August 21st Transactions and Kudos: Nick Rumbelow, Andres Gimenez, Matt Blackham, Thomas Szapucki, Endy Rodriquez


No team assignment for P Nick Rumbelow so far. I’m not sure, with the minor league team’s seasons ending at the end of this month, why we picked him up at all. I’m sure we didn’t agree to a 2020 deal for him. Real weird pickup.

Baseball America on SS Andres Gimenez 8-20 game:

Andres Gimenez, SS, Mets -- Gimenez collected three hits in five at-bats for Double-A Binghamton. The infielder collected two singles and hit a solo home run in the fifth inning. He has a four-game hit streak with three multi-hit performances during that span

Many go back and forth on Gimenez’ low BA this season for the B-Mets. BA isn’t everything. Especially for a 20-year old playing against players that average over two years older than he is.

The question here is not whether he will play major league ball, latest 2021.

The question is what if Amed Rosario turns into a legit all-star at short? Rosario is only 23.

Jamal Collier - @JamalCollier ·

The Washington Nationals have scored 62 runs in their last five regular season games.

The Washington Redskins scored 61 points in their last five regular season games. 

Kudos –

      Come on… promote this guy before the deadline.

AA-Binghamton – RP Stephen Villines: 3-IP, 0-R, 4-K, 1.09

A+ St. Lucie – SP Thomas Szapucki: 6-IP, ER. 3-K

      Another quality start from our top pipeline pitcher

A-Columbia – RP Jake Simon: 2.2-IP, 0-R, 5-K

Rookie – Kingsport – C Andres Regnault: 3-7, 2-R, 5-RBI

             GCL – C Endy Rodriguez: 3-4, 3-R, .339

We talk so much about Francisco Alvarez that we tend to forget about what this 19-year old is doing at this level.

Our lower levels are screaming prospects right now.

DSL-2 – SP Ronny Rincones: 3-IP, 0-R, 5-K


LongTimeFan1 said...

This needs correction:

C Andres Regnault: 3-7, 2-R, 5-K.

5-K makes no sense.

About Gimenez and Rosario - One or the other could always move to another position.

Rosario to third or CF.

Gimenez to second or CF.

Or Gimenez as infield/outfield utility. Second base platoon.

Hopefully Gimenez continues his hot hitting and finishes the season strong, plays in AZ Fall League or Winter Ball, shows up to 2020 spring training with more muscle and opens 2020 in AAA.

How Gimenez performs and physically matures will determine his Mets future and role.

He could also be traded.

Mack Ade said...

5-RBI not K


Tom Brennan said...

Andres could suddenly get it. Wonder if it is shifts?

Reese Kaplan said...

As good as the recent string of dramatic wins has been, does it bother anyone else to have in sequence hitters like Frazier, Lagares and then last night off the bench, Altherr? You are just giving ABs away. Granted, Lowrie, Nimmo, McNeil and others will help change that and make some of our lesser performing players into benchwarmers, but in the 9th inning when those were the options it was FUGLY. In the 10th when real hitters were coming up you had the sense they could actually do something. Granted Joe Panik and Juan Lagares have had some bright moments lately, but with the game on the line I'd much sooner take my chances with the ones coming back from injury.

Mack Ade said...

I want a steady diet of:

OF - Conforto. Nimmo. McNeil

IF - Alonso. Panik. Rosario. Lowrie

Hobie said...

Want JD in there, preferably LF. McNeilat 2B when Lowrie or Fraz plays, or 3B when Panik does.
If/when Don returns, JD to 3B & McNeil to 2B.

bill metsiac said...

So where would you put the weakest hitters? Put them at 3-4-5 and move Pete, JDD and 4to to 7-8-9?

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