Roster Moves


OK, make sure you write in pencil and have plenty of eraser left.

Jerry Blevins is going to be a daddy, so he's off on paternity leave and is replaced on the roster by Buddy Baumann who might actually get into a game this time.  

Corey Oswalt who did not get into a game since being called up has been sent back down and in his place is Jacob Rhame who has done nothing to warrant the promotion other than already being on the 40-man roster.  He has a 4.76 ERA though his BAA is not bad at .238.  Somewhere Tim Peterson must be shopping for a voodoo doll.  

Jay Bruce returns from his paternity leave and that spells the end of the brief tenure of Dom Smith on the big club.  

Both Baumann and Rhame are expected to be available for tonight's game.  


Thomas Brennan said...

Human yo yos.

I heard Cano suspended for 80 games. He probably played catch with Jennry Mejia.

Thomas Brennan said...

Beautiful summer weather today, but in typical Mets fashion, expecting strong T showers around game time. A cloud follows them.

Rob said...

Speaking of roster moves, Jason Kipnis is hitting .170 for Cleveland. Thankful that Sandy made the right move signing Cabera and not trading for Kipnis like everyone was asking for, then claiming the Mets were too cheap. Sandy makes a lot of good moves. Sometimes we only remember the bad ones.

Rob said...


Reese Kaplan said...

You're right, Rob. You'd think the good moves would stand out because they happen so rarely :)

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