OPEN THREAD - What Pitchers should we DFA



It's had to find anything critical to say right now about our favorite team, but we can discuss the plethora of relief pitchers we have on the 40-man that should be considered being DFA'd.

I have a few...

What about you?


Tom Brennan said...

Anyone who remained ineffective this year, including Bashlor, Flexen, Peterson, maybe Nogosek too.

Mack Ade said...


I'm surprised you are being so harsh regarding Nogosek.

I know he has had a rough landing for the parent squad this year, but both horrible outings came literally after stepping off a plane.

Given proper rest and mental preparedness, his stats in Syracuse 18 outings, 0.00 ERA

Viper said...

Unless the Mets need a roster spot, it makes no sense to dfa any of them. Is not like they are loaded with talent on the roster. To fill it, the Mets would end up taking another player that was DFA.

Reese Kaplan said...

Bashlor, Pounders, Gagnon...next group would be Hart, Zamora and Mazza

Jack Flynn said...

I love this question!

When the Mets "chose" between Adeiny Hechavarría and Luis Guillorme earlier this month, they made the wrong choice entirely. Not because they kept Luis and released Adeiny. Because they kept all of of the Quad-A cannon fodder relievers instead of releasing one of them.

As of Monday morning, B-Ref says that the Mets have a full 40-man roster. There are 25 players on the major league roster - 13 pitchers and 12 position players. (That's the wrong balance - absolutely no team needs to carry eight relievers when the Triple-A club is in the same time zone - but's a story for another Open Thread.) Four players are on the 10-day IL. That leaves 11 players in the minor league system that are also on the 40-man roster.

All 11 of them are relievers.

That is utterly ridiculous.

The Mets could release any one of the following players - - and that reliever almost certainly would clear waivers. The team's playoff hopes reside on exactly none of them, and not a single name listed above should be anything more than an RP6 on a playoff team anyway.

Stockpiling RP6s at the expense of position player versatility is a great way to ensure that your stadium will be empty in October.

Tony said...

I say don't DFA anyone unless you have to fill a roster spot.

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