

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