August 22nd Transactions and Kudos: The Race, Ronny Mauricio, Zak Whalin, Jeremy Vasquez


First, my thoughts on the Wild Card race.

      The Mets have won five in-a-row but we have to do better.


See, we lost four of the previous six games played and put ourselves back in the pack running for the finish line.

We need some of these teams to lose a few, especially the sizzling Nats. After their current series with the lowly Pirates, they play three games with the Cubs. The good news is one of these two teams that currently are ahead of us in the race will lose three games. The bad news is the Nats will end the month of August with series against Baltimore and the Marlins.

Yes, we have to play the Braves first, but I believe the first critical test for us will be the three-game series against the Cubs, beginning 8-27. We can put distance between this team if we sweep them.

Other teams in play and who they have to play yet in August past the current series they are being played:

      Philadelphia – the Marlins, the Pirates, and the Mets

      Milwaukee – Arizona, the Cardinals, the Cubs

      St. Louis – the Rockies, the Brewers, the Reds

Fangraphs on the best players in the Sally League:

      Ronny Mauricio (Mets): An 18-year-old that is hanging around the SAL circuit and makes a lot of contact. He’s got a wiry body that you can imagine growing into some power. His numbers at his age, consistency in barreling up the ball, and a cannon of an arm at short really stand out.

A-Columbia roster moves:

      C Hayden Singer begins his 2-game suspension

      C Zak Whalin transferred from Rookie-Kingsport

Whalen is an undrafted 24/yr. old out of the University of Central Missouri, who had one at-bat with Kingsport

      RHP Bryce Hutchinson placed on the IL

P Nick Rumbelow was added to the Syracuse roster

1B Jeremy Vasquez was promoted from A+ St. Lucie to AA-Binghamton

This move forces David Thompson into the outfield, what with the rest of the Rumbles’ starting infield being Luis Carpio, Andres Gimenez, and Quinn Brodey.

Kudos –
AA-Binghamton – CF Quinn Brodey: 3-5, RBI

A+ St. Lucie – RP Andrew Mitchell: 2-IP, 0-R, 2-K

A-Columbia – RP Cole Gordon: 2.2-IP, 0-R, 2-K

Low-A Brooklyn – SP Frank Valentino: 4.2-IP, ER, 3-K

Rookie-Kingsport – RP Hector Rodriguez: 2.2-IP, 0-R, 6-K

             GCL – LF Kenedy Corona: 2-5, R, .307

            DSL-1 – C Derwis Troconiz: 2-4, 2-R, RBI, .288
DSL-2 – RP Daniel Juarez: 3.2-IP, 0-R, 8-K


Mack Ade said...

Michael Baron - @michaelgbaron

Strength of remaining schedules, NL Wild Card contenders (opposing winning %):

#Phillies: .514
#SFGiants: .512
#Mets: .507
#DBacks: .506
#Cardinals: .506
#Cubs: .504
#Brewers: .500
#Nationals: .500

LongTimeFan1 said...

I would keep an eye on Quinn Brodey who may factor next season as potential big league depth option. We have very little homegrown outfield talent in the upper minors, hence Brodey may get the nod he might not otherwise.

An equivalent infielder might be Luis Guillorme whose carved a role shuttling between majors and minors and has improved his swing and approach in 2019 to complement his defense and left hand bat which got him here.

Mack Ade said...

Who do we root for this afternoon?

Cubs or Nats?

Rustyjr said...


Mack Ade said...

Yeah.. I agree.

We can knock off the Cubs after the Braces series... :)

I want to finish #2 in our division,

Rustyjr said...

Quick question -
Not to put the cart in front of the horse but let’s say just for Rusty Staub’s sake that the Mets make the post season & Lowrie, Nimmo, Cano, & McNeil all return healthy . Who makes the post season roster of all those guys.? Who gets left off ? Do you keep Panik, Gulliorme, Altherr etc ?

Mack Ade said...

Altherr would be toast as soon as Nimmo comes back

McNeil and Lowrie trump Luis and Panik

bill metsiac said...


bill metsiac said...

Luis, yes, but if Panik keeps playing as he has since we got him, he has the job IMO.

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