SPOTLIGHT ON: Mets Minors Pitcher Jake Simon

Some guys take a while to figure things out.

Lefty Jake Simon seems to be one of them.

The now 22 year old has a 7-16, 4.62 ERA career, allowing lots of hits and walks, with injuries thrown in. He’s up to only about 205 innings in 5 seasons since being drafted out of high school in 2015.


But his last 3 outings for Columbia?

8 2/3 innings, 2 hits, one walk, 13 Ks.

The past mediocrity is simply this:

What it took him to get to this point.

My guess?

The former 11th rounder flipped a switch, and Peter Parker has suddenly become Spider-Man.

Watch Jake “Spidey “ Simon now.

I plan to.

He and the more advanced but similar upward-spiking Blake Taylor strike me as two potentially useful future Mets out of the bullpen.


Mack Ade said...

1. The Mets gave the 11th round pick in 2015 $400,000 to sign out of Ball (TX) HS. He was a highly touted prep chip who was deemed unable to be signed until the Mets swooped in with four big ones.

2. He had a nice season early this year for Columbia: 17-app, 3.26


3, He will never hack it until he lowers his 1.59-WHIP over 5 seasons... 214 IP,,, 105 walks

Tom Brennan said...

I hear you on Jake Simon, Mack, and it is only 3 recent outings - but they were dominant. I'm hoping it was not a flash in the pan, but a real sign of things to come.

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