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Good morning.

I thought that this would be a good time to check out the pipeline stats and see which players are earning a bump up in the next 30-45 days. We all know how the Mets brass move their talent with tortoise speed and, what the hell, maybe this post will be read by someone that could get things moving for the players that deserve it.

Let’s get started.

First, the pitchers.

Simply put, it just is too early to move any of the pitchers no matter how well they are doing. Starters usually need 10 starts, and relievers need 20 appearances, before some of them get the call to the manager’s office. Any move before that would be premature.

The bats:

Blake Tiberi – 2B  23/yrs – 2016 3rd round pick, Louisville - Tiberi was moved from third base and has now become the full time second baseman for the Columbia team (this was move that proved to be wise since prospect second baseman Walter Rasquin was suspended this month for drug use). The move has elevated his game at the plate and raised his seasonal batting average in the .300 range. He’s 23 and, in any other franchise, we would already be playing A+ ball. There really is no one standing in his way and, boy, we all know we are in need of developing levels of second base prospects. As of 5-12, he has an incredible .436/OBP, which is ranked second in the Sally. Going to St. Lucie would allow Luis Carpio to concentrate his game at third.

Jeremy Vasquez – 1B  21/yrs old – 2017 28th round pick, Nova Southeastern (FL) – A rare find in the 28th round. Vasquez played well for the University of Florida for two years (2015: .339; 2016: .291) but chose to transfer to a smaller school in Florida. He hit .317 in 2017, with 15-HRs and 49-RBIs (453-OBP, 1.067-OPS). He’s now hitting well above the .300 level, though he does need to work on his K/9 levels. Still, like Tiberi, no one really stands in his way at St. Lucie. Dash Winningham is holding down first there, but his projected power never developed and he’s hitting below the Mendoza line. Both he and Tiberi would be a welcome addition to an anemic St. Lucie offense.

Peter Alonso – 1B  23/yrs old – 2016 round two pick – Florida – Here’s the reason Vasquez transferred from Florida to Nova (you have to assume that Alonso told the Mets about Vasquez). Alonso spilt time with Alonso at Florida in 2016, but turned in a stat line of 211-AB, .374/.469/.659/1.128, 14-HR, 60-RBIs. He’s simply a house on fire this year for Binghamton and something has to give here. Adrian Gonzalez only plays first and is playing up to par. Dominic Smith really doesn’t deserve to lose his gig in Vegas. I don’t have an answer here, but Alonso is batter #1 in this pipeline and he needs to either go out west or head to Queens.

Honorable Mentions - 

2B Jeff McNeil - 26/yrs. old - 2013 round 12 pick, Long Beach State - AA- 2018: 
 Binghamton:   .307/.407/.673/1.080. 

OF Tim Tebow30/yrs. old  - undrafted free agent out of the University of Florida... AA-Binghamton: .260/.345/.430/775 

I highlighted both these guy's age in red because I believe this is the one impediment standing in the way for either of these guys from making it to Queens.

Yes McNeil is knocking the letter off the Eastern League balls and, yes, he's second in the league in slugging and fourth in OBP, but I can't see any way of him fighting through the fog of Abstrubel Cabrera, Wilmer Flores, T.J. Rivera, Nick Evans, Ty Kelly, and Gavin Cecchini for a utility job in Flushing this season.

As for Tebow, I tip the Mack hat to him. He's proving me wrong more every day.


Thomas Brennan said...

Tebow is amazing not for how he is doing, but for how quickly...just a quarter of the way thru season 2 and hitting better, and at a higher level, than Winningham and Matt Oberste playing years longer.

If Jeff McNeil continues to tear it up for another 3-4 weeks, he can force his way into REAL consideration. He is the lefty altwrnative to the other guys.

Mike Freire said...

Tiberi is an interesting option at second base....I will keep an eye on his progress.

Despite when they were drafted, I think The Pounder (Alonso) has passed Dominic Smith on the prospect list and should be moved up to AAA if and when he is ready.

Dom would either need to be moved to a different position (not likely), moved to the Mets roster (also not likely) or traded for a player that can fill a need (like Catcher, maybe).

I would hate to see Pete's development affected by Dom's lack thereof.

Thomas Brennan said...

Meanwhile, Vladimir Guerrero Jr is a 19 year old at AA that I read fans are already clamoring for his immediate promotion to the big leagues.

Mack do you recall why the Jays got him and not the "interested" Mets? Did it come down to an unwillingness to spend?

Article said he is another future Manny Ramirez, and a scout projects him (AND ACUNA) higher than Bryce Harper.

Thomas Brennan said...

We signed Greg Guerrero and Andres Giminez for about the same $$ as it took Toronto to sign Vlad that year. I doubt the two of them combined will achieve what Vlad will, not because they are flawed but because Vlad is supposed to be that great.

I wonder if we were afraid to put all our eggs in the Vlad basket and instead spread our risks. But putting all their chips on Vlad is exactly what Toronto intended to do, and did. They won by being bold.

Reese Kaplan said...

The Blue Jays also have Bo Bichette (son of Dante) hitting thus far a mere .352 in nearly 700 minor league ABs in his young career. He's just 20 years old and looks to have a bright future as well.)

And Mack, stop picking on my alma mater. I graduated with my Master's from Nova Southeastern and while it's no Florida State in size, it happens to be the largest private university in the state of Florida with over 28,000 students. :)

bob gregory said...

Hmmmm....so, batting average is actually an important measurement?

A Minor leaguers prospect status doesn't weigh the number of walks they accumulate as more important?

Anonymous said...

nick evans is back?

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