OPEN THREAD - Should the Mets Rush Nimmo and Lowrie Back?


The Mets need to hit to win - obvious, right?

Friday night's loss with a semi-AAA Mets line up was not enough to beat a semi-AAA KC team that they badly needed to sweep.  

Aaron Altherr, Tomas Nido, Ruben Tejada, Juan Lagares, Joe Panik - an opposing pitcher smiles seeing those guys coming.  Smiles a whole lot.  Grins uncontrollably.

If Drew Gagnon faced those guys instead of the likes of Acuna, Freeman, and Donaldson, he'd still be on the Mets, having allowed no runs on Thursday, instead of 5.

SO: are we really in a playoff chase or not?  

And should the Mets stop coddling Brandon Nimmo and Jed Lowrie and get them back up here ASAP, like by Monday, even if not 100%?

We live in a coddled age - Matz goes 6 brilliant, low pitch innings and bewilderingly gets pulled.  While in a far less coddled 1963, Marichal and Spahn doled each other for 16 innings in a 1-0 game decided by a Willie Mays homer.  The opposite of coddled.

Should the coddling stop?


Gary Seagren said...

Ahhh the good old days oh wait there gone long gone but I agree how do you take Matz out in that situation AND he DH's Frazier last night to give Ramos a break????? What with that lineup let him rest on Monday just crazy stuff because I thought we were in a WC race right?

Tom Brennan said...

What Wild Card race, Gary? This is spring training and we have to try things out, you see.

Mack Ade said...

Nimmo will be nack by the end of next week latest.

Alterr will be history.

And don't expect to see Lowrie until next spring.

The Mets, plus Nimmo, have the bats. They also have the starters. That, plus 3 ++ relievers can get you to the playoffs.

But there is no consistency here. 232 runs one night, a few the next.

It has to be execution and bad defense.

Reese Kaplan said...

The ancillary questions have to do with why Panik, Lagares, Frazier and Tejada are doing on the roster.

Tom Brennan said...

It took Lagares 3/4 of the season, a luxury afforded to few, to wake up. But wake up he has, and he looks like the very good Juan now.

The guys you mention, and Guillorme, gave them some offense and something unusual last night - STRONG DEFENSE.

For a nite, it worked.

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